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" . . .  John Paul II, knows that he has not yet fulfilled the command to consecrate Russia. On March 25, 1984, after he consecrated the world to the Immaculate Heart, the Holy Father said twice to Our Lady and to thousands of the Faithful that, although he had consecrated the world, still he had not done what Our Lady of Fatima commanded to be done. This was openly repeated on the 26th of March in the official Vatican newspaper, L' Osservatore Romano."

[FATIMA PRIEST, Francis Alban, Good Counsel Publications, 1997, p. 177.]


"Moreover, on each occasion he indicated that he realized . . . the consecration demanded by Our Lady had yet to be made.

"Let no one therefore pretend that the Collegial Consecration of Russia . . . is not very much on the mind of the Holy Father."
Why then has it not been properly done?

"Given on the one hand the Holy Father's anxiety concerning the . . . consecration . . . and on the other hand the scandalous hostility elicited by the (his) request for episcopal participation in the consecration of . .  . March 25, 1984, it can be inferred, with moral certainty, that one thing in particular has so far prevented the Holy Father from ordering the Bishops of the Universal Church to join with him in . . . consecrating Russia; his fear that to do so might well provoke formal schism."

Why are the bishops resisting Our Lady of Fatima? Once again Harnish Fraser provides a stunning explanation.

"There are several reasons why so many bishops quite literally see red whenever the Message of Fatima is mentioned:

"1) Fatima condemns the new catechetics! In many Episcopally approved catechetical texts, Hell is scarcely even mentioned, and certainly not as something to be taken very seriously, in spite of the fact that the Virgin in the Cova . . . felt it necessary to give the three young seers a terrifying vision of Hell:
"2) Fatima Condemns Sex Education! Ignoring both Humanae Vitae and Familiaris Consortio which stress the necessity for modesty and chastity as well as the grave sinfulness of contraception, many bishops have imposed most questionable forms of 'Sex Education', some of which border on pornography, on the Catholic Schools for which they are responsible. Our Lady . . . went out of Her way to emphasize the need for strict fidelity to the Church's moral teaching, and in particular the need for both modesty and chastity, telling Jacinta, youngest of the three seers: 'The sins which lead most souls to Hell are sins of the flesh.'
As Jacinta herself subsequently reported: "The Mother of God wants more virgin souls bound by the vow of chastity. Woe to women wanting in modesty."
Hamish continues, "The Pope's fear is grounded in his realization that material episcopal schism is already widespread in various parts of the world . . . at a time when great numbers of the bishops are obsessed with the notion of collegiality, nothing rouses many of them to greater fury than to be reminded that the Queen of Heaven has demanded that, together with the Holy Father, they collegially consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart."

[Ibid., p. 85.]


"The layman blocking the stairway abruptly flew after and seized Father Gruner, throwing him against the wall. The shocking sound of a ripping priestly cassock marked the moment. A second assailant grabbed him, spun him around and again threw him against the wall . ..  then disappeared."

"Father Pacheco demanded, "Why are you doing this? You know you cannot do this . . . this man is a priest! Who told you to do this? Did the Rector tell you to do this?" To this the assailant nodded, 'Yes'."

"Cardinal Padiyara later told Father Gruner, 'Father Gruner, your life is in danger here in Fatima'."

"The effort to silence Father Nicholas Gruner has taken many forms, including the physical assault in the very sacristy of the Fatima Shrine in Portugal."

[Ibid., back cover.]


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