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" . . . it is evident, however, that this new religion, which John Paul II does not cease to promote since he has traced its main lines in his encyclical 'Dominum et vivificantem' (Lord and Giver of Life) of May 18, 1986, is foreign to the traditional Catholic religion, exposed in the whole message of Fatima. Moreover, this 'Spirit of peace' which the Pope wishes to spread and which he already sees acting well beyond the limits of the Church, in all men, and whose beautiful fruit is religious liberty, cannot be the Holy Ghost. Today 'the devil is about to wage a decisive war with the Virgin; we either belong to God, or we belong to the devil, there is no middle term.'

"Sister Lucy already declared that to Father Fuentes in 1957."

çois de Marie des Anges, Immaculate Heart Publications, 1991, p. 278.]


"Consequently to listen to John Paul II preaching 'the advent of the year 2000' with a view to installing in the whole universe that new religion of the Spirit, it appears that in this great combat of 'the end of time', the Pope is completely in the service of the Adversary of the Virgin Mary.

"When this 'final battle in which we will know on what side is victory, on what side defeat' unfolds, the prince (the devil) of this world intends to carry it away, whatever the cost may be, from now to the year 2000, and he must have solid reasons for that. Perhaps he knows that the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary could be delayed.  . . .

" . . . Thus it would be explained that John Paul II, who seems truly deceived by the Prince of this world, wishes at any price to install from now to the year 2000 this universal religion of the Spirit, and supreme ruse of the serpent, under the patronage itself of Our Lady of Fatima!"

[Ibid., pp. 278-279.]


"We know from a reliable source that Sister Lucy, questioned by one of her relatives on the contents of the Third Secret, gave this reply one day: "It is in the Gospel and in the Apocalypse, read them!"And the seer indicated even on another occasion chapters 7 to 13 of the Apocalypse. The last Secret therefore is situated in the apocalyptic framework of the final struggle between the Immaculate Virgin and the infernal Dragon, such as is described for us in the Apocalypse."

[Ibid., pp. 279-280.]


"It was quite useful to be warned about the personality and strategy of Mikhail Gorbachev in order to analyze and interpret sagaciously the revolutions which unfolded in the countries of the East in 1989 and 1990. The master of the Soviet Union and his friends of the KGB had decided 'o exchange in appearance their control over the countries of Eastern Europe for the neutralization of Western Europe and the destruction of NATO as a military alliance.' "

"The historical meeting of John Paul II and of Mikhail Gorbachev at Rome, on December 1, 1989, was a decisive stage in the politics of understanding and of collaboration between the Vatican and the Kremlin."

"While John Paul II was maintaining cordial relations with Mikhail Gorbachev, the hierarchical authorities of Fatima spread the idea that perestroika marked the beginning of the conversion of Russia promised by Our Lady. In 1986, in 'Voz da Fatima', the Rector of the Basilica, Monsignor Luciano Guerra affirmed:

" 'Gorbachev believes in God . . . for us who write at Fatima, Gorbachev is the man chosen by God to take the first step towards the realization of Mary's prophecy given in this sacred place.'

"In those years, 1985-86, the aggiomamento of the Blue Army was programmed at the Vatican and unfortunately accepted by its leaders, in order to draw all devoted Catholics of Our Lady of Fatima, who were of an unshakable, religious, anticommunist mentality, to support the politics of Pope John Paul II, of overtures, collaboration and understanding with the East.

"Nevertheless, some priests and religious, very well informed about the message of Fatima, again implored the Pope to reply to the demands of Heaven. During the symposium of Fatima, in 1986, had not Father Antonio Maria Martins whispered into the ear of [Fr.] Laurentin that John Paul II might, perhaps in 1988, year of the millennium of Russia's baptism, finally realize the consecration of that nation. In Canada and the United States, Father Gruner was making known the authentic message of Fatima, without any concession to the official lies. He showed that the perestroika of Mr. Gorbachev was the last devious play of the devil and he denounced vigorously the Rome-Moscow Agreement. Moveover, Father Gruner sent a great number of pleas and petitions to Pope John Paul II to consecrate Rusia and officially reveal the Third Secret."
[Ibid., pp. 178; 181 and 182-183.]


"The so-called Protestant Reformation was really THE PROTESTANT REVOLT or major apostasy. At Fatima, God reiterates that the Catholic Church is the one and only true Church of Christ. The Pope is of utmost importance----for Catholics and for all mankind. The fate of the one true Church and, THUS, of the world are in HIS HANDS.

"Beliefs that were attacked or denied by the Protestant Revolt or Great Apostasy as well as by New Age Catholicism and the prevailing 'spirit of ecumenism' are reaffirmed and underlined at Fatima. Examples of such are: we are not saved by a 'once and for all Protestant type of belief' but by faith expressed in a LIVED CONSECRATION; the Mass and the Eucharist are indeed what the Catholic Church has always believed them to be; the Bible, like Fatima, is not open to subjective interpretation or 'subjective belief and twisting,' but is objective and clearly understood; and, devotion to the Mass and the seven Sacraments, devotion to Mary and to the Rosary are of utmost importance, especially, in these end-times."

[THE AWESOME FATIMA CONSECRATIONS, Fr. Paul Trinchard, META, 1992, p. 155.]


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