Immaculate Mary
[The Lourdes Hymn]

Immaculate Mary, your praises we sing.
You reign now in Heaven with Jesus our King.

Ave, Ave, Ave, Maria! Ave, Ave, Ave, Maria!

In Heaven the blessed your glory proclaim;
On earth we your children invoke your sweet name.

Ave, Ave, Ave, Maria! Ave, Ave, Ave, Maria!

We pray for our Mother, the Church upon earth,
And bless, Holy Mary, the land of our birth.

Ave, Ave, Ave, Maria! Ave, Ave, Ave, Maria!


The original image of the Immaculate Heart is now in the public domain; we extended one side so that the area around the hands was equalized, added the frame and flowers; you are asked not to use the above image for your web pages, but you are most welcome to use the plain, overly large download for non-profit use only. Some of you are disregarding are proscriptions and using unauthorized images on your web site, although you cite us as the source; at least two of you are also without citation and going so far as to copyright our work as your own,
most unfortunately, which is surprising to find in a Catholic who professes to love Our Lady. Our work on the image is ours and it is not just to make a profit from or if not, to claim the rights to our reparational work without citation, compensation, or permission or both. If you are skilled at web graphics and would like the Paint Shop Pro flower tubes [Version 7], E-Mail us and we will send them to you, gratis. We purchased them as royalty free for design use. You can open the tubes in Version 9 from a folder on your desktop and use them as if they were Version 9 tubes.

The background paper and accessories are copyrighted by Catholic Tradition for this directory.


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