by Pauly Fongemie
April 8, 2014

" ... Satan shall be loosed out of his prison and shall go forth, and seduce the nations ... Apocalypse 20:7

When God is angry with His people, He sends them bad priests and prelates - thus society, not only the Church, loses many graces needed for moral strength, integrity and the ability to reason in accord with the dignity bestowed on human persons created in His image and likeness.

Surely Satan and his demons have been unleashed in our country as a punishment for our obstinate, defiant rejection of the natural law which is binding on every person, private and public. Man may think he can defy God and His precepts without penalty, but this is folly, and in his impudence he loses mental acuity, the perception of things as they are and ought to be, exchanging truth for fables. There is a literary expression, that embodies this unavoidable chastisement, slightly paraphrased, "Whom God would destroy He first makes mad."

Yesterday we learn that the US Supreme Court has rejected a New Mexico case involving freedom of conscience, thereby allowing a lower court to trample on the right of Christian conscience - in particular a couple who did not want to photograph a "gay wedding".

During an analysis of this on the Kelly File [FOX News] with Judge Andrew Napolitano, host Megyn Kelly implied that the couple could simply cease to have their business if they did not like it; the Judge explained that New Mexico law, as well as a number of other states, have expanded or altered the definition of "public accommodation". Ergo, the trajectory is that the noose is tightening further around the necks of devout Christians who do not support sodomy in whatever form it publicly asserts itself, so much so that their livelihood is in jeopardy, as we see in the recent Mozilla [FIREFOX browser, which I have uninstalled] case. The focus of the interchange was legal definitions and citizens' legal obligation to comply.

Both the Judge and Miss Kelly missed the entire point, confusing means and ends all together, overlooking the just law imperative - that is, an inherently unjust law is null and void; one of the dictates of a just law is that a citizen or person under the aegis of the law must be able to reasonably comply with the law in such a manner that he is not placed in jeopardy himself. For example, if the state were to enact a bill requiring all citizens to eat only two complete meals a day in order to reduce obesity, some people by reason of medical necessity could not reasonably comply without incurring serious illness that might lead to their death. Now of course, I am using a radical, highly unlikely scenario, which I do so purposefully because a few years ago the New Mexico mandate would have appeared just as extreme. Evil - and unjust laws that promote its viability - is almost always undertaken with the "reasonable" slow approach so that the absurd becomes acceptable over time. Those who intend to overturn the natural law completely, in their vengeance, are not headstrong; they understand the vagaries of human nature and are willing to use this approach so as to not unduly alarm the populace who are being manipulated, one carefully calculated step at a time.

The discourse on the Kelly File carries an unmistakable inference that people like the New Mexico couple are being unreasonable in their refusal to endorse by their actions "gay marriage", since this atrocity against the natural law has been "legalized" and is thereby enforceable as the state dictates, when the state dictates, and how the state dictates.

Devout Christians who do not support sodomy, whether "legalized" or not, are unfairly being characterized as persons who will not provide daily sustenance, medical care, etc, a whole host of services to those who practice sodomy. Everyone has the right to eat, have housing and travel, and so forth. All of these goods and services are not sins. It is not an evil thing to require food for daily life and health, to travel, to receive medical care. And so on. It is, however a sin to engage in acts of sodomy, a sin to approve of these acts, a sin to endorse them as legal rights and to mandate these acts as a right. Not every one agrees on this point, and that is fine as far as it goes. But by what right, except abrogated right, does any authority have to insist that Christians commit a mortal sin by participating in a celebration of the rite of sodomy? It is strictly punitive, unjust and persecution, if we are being honest. Not only does the all-mighty state insist we accept sodomy, we must help celebrate it officially or lose our livelihood!

The Supreme Court bumbled badly here, for they, too missed the point. Christians are not asking to impose their religion, only the right not to have sin imposed on them, which is the result of this refusal of certiorari, which takes but four, not five Justices!

Where does it inexorably end? Judge Napolitano seems to be partially blind here, unable to reason further - to grasp the full implication. If "public accommodation" can be expanded at will by the state, will not this also have to by definition include abortion? Let us examine what we are going to face soon:

If a New Mexico couple cannot exercise their valid Christian conscience in a matter of the natural law in a locale where there is more than one photography business, where there are photographers able and willing to do the "gay thing", simply because all must comply or else, what will eventually occur if a doctor is the only physician in a small town in a vast rural area. Will abortion, once defined as a public service - an accommodation of sorts - be then required of him, who is a Catholic, or else lose his medical license, leaving him without a livelihood and the town without a doctor? Yes, by definition!!!!!

An outright injustice at the very least and so ironically because until this ruling doctors and nurses have been granted conscience rights to not perform abortions, no matter who is inconvenienced. Once the state expands the accommodation aspect there is no limit and man in his hubris, bloated and drunk with absolute power tends to use it!

Satan has just been unleashed, gratis the US Supreme Court!!!!


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