by Pauly Fongemie
October 22, 2014

Once again we run a column about various matters the discussion of which is not long enough for a single article taken alone. This is another of the "This and That" genre.

There is much in the news about the controversy in Houston, Texas, where the open lesbian mayor and her partners in sundering the natural law from positive law are attempting to punish five Protestant ministers who helped the effort to gather enough signatures for a people's referendum overturning a local ordinance favoring the rights of sodomites. Although the signatures were verified, and not only verified the number required to have the referendum occur exceeded all expectations. Not content with the rule of law, the mayor simply had her toadie throw the signatures out in open defiance of all fairplay and legality - shades of the federal Department of Injustice & Company. This rogue mayor demanded that the courageous five hand over their sermons. This is plainly unconstitutional since they were not fomenting insurrection but merely acting in accord with the natural law and their duly constituted rights as free men of a Republic. When the anticipated furor erupted, she "amended" the demand to "speeches", a distinction without any difference because ministers are involved. Thus far her edict is managing to hold sway, which tells us a great deal about how far our country has fallen. The constitution is now undone for all intensive purposes in Houston and elsewhere, such as Washington, DC, where after the election Obama is ready to declare amnesty, thereby guaranteeing hordes more of illegals will enter our unprotected borders until we are MEXAMERICA, not the United States of America! If one thinks Christians and patriots are losing their God-given rights piecemeal apace, this is but the beginning! Will Congress have the spine to do their duty? If they are so fearful of ousting the fraud with the title President, will they have any will left to summon where with to countermand tyranny? When the President becomes el Presidente, it will be too late, period, in our lifetime at least!

Meanwhile nobody seems to notice that only Protestant ministers were targeted for persecution, otherwise know as intimidation tactics. No Catholic priests, mind you! Hmmmm?

This tells us all we need to know, does it not?  One is reminded of Augusta, Maine, where the parishioners are targeted for 'THE WELCOMING OF GAYS' propaganda effort ala Bishop of Rome and Papal renegade Francis! The onslaught has been relentless of late. Our local priests taking their cues from the signs of the times, something they actually need little of, being already predisposed to the celebration of the "gay agenda" within parameters currently permitted, for now. The bathos is so pathetic it reeks and sickens. The Mass is no longer a Protestantized liturgy, it is being mocked now, beyond words to relate properly!

In a related case, two Protestant ministers who have a wedding chapel open to the general public - that is, not a church - are being threatened with jail if they persist in not performing wedding ceremonies for deviants. Since [according to FOX News' Judge Napolitano], non-church establishments fall under the "public accommodations" banner, Christians are not entitled to conscience rights therein.

Folks this is the second step in the campaign to coronate evil on the installment plan. The third phase, after the people are habituated to the loss of a Constitutional Republic, spurred by their abandonment of Christ the King in His Social Reign, is that priests and minsters, etc., will be penalized if they do not follow suit and endorse "sodomy as a sacrament" or what passes muster for one at that time!

We are entering a very dark period, the blackest in our history, all because we willingly surrendered on the whole, to the exile of the natural law as the basis of all human law, a folly so overbearing that the cost in human dignity alone is incalculable! This was phase one, in case nobody was paying attention. That infamy was Roe v Wade. We did not rise up and impeach those misnamed Justices. The blood of the innocent in the millions stains our shores and cries out for vengeance from God, as it is one of the four such sins, another of which is sodomy and all unnatural acts against purity.

O Precious Savior, be Thou, our King! Come and reign in our hearts, our homes, our cities, our states, our land, and throughout the world!

O Sacred Heart Of Jesus, draw us near to Thee, in all our troubles, preserve us from fear, lest we lose our very souls ...