by Pauly Fongemie

August 4, 2012
Feast of St. Dominic
Who Defeated Heresy Through the Rosary

Bacchus was the Roman god of wine and intoxication, the equivalent of the Greek Dionysus. The Bacchanalia, orgies in honor of Dionysus, were introduced in Rome around 200 BC. These bawdy celebrations, notorious as to their sexual and criminal character, became so rampant and sordid that they were forbidden by the Roman Senate in 186 BC. Bacchus is also identified with the old-Italian god Liber, not only associated with wine but that of unrestrained human acts and bold license. The state of Maine and much of the country have yet to learn this lesson. Our no longer fair state is poised to grant the "right to marry". It is has been quite a saga, a long, unrelenting march for almost half a generation now. It began with a lie and the deceit continues. That lie was the protest that "they" only wanted equal rights in housing and at work, not marriage; we were scoffed at and told we were exaggerating their desires and goals. Infamous last words. It is ending with another lie, that the Catholic Church won't have to perform these sacrilegious weddings. For now and only now, should the homosexualists prevail, which is a probability given the current polls.

The weapon of choice in the war against normalcy, and sexual continence, or virtue: pressure applied to the most vulnerable, and often the most common occurring points of society, the young and the elderly. The first which has yet to fully learn the righteousness of shame, that which is opposed to honor and dignity, both of the individual and of the community are captive minds in the government schools where they are indoctrinated to accept the perverse and feel ashamed of the normal as normal; the latter, too often have grown lax and weary, thus are easily exploited by "rights" talk. It is sentimental bathos and casuistry, a sham compassion. Every two years or so, especially the last twelve, the body politic has had to go to the polls to repel the advance of Sodom, sometimes over the heads of our elected officials who chose to ignore the people. Meanwhile the national scene has been replete with the inexplicable. Some years ago I wrote by way of an introduction to a series of articles, titled, HOMOSEXUAL WATCH:

"Traditional Catholics and some who are socio-political conservatives are confounded at the advance of the social acceptability of the vice of sodomy [just as long as the vice is not committed within "marriage"] by Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, among others, recently. How could this be? they ask. The company they keep, in the media and without. The undermining of the natural law by our willingness to tolerate the abortion, divorce and remarriage almost ad infinitem we claim to abhor, has weakened our will and blinded our reason, a self-inflicted chastisement with moral consequences so all-encompassing, those who still possess their heads in the confusion that has seized even those who ought to know better, could have said almost a quarter century ago, watch out we don't have to to say 'Told you so!' "

In the first installment of that series I wrote [text in red, slightly modified for this presentation]:

Showing no "embarrassment or regret" typifies our cultural manners today, from OPRAH to DONAHUE to Clinton. In order for the sodomite cultural mandate to predominate and influence American society, mankind's God-endowed natural modesty and sense of shame must be undermined. Those very things that St. Paul taught should not even be mentioned are now the hallmarks of the day, vulgarity of every variety is now ascendant. The most hideous distortions of human nature are mentioned as if in passing; what used to shock is now only schlock theater. By eroding the natural law and the normal sexual ethic that once accompanied the observance of that law, the homosexuals and those who make common purpose with them, have rendered us powerless, or at least with a growing sense of powerlessness, to defend normalcy against deviancy, precisely because we have compromised our God-given nature, nay, even corrupted, our normalcy and become deviant ourselves as a society --- divorce, remarriage, and contraception being the opening pass into the erosion process.

While the sins above are within the normal range, in that they are not listed with the other sexual sin crying out for vengeance, they sully the sinner in such wise that he is further weakened to resist sins our culture considers equivalent, even if they are not, ontologically speaking.

In addition to Maine being firmly in the hands of progressives of all stripes, especially those claiming the mantle of "conservative", we have had a most unfortunate short run of weak bishops who have largely abandoned their people and the duty encumbent on them to uphold the moral order not only within the Church but in society --- through the promulgation of the natural law. Our current bishop, who is leaving shortly for the See of Buffalo, New York, fit that mold until he saw the light when the homosexualists were triumphant at last, and came out forcefully to arouse the Catholic people to fight for traditional [i.e., authentic] marriage and Sodom was routed once more, but barely. This time he has decided to not get so involved and has set the tone as he departs for New York. That is a large sigh of relief you hear in the background --- it is coming from various members of the clergy here who obeyed the bishop by duty and not to commitment to the cause itself.  Some were reluctant to ascend the pulpit and read the bishop's letters to the people. Will our new prelate, as yet unnamed, carry on the weakened policy of his predecessor? Cowardice on the part of the Church here in Maine is what inspires the cabal to press on without surcease, like the spoiled, willful child who knows that if he pushes his less than prudent parents who lack fortitude far enough, long enough, they will buckle and give in.

Every time the Sodomite vanguard attempts another sortie, the vote tally in favor of the natural law is a little less as the people grow tired. Most normal people have families and related obligations. Too often they are besieged with propaganda at work that disconcerts them and leaves them a little more vulnerable, which is why the tactic is used. In the meantime the homosexual collective has all the time in the world to advance their agenda and with little or no scruples about it, save public perception or the easily affected facade of "being nice guys who just want to be like everyone else." Of course it never occurs to them or anyone else that if they really want to be like everyone else, they would stop agitating for what is deviant or abnormal, cease asking for rights based on a proclivity for a certain vice or sin and be like us: None of us expect to have rights based on our sinful inclinations; we certainly do not want the basic laws of society changed to suit our sinful nature, whatever that sin is for each one of us. Let me repeat, non-deviants who sin against the Sixth Commandment at least are normal in that this sin is not one of the four that cry out for vengeance from God. They recognize the supremacy of the natural law which is the Divine law written in the very nature of man as fully male and fully female by God Who created him for Himself, not the world, even if they may not always keep it. There is no equivalency at all.

Remember, assigning the legal title of "marriage" to vile, sordid venereal acts that violate man's nature, does not purify them, but adds sacrilege and blasphemy, the ultimate impudent defiance of human reason conjoined to the natural law which forms this human unity in natural perfection.

From article three of the series mentioned above, with some paraphrasing [text in green]:

"Americans are inundated daily with 'rights talk.' But what exactly constitutes a 'right?' In short, a right is a moral claim to do or refrain from doing something that assists man in perfecting his God-given life, and which right obliges another to honor it. The first right, by definition is life itself, or otherwise, all other rights are moot. Because man is subject to God, that is, has responsibility for the precious and inalienable gift of life, that he is also granted other rights that are adjuncts to this gift of life and as such exist only because man has this responsibility to perfect life. In other words, all rights proceed from God and God alone, including the right of the state to make just laws in accord with the natural law which is binding on all men by virtue of their humanity. Man has no authority to change the natural law. He can deny it, disregard it, but he is setting up himself and his neighbors for a diabolical slavery characterized by chaos, unimaginable to most, until and only after it is "too late". Hence, no man can cede to government a "right of power" over his life and the life of others that he does not hold from God as an individual. Since God has granted the moral right to self-defense, man has the right to use proportionate force to preserve the life of himself and family. For practical reasons in a wide and diverse society, man therefore can willingly assign that right of self-defense to a government, which is the usual course of human events in modern times. But, since man is bound by God's Ten Commandments, he may not directly take an innocent life for any reason. Therefore he cannot direct government in his name to make licit a practice that is forbidden by God, such as abortion. Man has no right from God to steal or willfully appropriate the rightful property of his neighbor, and therefore he has no mandate from God to assign the "right" to steal to government in his name. And so forth.

          "Now, since the family is the extension of self, the donation of self to God by cooperating with the Holy Trinity in the act of procreation [not 'reproduction'], the natural or genuine family is the most sacred and the smallest unit of society --- the most basic, without which there can be no society or civilization. The family is based on marriage, a sacred bond that is immutable in its essence. Thus, protection of the life of the family, its preservation and development, its very perfection through grace, is paramount both to society and to the individuals comprising that society. Since the culmination of the existence of man is union with God, society has the duty or obligation to uphold the individual's right to gain salvation. One of the foundations for attaining salvation is the proper observance of the natural law. The state is not only not free to refrain from doing so, it must positively do all it can to uphold it through just laws, for it has no authority to do otherwise. Any other arrangement of political and social affairs is utter contempt for the common good, not to mention the Good itself. The common good is not what the people want necessarily, but rather, what is good as defined by the natural law.

"The state, which is the legal agent of society, has no moral claim on an individual other than that necessary to foster natural family life and individual perfection within its light. It is the individual, and by extension, predominately the traditional family, that has the prior moral claim on government, and this claim is collectively called "natural rights." In fact, government is restricted by those prior existing rights, and is not the dispenser of those rights. It must uphold them or society perishes, after first falling into anarchy or tyranny, especially the tyranny of the absurd.

          "As we have noted, the gift of life precedes all other gifts and is a right in itself. All other rights proceed from that right [through God] and are based on man's responsibility for his life before God.

        "The primary responsibility of mankind is to be fruitful and multiply, to have dominion over the earth, to subdue it, and make sacrifice to God, to honor the Sabbath. Anything that prevents the faithful propagation of the [natural] family and the honor due to God is a defilement of life itself, wounding family life, because to profane that which is commanded by God is to also dishonor self and family, the "human Trinity." Now family is not a whimsical construct or a man-made convenience. The family is formed by God using human cooperation. And it is the state that must enable that family to prosper morally, intellectually, and physically, not hinder it through oppressive laws, or by neglect and the farce of redefinition.

          "The family, by God's plan and will consists in its usual form, which is, not coincidentally, the ideal form [the ideal being co-existential with normal and usual], of a man and a woman in a lifelong commitment before God, called the Sacrament of Marriage, open to the transmission of life, the rearing of children, begotten, or adopted, through morally licit means. Families headed by widows and other single parents or by grandparents and other guardians, because of death or morally permissible divorce [a very limited entity], that is, through no fault of the parties involved, validly constitute a family, albeit a more vulnerable one. Hence: the strict commandment to protect and help widows and orphans. In fact, the vulnerable family is precisely that, because the father-mother who are also husband-wife are so integral to the family, there is no substitute, only a diminished capacity through death, etc., as in the above. Any other arrangement cannot morally or existentially be termed a family without doing violence to reality and to man's ability to perceive that reality. [1] Any attack on the reality and nature of family is an attack on truth and life because alternate arrangements by the free will of sinful man distorts man's nature as God made him. When man can no longer adequately perceive his rightful nature, he loses sight of his creatureliness and then of his Creator. Man was made to know, to love, and to serve God. To do that he needs truth, which is that which corresponds to reality and represents it to man so that he might respond to God's overtures."

The same truth is applicable to the homosexualists [henceforth referred to as the collective], whether they want to recognize it or not. In fact, to lie to them or tell them what they may think they want to hear is to invite the disrespect of the members of the collective themselves for they know down deep in their guts that such persons are really demeaning them as grown-ups, to patronize them like second-class citizens, and it is to dishonor them by treating them differently as if they were sub-human. Without truth there is no respect, no charity, not even a shard of kindness in the end. It is because we love our neighbors, which includes those with the affliction of same-sex attraction, we owe them the dignity of the truth; not because we sit in personal judgment of them as individuals, for that is not our purview, but because as good citizens we are bound to judge rightly about right and wrong, and rights and wrongs. Apart from an honest consideration of the mandates of the natural law, rights easily become devalued, debased, and a political weapon to punish those who are not willing to deny the necessity of the natural law bedrock, by those in power. The Chick Fil-A news sensation is prima facie case #1.

I further wrote in the same installment, somewhat more paraphrased:

          American society is more pagan than Christian, despite all the polls purporting to demonstrate our religiosity. We may attend church and synagogue and mosque, but for the most part that attendance is social and cultural, not moral, at least among the first two groups. This explains why it is that in such a supposedly "religious country" we have abortion on demand and persecution of Christians who try to rescue preborn babies with merely a yawn from society as it turns back to the football game and the movie of the week. As we have abandoned our dependence on God and rejected His dominion over us, He has withdrawn His grace and light, and we are blinded to the truth. This process of corruption is interdependent: the one fostering the other and vice versa. One of the penalties for apostasy is spiritual and moral blindness, the other is the destruction of the family, predominately through perversion. The Epistles of St. Paul are a warning to Christians and society in general of the penalties for that apostasy. A primary corollary of the former penalty is that we have lost our ability to make the necessary distinctions residing in the truth, especially the nature of a validly constituted "right." We are bone-headed, willfully ignorant through our own laziness, a punishment for apostasy. Today any so-called "moral" [which is more than likely immoral or fraudulent or both] claim that is co-existent with "any desire" is now raised to the status of a right "deserving" our endorsement. Our ignorance renders us powerless to respond en masse, and sensing our man-made futility we fall back on surrender through pretense, preferring lies to truth. We live under rocks with our heads buried in the sand surrounding the rocks. We know not the light, forgetting that --- God's people will "perish for lack of" the truth, "knowledge". In Scripture Truth and Light in Christ are co-eternal in the supernatural order; in the natural realm, truth and light go together like marriage and children do. As we permit perversity to win by default, a little at a time, evil on the installment plan --- recognition of "gay unions" --- we lose light because we no longer acknowledge the truth before God and before men. The ultimate perversity is untruth, the most insidious, the lie about gender as if it were merely a biological accident and not preordained in the very nature of human existence and responsibility, the very soul of man. And the price for our willingness to be blinded to maleness and femaleness and their attendant responsibilities, their lack of sameness while remaining equal in dignity, blind to the incontrovertible fact that maleness and femaleness are not interchangeable, thus our neglectful negation of necessary rights because of those duties adhering to nature as male or female, is the ultimate gender-bender, sexual degradation and the homosexual nightmare.

          The practice of homosexuality is an affront to God, a defilement of His creation because it is a direct attack on the essence of male and female and the family. And it is a frontal assault on the Holy Trinity. It is sterile, not life-generating by sinful participation and thus rejects the Trinity, which is mirrored in the family as created by God. The stakes in the cultural war are of the highest importance. To lose this battle is to relinquish our very hold on life itself because human life will have no true, wholesome family, no hierarchy in which to develop and know God. We will have rendered homage to defilement, committed sacrilege beyond human repair or reparation. Then, we will be under God's interdict, His chastisement for our capitulation.

None of these essential components of the good life, a life worth living, worthy of the innate dignity of man created in the image and likeness of God seem to be within the grasp of the collective, nor is the concept of the natural law recognized as binding anymore, and for a large portion of the general population also. How do I know this?

Within the past month or so, every week I have received at least one phone call from a "gay-marriage" proponent, even addressing me by name sometimes, so I know I am being "targeted". The callers, who I must say are courteous, always begin with a simple statement about wanting to discuss the referendum in Maine and how do I feel about it. The opening line is exactly the same, as if from a script. As the discussion proceeds I raise the specter of the NATURAL LAW! This dislocates them because they have no prepared response. They are not only at a loss for words on this point, they are truly perplexed by what I mean by the natural law. And no wonder. When was the last time you heard anything about it in general, in the news, in Congress, in campaigns, from the pulpit, at your bridge club, your law firm, in the schools and universities? and so forth. The last time the natural law was mentioned officially in any way at all was during Judge Robert Bork's confirmation hearing before the US Senate Judiciary committee. It has not been raised since, and it was almost not raised at all then, at that. The one exception apart from Judge Bork, is that of Professor Robert George of Princeton Law who is in the forefront advocating and articulating the maintenance of the natural law and its necessary components, without which society loses meaning and vitality. He has blessedly been on C-Span at least once that I know of. And this is the crux of the problem, the murky monster that has arisen in our midst to confound and confront us. The people, coached and coaxed at little at a time by the collective and their media and social institutional cohorts, deformed and dumbed-down purposefully in the schools, no longer know what a valid right is. Add the sympathy factor into the mix and America is embarking on a Bacchanalia heretofore unattempted or even envisioned. These grapes are bitter, the wine-press a scourge of utter shame and turpitude. We invite the very wrath of God Who will further turn His face away from us, delivering us up to our own iniquity.

Only those who pray the Rosary will remain intact, whole and undefiled. Our Lady of Purity, pray for us, St. Dominic, pray for us ...

The image used in the banner is that of BACCHUS, by the artist, Simeon Solomon, 1867.

1. Single men and women who are capable of natural marriage and who adopt are considered the moral counterpart of a husband or wife, because they are qualified for marriage in the traditional sense, and can marry another of the complementary sex in the near future; a real probability exists for the proper marital act to take place and the dual role of the complementary partners, for which there is no rightful moral, social and psychological substitute.