Our Lady of Fatima


Canonical Plea to Our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI
Please Holy Father, Release the Entire Third Secret

Most Holy  Father,
Most humbly coming before Your Holiness by means of this canonical petition, we respectfully request, beg, implore Your Holiness for the love of Jesus Christ, for the love of the Blessed Virgin Mary, for the
salvation of our souls and your soul and for the souls of millions (if not billions), to publish the words of Our Lady that follow the cut off sentence in the Fatima Secret which reads:

"In Portugal the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved etc."

Most Holy  Father,
You, yourself have said: "The apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima . . . are without doubt, the most prophetic of all modern apparitions." (90th Anniversary, May 13, 2007)

Your immediate predecessor, Pope John Paul II said:

"The appeal of the Lady of the Message of Fatima is so deeply rooted in the Gospel and the whole of Tradition that the Church feels that the Message imposes an obligation on the Church." (65th Anniversary, May 13, 1982)

Sacred Scripture tells us: "Extinguish not the Spirit. Despise not prophecies. But test all things; hold fast that which is good." (1 Thess. 5:19-21)

Obviously, with the great Miracle of the Sun, witnessed by 70,000 persons, the many "miracles of cures and conversions worked by Our Lady to prove to us that the Message of Fatima comes from God Almighty Himself, we know that this most prophetic Message must be held fast. Must be listened to; must be obeyed! To do otherwise is to despise prophecy. We Catholics have had all of the Fatima Message further confirmed to us by the positive approval as worthy of belief by seven successive popes, namely: Popes Pius XI, Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I and John Paul II, as well as yourself, Pope Benedict XVI.


We note that two of your predecessors went personally to Fatima to offer their homage to and show their approval of Our Lady of Fatima and Her Message. Pope Paul VI went in 1967 on May 13 and Pope John Paul II went three times, namely, May 13, 1982, May 13, 1991 and May 13, 2000.

From considering all the above facts, it is clear that all of us must hold fast to the whole Message of Fatima.

 Above all, Catholics must take it all to heart; but not only Catholics, as Pope John Paul II said: "The Message (of Fatima) is addressed to every human being." (May 13, 1982)

Your Holiness, it is well known that Sister Lucy of Fatima, writing under holy obedience, wrote in her 4th Memoir the beginning of the Third Secret, when she wrote down the following words of Our Lady:

"In Portugal the Dogma of the Faith will always be preserved etc."

Everyone knows that the Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary does not start such a sentence and then end it with the word "etc." For the salvation of our souls and millions of others, in deep felt charity, in strict justice and in hunger for salvific truth, we humbly and respectfully insist upon our canonical right to know the words that follow "always be preserved".

Most Holy Father,
It is not from any desire to satisfy an unhealthy curiosity, nor from a desire to declare ourselves holier than others, nor from any other base motive, do we ask for this. All this will be more clearly seen below.

Now that 47 years has passed since Pope John XXIII chose to not reveal the Third Secret, it becomes clearer with every passing day just how threatened are our souls, our. Christian civilization, our Church's very existence in large portions of the world. Each day, our eternal salvation is under greater attack.

Our civilization, which took over 1000 years to build, is threatened. So is the very existence of the Catholic Faith worldwide. We know the promise of Christ, "The gates of Hell shall not prevail against Her (the Catholic Church)." But we also know that by the Great Apostasy (predicted in Sacred Scripture), many former Catholics (even possibly thinking they are still Catholic), will leave the Church by their heresies and apostasy.

So while the Catholic Church will last to the end of time, millions, even many tens of millions, are leaving the Faith in their lukewarmness and are being led astray by the one third of the stars of Heaven that have fallen, (that is, the bad clergy, priests, bishops, Cardinals) who are at the service of Satan. (Apoc. 12:3-4)

 So while Pope John XXIII could not foresee the disastrous result of his decision to not release the Third Secret, it becomes less and less excusable before God and before men---in the light of the silent and growing apostasy which your predecessor Pope John Paul II as well as yourself, have spoken about so often.

The apostasy is almost in full bloom and nothing short of revealing the actual words of Our Lady of Fatima's full Third Secret will stop it.

You, yourself, know that there are members of your own household that impede you from carrying out your duty. This is not new just to your pontificate. Your immediate predecessors experienced the same disobedience.

This phenomena is no doubt in part explained by: famous cases of philo-Communists infiltrating the Church to bring about its demise; the success of the Masons of various "obediences" of various degrees to infiltrate not only the Vatican but the Nunciatures and Chancery offices around the world.

It is in part also explained by various networks of militant purveyors of filth who have targeted the priesthood (both diocesan and religious) and the episcopacy for the downfall of the Church.

Countless examples could be given. The point is that the faithful, often naive, not prudent, are more and more subject to being led to Hell by predators (who appear to them as pastors) because the true shepherds are not watchful enough and are not speaking out effectively. They are not as watchful as they should be because they do not have the salutary solemn serious warning addressed to mankind. They do not have the Third Secret of Fatima.

Most Holy Father---you must give it to them for their own salvation, for your salvation and for the salvation of so many millions of lost sheep.

Most Holy Father,
We know that what we ask, what we insist upon, is not easy to do. But it is necessary all the same. We know that the Third Secret, the whole Secret, talks of things that are hard to say, hard to write, hard to publish---yet it will be most salutary to do so. The reaction of most Catholic souls will be to bless you, to praise you, to support you.

The words of the whole Third Secret must be overwhelming. Many people will be astonished when they first hear them. You, yourself, as well as your predecessors have, so to speak, told us parts of it at different times in various discourses, interviews, speeches, talks, homilies in private and in public. And taking all these discourses together, you have told us that all of it, by now, has been told.

The words you and other Popes and Cardinals have used have not been the exact words of Our Lady. Rather, She was paraphrased, summarized and edited, even though the core message of Hers was given. It was not identified formally as Our Lady of Fatima's nor identified as Her Third Secret. (Except in two or three rare reported instances when you privately mentioned to one or two witnesses that it specified, apparently, Vatican Council II, and it concerns changes in the Mass.)

Fatima scholars have been able to reconstruct much of the Third Secret from the above-mentioned public published discourses. The problem is, even the best Fatima scholar does not have the ability, the opportunity or the grace to proclaim the Third Secret in a convincing, persuasive and compelling way like the Blessed Virgin has.

Now that we have 47 years of experience trying to release the Third Secret through various secondary channels and it is obviously not working, we implore you to do your duty to all Christians before it is too late.

We know that various members of the hierarchy would like to reveal the Third Secret but feel bound by an oath to not reveal it.

Now here we have an actual anomaly. On the one hand, there are Vatican officials who proclaim loudly, publish even on TV to the widest possible TV audience and to newspaper audiences that the Third Secret is all revealed. Yet they rely on you to not release from any vow of silence the many others who know the Secret, but who are not allowed to speak of it. You yourself, Your Holiness, can release those under oath of secrecy to no longer keep silent.

You are aware that heretics, apostates and purveyors of error within the Church are allowed to propagate and publish their errors. Why is it that so many good and upright people must keep silent, especially regarding the Third Secret. Can they actually be held to maintain silence when the very custodians of that Secret are actually misleading millions of souls about it? This too, needs an authoritative answer.

On this score, perhaps moralists will be able to show the timid who already know the Secret that they now must speak openly, truthfully and completely, giving the whole Secret to the Faithful everywhere they can.

Even the Popes and Cardinals over the past 47 years have tried to let out parts of the Secret, while being careful to not let the faithful know explicitly that is what they were doing.

But the faithful, for the most part, have not understood, or have not paid enough attention. They either did not realize the grave significance of these warnings, did not hear about them, or did not understand them because of the language that these warnings were couched in.

Most Holy Father, Please, for the love of God, for the love of Our Lady, for the love of souls, give us Our Lady's words. We do know that the prophetic Message of Fatima can be found in Sacred Scripture. In truth, if we would read, reflect on and live what is in Sacred Scripture, then we would not need Fatima because Fatima repeats the Gospels.

But God knows the weakness of human nature and He knows we need the voice of prophecy. This is not new but it goes back to Biblical times. Since our times are so evil, we need the voice of prophecy now even more than ever.

St. Thomas Aquinas explains that God sends prophets to every generation, not to give a new doctrine, but to remind the faithful what they must do to save their souls. (Summa Theologica II-II Q174 A6, ad. 3l).

We need to know the most prophetic words of Out Lady addressed to our generation. We need Her actual words. We need them now.

Most Holy Father, Speak, Save Us---We Perish!---Millions are Perishing

More and more Catholics are leaving the Church. And many of those who "stay in" do not go to Mass, do not get married sacramentally by the Church; and many do not go to Confession and thus receive the Holy Eucharist unworthily. This is happening among millions and millions.

You very well know the dwindling presence at Mass. Before 1960, it was 70% in North America who went to Sunday Mass. Now it is about 25%.

It is worse in Europe. Since 1965, the number of religious women has declined by about 1,000,000. The number of priests has declined by 50,000 since 1965, yet. there are 300,000,000 more Catholics than in 1965. And the average age of the priests and religious is rising. There is disaster on many fronts.

We are perishing. More and more Catholics apostasize. Our churches are empty. They are being sold off for millions of dollars as millions of souls go to Hell. We are being devoured by the world, the devil and the flesh. And our pastors are silent. And we are denied the saving words of Our Lady of Fatima.

Give us the Bread we humbly but most insistently ask of you. Give us the Bread of Prophecy, the prophetic words for our time. Give us the actual words of Our Lady in the Third Secret.

It is About Our Own Personal Eternal Salvation

There is much we know of the contents of the Third Secret, even if we were not yet given the exact words. We know that various predecessors in the Petrine office have spoken, to a few or to many, to express parts of the Secret.

Some of what we have collected over the years includes the following:

"I am worried by the Blessed Virgin's Messages to Lucy of Fatima. This persistence of Mary about the dangers which menace the Church is a Divine warning against the suicide of altering the Faith in Her Liturgy, Her theology and Her soul . . ." (Pope Pius XII, as Card. Pacelli)

"A day will come when the civilized world will deny its God, when the Church will doubt as Peter doubted." (Pope Pius XII, as Card. Pacelli)

"Can the Mother with all the force of the love that She fosters in the Holy Spirit and desires everyone's salvation keep silent on what undermines the very bases of their salvation? No She cannot." (Pope John Paul II, May 13, 1982)

"The Message of Fatima is a call to conversion, alerting humanity to have nothing to do with the "dragon", whose "tail swept down a third of the stars of Heaven and dragged them to the earth." (Apoc. 12:1-4) [Pope John Paul II, May 13, 2000]
"It is a Mother's sorrow that compels Her to speak, the destiny of Her children is at stake. For this reason She asks the little shepherds, 'Pray, pray much and make sacrifices for sinners; many souls go to hell because they have no one to pray and make sacrifices for them." (Pope John Paul II, May 13, 2000)

As Scripture scholars know, the stars of Heaven referred to in Apoc. 12:3-4 above, are Catholic priests, bishops and Cardinals. Here, Pope John Paul II is telling us this prophecy of Scriptures is being fulfilled before our eyes and to be on our guard against bad Cardinals, bishops and priests.

This helps to explain what Pope John Paul II spoke about on May 13, 1982 that the very bases of our salvation is being undermined. The Catholic clergy are one of the bases of  our salvation. Other bases of our salvation are our Catholic Faith, our dogmatic definitions and our liturgical practices.

Cardinals Speak Out

This apocalyptic content of the Third Secret is not only told by Pope John Paul II and Pius XII---warning against the "suicide" of the Catholic Church. Suicide is not the same as persecution. Suicide is self-inflicted. If this is not Apocalyptic, what is?

Eminent Cardinals have spoken publicly about the Secret, lifting the veil on its contents:

"In the Third Secret it is foretold, among other things, that the Great Apostasy in the Church will begin at the top." ---Cardinal Mario Luigi Ciappi, (Papal Theologian to five successive popes for 40 years).

We know that the Antichrist cannot come unless first there is the Great Apostasy. (2 Thess. 2:1-12) So, does the Third Secret also speak about the Antichrist? Perhaps so. It was Sister Lucy herself, when asked about the Secret, who said, "It is in the Gospels and the Apocalypse, read them." She further specified on another occasion that the Secret is contained in the Apocalypse, Chapters 8-12.

Then there is Your Holiness' own public statements about the Secret while you were still a Cardinal:

"The things contained in the Third Secret correspond to what has been announced in Scripture." (Cardinal Ratzinger, Nov. 11, 1984)

The Third Secret concerns: "A radical call to conversion; the absolute importance of history; the dangers threatening the Faith and the life of the Christian, and therefore of the world. And then the importance of the last things ("i Novissimi") at the end of the world. (Cardinal Ratzinger, Nov. 11, 1984)

Some False Reasons for Not Releasing It

It has been said that the Third Secret should not be released because the Russians will make certain moves. Others deny that this is a motive. But even if the Third Secret predicts the invasion of Western Europe by Russia, we know this already from the prophetic dreams of St. John Bosco.

The truth of the matter is that Our Lady of Fatima told us, "War is a punishment for sin." If Western Europe is invaded by Russia, it will be due to sin. The Third Secret will be a stern call to penance, to prayer; to conversion that could prevent this tragedy, as people will amend their lives. Without that call, the people will merit either invasion or annihilation. We all need this prophetic call.

There are others who say this Third Secret will be misinterpreted. This is almost laughable, since in the Church itself over the past 40 years, Popes have allowed countless bad things to be said and done by "lying teachers" about the Faith, morals, and religious practices. The faith itself has been perverted. After years of propagating these false teachings, these "lying teachers", these so called theologians, moralists, priests who are promoting sin, get merely a slap on the wrist, if that at all. This is not to mention that well-known scandal of members of the hierarchy promoting and moving from place to place priest pedophiles who prey on children and adolescents. This is a scandal of the highest order.

To those who say that the Secret should not be released because it will be misunderstood or misinterpreted, we ask: who are you to impose your disordered views of what is good for the Church, when it comes to the Mother of God Herself? She, the Immaculate One, the Queen of Heaven, She, the Mother of Good Counsel, She knows what is good for us. Please! Let us hear Her finally.

The Scandal of Further Silence

The Third Secret obviously has been misunderstood and mistreated for these past 47 years. This bad counsel that the Pope has received regarding the Secret may well be part of the "persecution of the Holy Father" predicted in the Second Secret of Fatima.

It may also be a punishment for the bad morals of many Catholics alive today. We pray that Our Lady's merits and intercession will liberate Your Holiness from the bad advice and bad advisors, and finally give us the unvarnished truth. "The truth will make you free." Jesus said. Give us this freedom from errors, sin and eternal death.

There are those who say Pope Benedict XVI cannot release the Third Secret because it will be a scandal. The scandal will be to all those poor souls who trusted Cardinal Bertone to tell the whole truth of his visits to Sister Lucy. The scandal will be the silence of Pope John Paul II not correcting Cardinal Bertone when he told us that what he was releasing was the whole Third Secret.

Cardinal Bertone will be seen to have scandalized the faithful when he said that Sister Lucy told him she wrote nothing else but the text he published. These and similar "scandals" would take place if the whole text of the Third Secret were released. The Vatican would lose face, the Cardinal would not be believed--- the memory of Pope John Paul II and his predecessors would not be held in as high regard and soon.
Thus, to save face for all the above persons, they argue not to release the whole text.

The answer is given by great Popes, starting with the Apostle Peter who said, "We must obey God rather than men." Pope Gregory the Great said, "It is better for scandal to arise than for the truth to be suppressed."

The fact is that it is a continuing scandal not to release the Secret.

There are three kinds of scandal:

The first kind of scandal is for someone to do something wrong which is seen by another; which leads the second person to follow the bad example. This is scandal---pure and simple.

The second kind of scandal is for someone to do a thing that is not bad in itself, and not of any great importance, but when it is seen by those who are ignorant or weak in faith, it causes them to see this neutral act in a bad light, commit the same act, think they are sinning, and thus for them, are actually sinning if they deliberately commit the act.

This is called scandal of the weak. We should avoid doing or saying things that scandalize the weak. St. Paul gives the example of those who eat meat that is sold in the market place after it had been offered to idols. In itself, buying and eating meat is not a sin because God made the meat and so it is lawful to eat it. But if a second person who is weak sees the first person doing this act and concludes that the first person is offering sacrifice to idols, then the first person should not eat it. Better to avoid it altogether so that no one is scandalized.

The third type of scandal is Pharisaical scandal. The Pharisees were "scandalized" by Jesus when He cured people on the Sabbath. Here Jesus was doing positive good to souls, curing their bodies, delivering them from Satan and making their faith grow and saving souls. The Pharisees were not to be heeded because they wanted to stop the positive good that Jesus was doing. We should not stop doing great good because evil persons will misinterpret our actions.

The Supreme Law of the Church is the salvation of souls. The release of the Third Secret will save millions of souls. Do not be put off by certain Pharisees in the Vatican and elsewhere who may be slightly or greatly embarrassed by the revelation of all Our Lady's words in the Third Secret. Do not stop doing the good of releasing the Third Secret because of Pharisaical scandal!

Most Holy Father Our Prayers are With You!

 We know the Third Secret is a powerful Message and hard to relay to others. Sister Lucy took from October 1943 to January 1944 to write it down. She was under a vow of obedience to obey. She wanted to obey and yet could not put pen to paper for over two months until Our Lady appeared to her on January 2, 1944 and then it still took her seven more days to write the complete text of approximately twenty-five lines on January 9, 1944.

Our prayers are with you Holy Father. We know that no one can take pride in oneself when this Message is finally released, because all people will have to examine their own consciences upon the release of this prophetic secret.

We not only appeal to you in charity as the father of all Catholics worldwide. And we ask for bread from you---we pray you do not give us a scorpion. (See Luke 11:12, also Matt. 7:9-11) We need the bread of unvarnished truth---without half truths, excuses, or mental reservations. We need it now.   . . .

We also appeal to you since we are aware that you personally wrote to Antonio Socci, the noted Italian journalist who published a recent book demonstrating there is still a portion of the Secret yet to be revealed. In this letter to Mr. Socci about his book, you thanked him "for the sentiment that inspired its writing."

Up to now we have appealed to you as our father. We have appealed to you as the shepherd of our souls. We have appealed to your charity. "Deus caritas est". You have told us this virtue of charity is close to your heart. We trust you will love us enough to give us Our Lady's actual words.

Our Appeal in Strict Justice

But lest you be dissuaded by counselors, advisors, traitors or just ignorant or weak men, we also appeal to you, in strict justice. While we know that we cannot command or even pretend to command the Pope, you or your successors. We nevertheless, do have rights in the Church. Rights given us by God Himself and even the Pope must respect these rights.

We have these rights, not to use foolishly but in fact so that we can serve God and save our souls. We have these rights so that we can carry out our Catholic responsibilities.

We also have rights in relation to our pastors. This we can see from examples in the natural order.

It is a matter of strict justice that a doctor, when he accepts a client, a patient, that he does his best for that client's physical health.

The same is true of a lawyer. When he accepts a client, he must do his best to protect his civil and God-given rights.

So, too, a priest, when he becomes a pastor of a parish, he takes on a strict obligation before God and man to do his best to save the souls of those entrusted to his care. By the canonical mission he has received of becoming the pastor of that parish and of all the souls entrusted to him in that parish, each member of the Faithful has the right in strict justice to expect and receive from his pastor, the care, the advice and the information he needs to save his soul.

So, too, Holy Father, you have freely accepted to be pastor of all souls on earth by accepting the papacy. You were free to refuse but you accepted. So, too, you accepted the responsibility as pastor of our souls, all of us.

And we, taking our salvation most seriously, knowing that you have information that is useful and quite possibly necessary for our salvation, are reminded of our obligation to ask you for this information.

Saint Paul himself said regarding his stewardship: "I have kept back nothing that was profitable to you, but have preached it to you, and taught you publicly, and from house to house." (Acts 20:20)

Please imitate St. Paul so that regarding the Catholic Faith in totality, and in regard to the Third Secret, you yourself may be able to say with a clear conscience what St. Paul said:

"Wherefore, I take you to witness this day that I am clear from the blood of all men; for I have not spared to declare unto you all the counsel of God. Take heed to yourselves and to the whole flock wherein the Holy Ghost has placed you bishops, to rule the Church of God which He has purchased with His Own Blood. I know that after my departure, ravening wolves will enter in among you, not sparing the flock and of your own selves, shall arise men speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them." (Acts 20:26-30)

Since some might think that we exaggerate our rights, that we pretend to too much regarding our rights to appeal to you, we draw their attention and yours to the following Doctrine solemnly taught by the Creed of a Sacred Council of the Catholic Church:

"And in all cases that require ecclesiastical investigation one may have recourse to the judgment of the Church of Rome." (II Council of Lyons, Dz. 466)

"Anyone who is aggrieved may appeal to it in matters pertaining to the ecclesiastical court."
(II Council of Lyons, Dz. 466)

"We also teach and declare that he (the Pope) is the supreme judge of the faithful and that one can have recourse to his judgment in all cases pertaining to ecclesiastical jurisdiction." (Vatican Council I Dz. 1830)

It has been taught splendidly by both II Council of Lyons and the I Vatican Council that in matters pertaining to ecclesiastical jurisdiction, every Baptized Catholic has a right to appeal directly to the Pope.

Certainly, the Third Secret of Fatima is a matter pertaining to ecclesiastical jurisdiction. As the 5th Lateran Council tells us-- -in matters of prophetic revelation, the Pope is the sole judge. Fatima is such a matter---we want a formal judgment from yourself. So we invoke our canonical right as defined by the Church to seek a ruling from Your Holiness.

Holy Father, We Appeal to You as Follows:

Either---The Third Secret comes from the Blessed Virgin and is addressed to each and every member of the Faithful in which case you are solemnly bound to give it to us in strict justice since it is a message from Our Heavenly Mother and Our Queen to us personally and it is ours---you must publish it.

Or---It is not from the Queen of Heaven or it is not addressed to us and you must personally (not through another person, not even a Cardinal) tell us solemnly without any reservations nor in less than plain speech, that this message is either not from the Blessed Virgin---or that it is not addressed to the faithful.

We respectfully remind you of your obligation in strict justice for a ruling from you personally on this above matter.

The right of the Faithful to appeal is even confirmed by the teaching of the Second Vatican Council which states:
"The laity have the right, as do all Christians, to receive in abundance from their sacred pastors, the spiritual goods of the Church . . ." (Lumen Gentium, Par. 37, Constitution of the Church)

Certainly, the Third Secret of Fatima is one such spiritual good of the Church. We invoke our right to have it given to us by our sacred pastors.

"Every layman should openly reveal to them (the sacred pastors) his needs and desires with that freedom and confidence which befits a son of God and a brother of Christ." (Lumen Gentium, Par. 37)

This canonical petition is made in keeping with Canon 212 § 3, which states:

"They (Christ's Faithful) have the right, indeed at times, the duty, in keeping with their knowledge, competence and position to manifest to the Sacred Pastors, their views on matters which concern the good of the Church. They have the right also to make their views known to others of Christ's faithful . . ."

Most Holy Father,
With great respect for your person, your office and mindful of our common need for prayers and the intercession of Our Lady, we sincerely and humbly submit this petition to Your Holiness to release the entire Third Secret to us NOW.

Holy Father, Save Us---We Perish.

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----The Fatima Crusader


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