The Irony of Decline, Deceit and Delusion

by Pauly Fongemie
December 16,
Advent of the Novena to the Holy Infant Jesus

Several weeks ago it was reported in the
secular and Catholic media that an ultra-liberal secular web site had opined that perhaps the Consecration of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart to RUSSIA [not the world] ought to be made. This created a sensation which quickly evaporated in the eruption of national and world events that bore the titles, crisis, scandal, etc. I could not forget this astonishing declaration from a known enemy of the Church, even though the Obamacare initiation had played havoc with my perfectly affordable, excellent insurance, which is now unaffordable and unusable because my deductible skyrocketed, necessitating out-of-pocket upfront expense beyond my means. Thus, I must pay for a mandated purchase that I cannot use - extortion and theft. It is as if discovering that a man has nothing to eat, never mind whether the lack of food is his fault or the result of injustice - Obama comes to my home with all the force of compulsion available to him, takes the bread I have bought to eat; instead of asking me to share the loaf with this man, he takes the entire loaf, then compels me to repurchase an inferior, nutrient-deficient bread at a higher cost, in so many words, then gives the good bread to the man, leaving me to starve because the expensive bread is inedible. I am unable to find any good bread at a price I can pay because the bakeries have been commandeered by changes in the law regarding the distribution of bread - the need to provide bread for 30 million people, so a system is devised that causes more than 30 million others to go without bread - the mark of insanity and incompetence and or both. At the very least, how can this be justice? Obviously it isn't at all, but merely the exchange of persons who will go hungry, rather than feed all the hungry. This is the very definition of socialism under the guise of helping "humanity". Only some persons matter in the end, the elites and those who are their sycophants and those they choose out of rank prejudice - to be the beneficiaries of their loathsome crimes. This outrage should have been all that was on my mind, yet the Consecration of RUSSIA is practically consuming me.

Now we know, as of yet that Russia has not been so consecrated as specifically requested by Our Lady of Fatima - we presume because of geo-politics as interpreted by the Holy See, which demonstrates a complete distrust in Our Lady, whether intended or not, and I doubt it could ever be intended, even from some of the more liberal-leaning prelates. Be that as it may, this is where we and the waiting world stand, on the cusp of explosive events in the Middle East and in Russia and Communist China, North Korea. We also know that Russia has a liberal abortion policy and remains a repressive country in diverse ways such as persecution of the Catholic Church. But a seemingly innocuous statement by Glenn Beck of THE BLAZE NETWORK that went uncommented on by the media which include the Catholic outlets, seized me by surprise. My initial response was one of anger, a fiery reaction, that soon cooled - set into thought and analysis. Suddenly my whole being was flooded with hope beyond measure. What was that anger-provoking comment from Beck?

It occurred on his morning radio show, which is also broadcast on THE BLAZE. Putin [and Russia] is at least maintaining one aspect of the natural law, which is encumbent upon each and every human being by virtue of God's creating it and implanting it deep within the heart of each person - the command not to commit sodomy or approve of this turpitude in any way. Russia does not have "gay marriage". Beck was  incensed that Putin "was persecuting gays". As I already indicated in an earlier column Beck is a lapsed Catholic, and that while he seems sincere about wanting to help America back to genuine freedom and morality, away from the depths of depravity it has incrementally, unknowingly, fallen into, he is misguided in some matters. One has to listen to his commentary with a most critical ear; the "gays" comment is just such an example. Since when is the observance of a tenet of the natural law "persecution"? Putin is not having sodomites tortured, driven from their homes or work places, etc.; he is not refusing them medical care and food for daily sustenance and so forth. Russian law simply does not recognize that sodomy is "a right" and acts accordingly. In fact the practice of sodomy is so unnatural a vice that it harms society as all moral degradation does. This is so because to approve or acquiesce to a practice that demeans the dignity of the human person, which is what a violation of the natural law effects, is to have disrespect for the good itself, which causes scandal and further weakens people who are born with Original Sin and thereby increases the probability that sin will flourish across the board. Simple human nature, actually. A country is only as strong and as good as its citizens are as individuals. Unnatural vices are the most insidious of all. This is an axiom of life. It should not have to be even mentioned actually, but when Glenn Beck seems non-cognizant of this, we know we are in real trouble here in America.

Alas, we in the West are no longer capable of critical thought on a wide scale basis. We accept the sodomites' specious claims that are an appeal to emotion, not objective truth. For instance, we often hear the argument that "gays are being persecuted or discriminated against for whom they love." Or similar statements. If we had our thinking caps on we would reject this fallacious reasoning immediately. Why? Elementary. No one could possibly mandate that someone else not love any particular person. Love is an emotion - it can also be an act of will, since it is a commandment of God, but in its purely natural, non-spiritual form, it is an emotion. No one can be blamed for an emotion in of itself. It is not whom they love, but what they do with the one they profess to love that is morally illicit. The prohibition against sodomy applies equally to non-homosexual persons. Bonnie and Clyde were lovers; their love per se was not a crime against nature, it was that they did so outside of the bonds of matrimony and as lovers murdered wantonly and robbed banks. I repeat, anyone will love whom they do, that is no one's business. But actions that affect the common good - that which is without virtue and honor in keeping with the purpose we are created for, the dignity inherent in each person, are our business. Not in order to point fingers at individuals, to sit in subjective judgment, which is a sin, but to uphold standards in the objective realm. Most practicing homosexuals, if they are somewhat honest will eventually admit that while they claim the message of the Church is not always provided in a tone they find acceptable, that ultimately this does not matter, for it is the very message that rankles and moves them to rage. So anything else is just window dressing. They intend to shut up Christians and anyone else who does not endorse, accept sodomy as a "right". Period, with no asterisks. It has gone so far that any Christian who quotes from Scripture on this sin is now a social outcast and can be fired at will with no religious discrimination taken into consideration. And we boast that we are still a free country? Yes, we are all sinners and if there is to be finger-pointing, the righteous direction is toward ourselves, not our neighbor. But this is not what the culture divide is really about. It is about the requirement that we approve of sin itself and to the point that a judge can order a private citizen to assist in sin under penalty of prosecution, in this case, actually persecution. Most sinners I am acquainted with know they are sinners, strive to do better; the other thing they have in common is that they reject social approval for their individual proclivities. The sodomite clan and their cheerleaders demand approval and of late, assistance in sin. Persons with sincere conscientious objections have no rights according to these fascists. Their appeal for tolerance falls on deaf ears because their own intolerance is so loud that no one can hear anything else. Hypocrisy tends to void any claim to moral legitimacy in these cases. This, too, is human nature, along with plain old common sense.

The more I contemplated this inexplicable action of Russia in upholding one part of the natural law, while violating the others, the more I was drawn to Our Lady of Fatima. Putin and Russia permeated the very fiber of my being, entering with me into prayer and all my work.

When a nation is arrogant and an apostate from the natural law - Divine truth implanted into the human race by virtue of its creation by God - in its laws and mores, it follows that it justly incurs His wrath and He withdraws His favor and grace from those who so offend Him, which leaves them blind to the peril that is imminent at their own soiled hands; the people choose their leaders rashly on emotional appeal, a cult of personality in a foolhardy blind trust and the leaders become rulers over their subjects - without shame - destructively to the tune of nihilism which is the siren song of Satan who ultimately is directing all the calamity. Infuriated that there are men who remain undaunted in the desolation and who are not afraid to call the nation back to righteousness, rather than at least ponder the message spoken without the confusion of nuance, out of love for Almighty God and the good of souls and the country, the purveyors of catastrophe and its irrational mischief seek to silence and discredit the messengers, supra. They deceive themselves in attempting to lead others astray for they become unaware of the folly that lies just before them. The Pied Piers of Utopian Tyranny, unheeding of duly enacted laws, run ram shod over them in the rush to impose their vision of social norms and transformation, acting worse than petty dictators in poorly scripted B films. They do not seem to notice that there are craftier tyrants waiting on the horizon to succeed them by any and all means, having learned their lessons well. The damage to the commonweal is real and incalculable - let us pray and hope it is not too late. The willfully blind leading the forcibly blinded. These iron men of will to destroy what they do not understand and refuse to embrace - ordered liberty under the Divine prerogatives - suffer a delusion that is all the more tragic for it is self-induced from colossal hubris. Pride cloaks the danger ahead, and blinded by ambition they no longer can be corrected by resorting to reason and calm appeal.

These mad men, these monsters, to be perfectly accurate, are prepared to lie, to cover-up what the voters have a right to know, to use every verbal chicanery in the book; law, morality, human decency? what are these to them? Our elections are often a fraud, no less than some of those purported about in Russia. Irony? An understatement. Those of us who warned about the impending disaster, the fraud that was being perpetrated on the public? We were called every name in the book and then some created just for the occasion - nothing new, of course, for this, too, is a sorry part of fallen human nature. As if the people expect to be deceived and will brook no dissent from the social dictum that those who suggest that we were being lied to were liars ourselves, with an agenda apart from love of country. Naturally enough no apologies have been forthcoming to date. Admitting our mistakes is a difficult thing to do for most people. This is quite understandable and easily forgiven. What is not so understandable is that people seem too willing to repeat the mistake rather than have to admit their error to themselves. Even the founders were not as prescient as they ought to have been. Nowhere is it written in the US Constitution that elections engineered by such willful deceit in order to withhold from the people the truth they are entitled to - must have to vote with foresight and wisely - are to be null and void, period and no asterisks! Since America and the so-called "free West" - really the stooges of the mindset of Communist Russia, if not always the entire gamut of overt tactics prefer the ballot to the bayonet - the same enslavement comes in the end. We just employ different names for the same reality. That is, we lie to ourselves because we are afraid to risk further debasement, humiliation, and the real hard work of vigilance that is the task of a democratic republic's citizens.

Practical atheism, which is essentially the consent to silence the rights of God in the public square, while silently pretending He is sovereign, is actually more efficient than the outright kind - fewer martyrs to call our attention to the injustice that haunts our very marrow. It is more difficult for the people to battle against an unseen enemy than one that faces them boldly and identifies itself as such. Delusion and deceit on an epic scale.

When one tells people about Our Lady of Fatima's request that RUSSIA be consecrated to her Immaculate Heart so that the world would experience radical conversion through the example of the conversion of RUSSIA, they look at you as if you have lost your mind. Some of these are also Catholics. They think that America is the freest and strongest country in the world and view RUSSIA as an antiquated fossil that will eventually fall of its own dead weight as long as we keep it in check. They simply do not realize that America is no longer the super power it once was, nor the freest country, a shining beacon of light to the world yearning to be free. Already as our foes across the Asian continent and elsewhere laugh in our very face, word comes that a survey reveals that America is but 17th in happiness, whatever the criteria for happiness is to those conducting the poll. America, founded under the recognition that all rights and authority come from God, has enslaved itself by its enormity of sin - the corruption of human nature itself by willfully violating the natural law through abortion, contraception and the practice of homosexuality among other egregious offenses against human nobility. These sins are so deplorable that the people loose all sense of right proportion and descend further into savagery of every kind, weakening ever anew their ability to oust their masters who are plundering the country and laying down devastation everywhere through insidious legislation that is known truly only to the insiders and then open disregard for duly enacted laws - who is stop them - not us, we are too concerned with being cool and up-to-date via Twitter and its social sisters, politically correct and protecting what little we have left of our possessions, fearing not the loss of all honor and dignity. The degradation of America began  when the people refused to avail themselves of the duty to impeach unjust justices - Roe v. Wade. We have all Constitutional authority to do so. It continued unabated when we refused to complete the impeachment of Clinton  and the ouster of our masters in the Congress who seek largesse for themselves and not for the commonweal; it requires fewer numbers to recall bad legislators who have the temerity to refuse to resign out of human decency, than it does to unseat them through the election process. Again, we waived our rights, but even more our imperative duty for the sake of the common good. Our disdain for RUSSIA while congratulating ourselves on our greatness would be comical if it were not so sad with dire consequences.

Meanwhile supposedly dilapidated, Eastern RUSSIA, has one small spark of grace denied to us. It will not accredit and approve of the vice of sodomy, such an affront to God that He destroyed the Biblical cities that were suffused with the vice, Sodom and Gomorrah. That small spark of grace, like the tiny mustard seed has the potential to grow into a mighty tree or great grace of conversion, which we know for certain through the explicit promise of Our Lord through His Holy Mother Mary, that "in the end Russia will be consecrated" and it will be converted and lead the world to conversion and peace. As the sun rises in the east every morning, on that glorious day, the Son of Justice will rise in the East - Russia - his power and merciful Heart, joined with Our Lady's Immaculate Heart will be known and adored and praised and thanked!

Even now, because RUSSIA refuses to acknowledge that sodomy has "rights" is its saving grace, despite its many many crimes against humanity and Christ. And this brings us to something even more astonishing than the declaration from that leftist web site of weeks ago. In an article in the British newspaper, THE TELEGRAPH, December 19, we read, I paraphrase, that:

Putin declares that Russia is the moral center of the world because of its conservative values in re homosexuality. In response to those who are critical of Russia sponsoring the Winter Olympics in Sochi early next year, Putin compared Russia favorably as opposed to the decadent United States that he characterized as positing good and evil as moral equivalents.

Decadent? oh indeed and he is right on the money here. Bravo to Putin, may he be granted the grace by God to come full circle, acknowledge Russia's enormous crimes and seek repentance and amendment. Meanwhile the forces of Hell, embodied in the "errors of Russia" that there is no God, or if there is He does not matter; that all rights proceed from the state and that the individual is submerged into the collective, that children have rights that may veto their parents' just claims, etc., have seized the West in sundry ways; the West does not realize this and so continues to puff itself up, strutting across the world stage as if morally superior. Western leaders, with few exceptions [these do not include the US President] are impotent, feckless, leaving the West vulnerable to all its enemies arrayed around them, mainly in the East. How fitting that such pride should cause so swift and steep a fall! Our claim to moral superiority - often citing how generous Americans are with charitable works - falls flat. In general charity does cover a multitude of sins, but not the four sins crying out to Heaven for vengeance - societal approval and thus promotion of such crimes against the Sacred Heart of Jesus supersede any good works, blotting them out. God is merciful and patient with sinners, yes, but He will not be mocked, as even Lot's wife learned too late.

I do not know when I have had more hope. In the midst of all our woes, I cannot stop thanking God, praising Him and His Holy Will and the tender love of so great a Mother, as Mary Immaculate whose appeals on behalf of her children will surely be heard and answered. All men are her children, bequeathed to her at the Foot of the Cross.

O come, O come, Emmanuel.

O come, O come, Our Lady of Fatima, quicken our hearts and hasten our Rosaries left at your feet in our daily prayers.

O come, O come that wondrous moment when peace will truly dawn upon a darkened world, a peace that began with the Light of Christ in Bethlehem and that will one day extend with splendid rays radiating out from the former Soviet Union to the whole world, illuminating the way of Christ, the path to conversion and salvation at the hands of the Immaculata, the defeater of all heresy ...