Fatima: The Path To Peace! Is Critically Important
by Fr. Nicholas Gruner, STL, STD, [CAND.]

Part 3

Cardinal Pacelli tells us that Our Lady of Fatima had explicitly warned against the cause of this rift. It came through altering the liturgy to accommodate a new theology. It's as plain as day even without the explicit confirmation of the Blessed Virgin, but we have Our Lady of Fatima's warning as well. And yet the vast majority of Church leaders today continue to cling to the new rite, the Novus Ordo. They resist (sometimes furiously) any movement toward a return to the traditional liturgy of the Church, as it has been inspired to worship God for the past 2000 years.

Let's compare this stubborn failure of modern churchmen to reverse their bad decision with something that took place some years ago in the business world. The Coca-Cola Co. at one point experimented with their product, and for a short while changed the flavor of its soft drink. They gave it a new taste, thinking they would add to its popularity. But what happened? People took no interest in the new product, and the old product had been taken away from them. They stopped buying Coca-Cola. Coke sales plummeted. So the Coca-Cola Co. faced a crisis not unlike what modern churchmen have faced during the past fifty years.

What did these businessmen do about their problem? Did they lobby for laws forbidding any access to their old product? Did they scheme about ways to force their new product onto the public? Did they cling tenaciously to a failing program for the next fifty years, considering it better to drive the company out of business rather than admit that they had made a mistake? Did they start selling off their bottling plants and laying off all their workers in order to accommodate their company to the new product's sales? No! Of course not!

They reviewed their decision. They went back to the old way of making Coca-Cola. [Emphasis added.] They admitted their mistake and corrected themselves, abandoning their failed experiment. This was the obvious course chosen by intelligent men, for no more serious motives than simply to preserve their jobs and their material wealth.

How is it that such a course has not occurred to the leaders of the Catholic Church during the past fifty years? Can there be any honest or well-founded reason for the upper hierarchy to refuse, for the most part, to admit their error? After fifty years of ongoing devastation, with such glaring results, our leaders would still rather pursue a course of selling off thousands of churches, closing parish after parish, all the while mouthing nonsense about a new springtime for the Church. Have they convinced themselves that those MILLIONS of abandoned SOULS are not worth the trouble of saving?

And on the part of these souls, how can it be that the faithful could remain asleep through such a storm? Will they, with closed eyes, follow their blind leaders until they have all fallen into the pit of Hell?

The Pope's Lament

Both Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI lamented the "silent apostasy" that progressed throughout their watches, but they were apparently unwilling or unable to try to halt it. Or perhaps they were blind to its causes, and simply did not know how to address it.

And yet so many voices have shown the way - credible and authoritative voices of theologians, bishops, priests, and laymen as well - identifying modern errors and pointing out the way to a solution of our difficulties. Even the Mother of God has given Her explicit guidance from Heaven on the matter. Our Church leaders have had in their very hands all along Our Lady of Fatima's explicit warnings in the Third Secret - warnings, we can be sure, against an evil council that would do great harm to the faithful; warnings against adulterating the traditional Liturgy; warnings against this suicide of the Church.

This disaster will continue to progress in the Church and in the world so long as our Church leaders refuse to obey Our Lady's specific requests in the whole Message of Fatima. But even at the present time, too many bishops continue to ignore Our Lady, preferring their own ignorance and blindness to the light of truth.

So What Can Be Done NOW?

Let us look at history. What happened to stop the madness from 1378 to 1415? What changed, and who changed it?

One person said: "I will not accept the status quo. I do not accept that nothing can be done. I will speak up. I will insist. I will make my views known. Even though I am not a priest, not a bishop, not a Pope, I will act. I will be decisive, and I will not rest."

And act he did. History serves as his witness today of the results he achieved.

Who was he? He was the Holy Roman Emperor. He moved his people and his officers to demand right-order in the Church. He sent delegations to both Popes - to the Cardinals, to the bishops and officials of both Popes -and he got them both to agree to resign. Then he got the bishops and Cardinals of both sides to attend a Council at Constance and to elect one man -a new Pope that all would agree upon.
Similarly, we must do what we can now to reach persons of influence before it is too late for all of us in the Church and society.

Do Not Accept The Present Status

The emperor did not accept the status quo. Nor should we. All of us know someone who has clout in the temporal order of affairs. We need to reach them, who in turn need to reach the Pope and his counselors, to tell them to wake up and to make Our Lady of Fatima's request for the Consecration of Russia their first priority. They need to use their political influence to insist on this until we get results.

This brings us to the point of discussing our reasons behind this year's unique Conference in Niagara Falls. This year - because time is running out.

We have invited a panel of expert speakers in various fields, including medicine, finance, economics, government, military affairs, even rescuing the lives of the unborn. We have asked these men and women to tell us what problems they see facing all of us. Their expert, non-partisan appraisal of the world's situation will be a powerful and credible testimony to our leaders, both in the Church and in civil society. It will be a chorus of voices that cannot be ignored: There is crisis everywhere!

During the past thirty years, mankind has sent more than a billion - that is 1,000,000,000 - helpless children to cruel and unnecessary deaths. They were MURDERED, and this ocean of innocent blood all around us is crying to Heaven for vengeance. But there are so many non-clinical ways of procuring abortions that even the mind-boggling statistics are surely dwarfed by the real number of abortions taking place, which can hardly even be estimated. And the envelope of "medical" murders is so much larger than just the abortion holocaust. It is established medical practice now to kill living people for the purpose of "harvesting" their organs, and to "terminate" the lives of the elderly and unfit by depriving them of basic sustenance. These are all murders.

Some Third World nations' own poor are being made even more poor to the point of starving - by ruinous financial policies of First World nations, aimed not at promoting the common good but instead at the further accumulation of wealth for the already super-rich. Godless legislatures are promoting and "legalizing" unnatural sins such as contraception and homosexuality, and persecuting those who speak out against these perversions of God's law for the procreation of the human race.

Out of the thousands of different kinds of sin in the world, there are only four that are so grievous as to be described by God as "crying to Heaven for vengeance" (that is, calling down from God an almost immediate punishment in this world, as well as the even more severe punishment that awaits such acts in Hell). Of those four horrible sins, I have just mentioned three: willful murder, the sin of Sodom, and defrauding the laborer of his wages. These crimes have been institutionalized in Western society - in Canada, the United States, and Western Europe, as well as in many other regions of the world. Almost everywhere in the world, we see these abominations being practiced, promoted, and even formally justified.

As Pope John Paul II said at Fatima in 1982, "sin has institutionalized itself." And obviously, our societies are much worse in this regard today than they were in 1982, so much so that people now fear even to speak against such abominations lest they be prosecuted for a "hate crime."

Are we really powerless in the face of these horrible disorders? No, we can turn to Our Lady. She has offered and even promised Her help if we will only apply for it in the way that God has demanded. It is to be in such a way that there is no question of how such a blessing was merited for the world. This will be a victory of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart, and of none other. Only She can help us.

There Is a Major crisis. and Only One Solution

In brief, human society is threatened at every level today. Families and nations alike are falling to the assaults of the devil, whose servants in this world are on the verge of claiming the entire globe beneath their godless dominion.

We know that the only solution to our difficulty lies in moving the Pope directly (or in moving the Vatican counselors of the Pope) to order all the bishops of the world to join him in consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We also know that the Vatican is sensitive to credible public information - the Vatican is more sensitive to its public image today than it has ever been. It will respond to a high-level public outcry for action.

For many years now, we have been inviting the press and academia to our conferences, and their witness to our cause has brought substantial gains to Our Lady's interests. It is time now to engage the elected officials and legislators of the West, and urge them to demand action from the Vatican. We must bring them to this event, where they can learn what is the real and only solution to our problems. We must show them what they can do to bring that solution to bear on our problems before it is too late.

By ourselves we are powerless against the plots of our enemies, but Our Lady has given us a solution -the only possible solution - and we must embrace it.

Elements of Our Lady of Fatima's prophecies are unfolding before our eyes now in such major ways, we cannot assure ourselves of having any more time in which to safely neglect the salvation offered to us. The Consecration of Russia is the definitive answer to our problems, and no one else has any effective answer whatsoever.

We must engage high-profile civil leaders to demand that our Church leaders at least try what Heaven has asked of them.

This is why we have so many speakers and such a variety of topics scheduled for our Conference this September. And this is why it is so important that this Conference be a success. This is why we are inviting statesmen and politicians and other people of influence from around the world, and this is why you must come.

Please, you must support us now. We have struggled, we have tried to reach out, and we have risked so much on this Conference. We must try this, rather than to simply let everything be lost for all of us in this world. Anyway, it is up to you now. Please come to Niagara Falls this September, and let the voice of the sheer numbers of those present speak to the media and to our legislators until even the Vatican has no choice but to take notice and respond.

We entrust this project to Our Lady's hands, and we depend on you - your prayers and sacrifices, your presence, your financial support.

We must act now, or we are lost.

Taken from Summer 2013 Issue, The Fatima Crusader