Climate of Fear

Satan and the Rules for Radicals

by Pauly Fongemie
May 22, 2013

A number of commentators are asserting that the regime in Washington is headed by a man who is detached and has appointed various underlings who know nothing, see nothing, tell nothing; some have ventured that all of this mischief is a form of extreme incompetence. I beg to differ with these ladies and gentlemen, and I do so after careful consideration and with vehemence, a zeal to match our rulers who embody the spirit of the regime in all that they refuse to say under oath and could if they wanted to: a hateful spirit of defiance, arrogance, contempt for ordinary Americans and the rule of law - usurpers who have arrogated for themselves virtual control over the private domain, not just overseers of the public - creating in their scorched earth policy a climate of intimidation and fear. Hell hath no fury like the liar-in-chief and his minions who have been scorned by those with a sense of duty, honor, and the use of reason. Examples must be made of them and in such wise that opposition to the regime will be stifled before it blossoms into a full-fledged reckoning. Every move by a decent, patriotic American who values the principles of a republic and the natural law foundation of such a state is matched by one of the piercing Rules for Radicals, devised by Lucifer himself, and fused together in the book by Saul Alinsky with the title of the same and dedicated to Satan; this manual is Obama's "Bible". And this "religion" of his is so cherished by him that he shows every sign of unbridled fanaticism. Like his mentor, Alinsky, Obama wields the sword of the "Rules" - "crush the enemy in essence" with an unscrupulous hand, rewriting the law at will to reconfigure the republic into an absolute oligarchy. The more Obama gives the impression of messing things up - the facade of incompetence and detachment - the more he strikes a blow for the present insanity, rather than cause it to weaken or dissipate. He always wins by hook or crook. Any semblance of honor is simply out-of-bounds for this charlatan, the man of pretense about having an open administration. Only a man frenzied with the spirit of Satan, whether he is aware of it or not could accomplish so much in so short a time and with such relentless, ruthless results. What kind of man is proud of a book dedicated to the Evil One?

So many express their confusion, their dismay over what appears to be inexplicable about the Obama "administration". Actually the works of these mad men with a mission to "transform" America into their vision of "social justice" is anything but inexplicable, and are in fact, entirely expected and on two fronts, that of the regime itself and the beguiled American majority public that is unmindful and or uncaring about the fundamental change we are undergoing so drastically and to our enslavement - why Obama still enjoys popular support no matter how corrupt anyone with half a brain realizes is the case, if only at long last.

Saul Alinsky's RULES FOR RADICALS was written for the hard-core left, but it could have been written for Fascist Germany as well, and far more effectively would that tyranny have held sway if Hitler had taken a page out of the Alinsky manual. All the elements coincide: the ruling regime of terror needs a charismatic leader to hold the masses enthralled. An enemies list is created to destroy any opposition that might rise to the occasion and the will to crush it by any and all means. As the list widens the climate of fear of reprisal by the Gestapo or in the case of America, the Department of Injustice and the Infernal Revenue "Service" conjoined with the Obama media, a massive propaganda machine, tends to give "whistle blowers" second thoughts and silence is the word of the day and every other day hence forward. Fear of reprisal and possibly the loss of reputation and one's livelihood, the almighty smear campaign undertaken without qualms or consequences, are enough to suffice. It is no coincidence that the number two State Department man in Libya, and who had garnered promotions and accolades before Benghazi, was suddenly demoted after he decided to come forward with the truth. If anyone thinks otherwise, I have a bridge or two I want to unload and you are most likely a very good prospect. And if you still think that the Benghazi cover-up is simply about an election and incompetence, guess again. The US government is arming the Muslim Brotherhood and I suspect that something akin to this was in the works in Benghazi. Hillary Clinton's rationale for a legate there does not comport with reason. Skullduggery was going on and the American public was not yet prepared for knowing about it; when the attack came, the ambassador and those who protected him had to be sacrificed for the greater cause. There is no other plausible reason for what occurred there. Shameful, without excuse, a convenient execution. Beyond vile and the mere venal.

For the very special, such as Eric Holder and the IRS' Lois Lerner, there is always a recusement in the nick of time and the pleading of the fifth, which is indicative of a crime, for the more observant among us. In civil matters one cannot plead the fifth. Then there is the investigation stratagem employed by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. He can't answer anything ever because everything is always being "investigated". Nice work at a good salary. And one of the oldest ploys in the book, but hey, if it works with most of the media who control the information that the little guy in the street receives unless he is industrious, why who cares how old it is, it works, it works.

Hitler's problem, thanks be to God, was that he had so much hands-on control at every switching point, and in his madness he became blinded to his own mistakes and so in the end he was done for even before the allies reached his bunker for enough of his own chief generals turned against him. But then, they were still embued with a sense of a republic, The Reich, unlike too many of us who have been deformed in the government re-education schools with the precursor of today's Common Core, the plain old liberal agenda of the teachers' unions, so that even college-educated citizens are ignoramuses if polls are any indicator.

Obama is too smart to be outwitted in this manner. He affects cool detachment, he is the pre-eminent ill-informed by his own staff who shield him, so that the buck that he says stops with him never arrives at his desk. He will not have to fall on his sword, there are useful henchmen with financial security to do that for him, such as the IRS Miller who was supposedly fired. In all truth he was about to leave anyway, he merely handed in his resignation a few weeks earlier, with no loss of financial security, while the one who had more responsibility in the first place is reassigned to a higher position with a big bonus to boot. She will now be in charge of every aspect of our health care. Want to bet how long conservative patriots will be allowed to have life-saving operations? Okay, maybe a little facetious, but not by much given this motley crew of evil doers. Thoroughly corrupt, the very meter of the Obama Chicago way for managing diabolical dishonesty. He gets to have his "cake and eat it, too." How does he manage this?

Easy. Before he was elected the first time he made sure, if only obliquely to us, speaking in code for the intelligentsia, that Alinsky was his man, or rather, that he was Alinsky's man heart and soul. Radicals like Bill Ayers & Company knew well what he meant. Ayers and the Reverend Wright more than symbolize the Obama approach to politics, their scurrilous tone and immoral methodology is the very core of Obama. All he had to do is surround himself with like-minded individuals who could be trusted to take up where Rules for Radicals left off, especially when placed in key positions. They never had to take orders directly from him because the revolution has a life and purpose of its own, all they had to do was put it into operation employing the skillful use of language manipulation and the artful dodge. Obama could honestly say, "I never told anyone to do this or that." Quite so. But he is the source in spite of this technicality because he is the President who placed these dangerous zealots in office. No Obama, no Eric Holder, etc. Getting off on a technicality is not the same as being found innocent as any good lawyer knows.

None of this should be any surprise or shock to us. I knew it was in the offing before the first Obama election and wrote about it with a follow-up in a three-part series, Leviathan Rising. I also called him a budding sociopath and an inherent racist. And for all this I took heat, which is fine, if I don't want this kind of attention then I ought not be writing on the web, so I am prepared for this. I only mention it because those who told me I was wrong and even "sinful" for suggesting what was going to come has come to pass and then some, are no where to be found, with nary an apology. Typical human nature 101, of course. As soon as I knew how indebted Obama was to the Alinsky rules of political warfare and that that radical had dedicated his book to Satan, I knew where we were headed, especially since the public was so blind and ill-prepared to challenge the "challenger", the new kid on the block, who was really the old kid of sleaze and control for the sake of control dressed up in disguise. I knew it the minute I heard him say his "orientation was African" not "American." This is code for changing America into a tyranny for the sake of a misplaced unjust, very unjust so-called social justice. And the means would be underhanded while faking a semblance of the rule of law. The rest was easy pickings - he merely required a celebrity driven, hedonistic, narcissistic culture to buy into the myth. Obama is not incompetent, he is devilishly clever. He is not detached, he is driven to succeed in "transforming" America.

And we haven't seen anything yet to compare. As the popular song went, "We have only just begun" ....


There are some who misunderstand my inclusion of Hitler. I was not promoting him in any way, nor of his vision of The Reich at all; Hitler was an evil man, a monster who was the precursor of all modern tyrants, monsters in every sense of the word, grotesque, malevolent, murderous, as in genocide and religious persecution - utterly without any redeeming quality as ruler or leader. What I was trying to convey was that in the end the republic was lost, his army generals, such as the honorable von Furstenberg and Rommel, who were both executed for their participation in the plot to overthrow him, found it easier to go against Hitler because the means to an end were not of their making in the first place nor were the ends as they had originally envisioned them the actual ends desired by Hitler. In the case of the US it is decidedly more difficult for Obama's legions to go against him, in particular his "generals" euphemistically speaking, because they do not take virtual orders from him, but rather participate in a culture spawned by him, a climate that is conducive to repression and the use of intimidating strategies to discourage those opposed to the regime. It is always psychologically more difficult to go essentially against oneself than it is the other who has caused you such moral degradation. And this is what I meant by Obama's "genius". He prefers not to have a personal hands on approach to each and every matter unless it can garner for him accolades and the mark of the heroic president, such as the killing of Osama bin Laden. In those matters where he appears detached or unconcerned, it is because he intends it this way, while his obeisant underlings do all "the dirty work" the acts of reprisal using the Infernal Revenue and the police power of the Department of Injustice, where the laws of the Republic are flouted when convenient and "new laws" are put into place by legerdemain to serve the regime. Obama is not detached at all, but rather, determined to destroy, what he calls the "transformation of America into a German-style [European model] for an updated version of the African tyrant who plunders his own people in the end because he no longer recognizes the limits of power, whatever instigation brought him to seek absolute power in the beginning - some perceived grievance, real or imaginary. Power is a corrupting influence and it is the test of character for any person entrusted with it; it is an august duty and a privilege in order to serve others, not one's own needs. Often power lust becomes entangled and indistinguishable from the causal aspect that first arises in any such ambition. When paired with Obama's lack of commitment to the natural and Divine law without which all Republics fail, it is a most dangerous entity. This kind of power always destroys, it cannot build, except by sheer force and will and repression - enslavement - of the people. This power was the same for Hitler as it is for Obama because of the lust and intent for and of that very power. I am not accusing Obama of virtually wanting to commit genocide of the Jewish people, but in the end he tends to favor it passively simply because he does everything in his power to be obsequious to the Islamists - they seem to have more rights than ordinary Americans who want to keep America a free Republic of honor and dignity and sanity and authentic fair play - Americans such as the Tea Party Patriots, but not exclusive with them. This is why the administration had no problem targeting them with all the intimidation at the disposal of the IRS, only one such example.

Why do I say that Obama prefers the European, specifically the German, model? The Romeike case - Germany admits that it deliberately targets religious minorities when it enforces its no home school law. Holder is on record as stating that home schooling is "not a right". If the regime can hold onto power and favor long enough I believe with every fervor of my being that the ultimate intention is to outlaw the inalienable right of parents to be the first and primary teachers of their children. The Washington crowd has no use for the likes of the Romeikes here, and they have recently been victorious. The family is scheduled for deportation, but the case is being appealed by the Home School Legal Defense Association. It may go up to the Supreme Court if it agrees to take the case - of late the Court tends to be reluctant to take such issues on AS WE HAVE SEEN IN LOWER COURT RULINGS INVOLVING RELIGION AND THE SCHOOLS. And this animus against religion and those who are "conservative" that is, traditional, is what fueled the passion and the desire to ask Tea Party members what their private prayers were - unimaginable until now. And of course, no howls from the watchdog press at large. They always manage to find an excuse to excuse the tryanny and the audacity!

I stand by everything I have written on these pages.


The image is composed of opposites, that of FINISHED STUDY OF CORRUPT LEGISLATION AND FINISHED STUDY OF GOOD LEGISLATION by Elihu Vedder, c. 1896. We put the two works together, with GOOD LEGISLATION upside down in keeping with the theme of Satan, who attempts to appear as good or a shining beacon of light, the very opposite of what the corrupter of men truly is. He is the grand deceiver and the master of manipulation.