HYPOCRISY 101: A Lesson
by Pauly Fongemie
February13, 2015
Day of Penance

By now most of us know all too well that the vast establishment media is full of deceit, distortion and derogation of the Christian. Sometimes its self-appointed elites also lie boldly with no sense of shame. This is hardly newsworthy.

However, the latest uproar over the Brian Williams [of NBC News] debacle - he was found out in a big lie - gave me pause to think. It isn't that he lied, I just assumed he was less than honest on occasion and thus never tuned into NBC News. It is the disreputable discussion about what penalty he should incur and if it was fair that NBC has suspended him for now at least without pay, hardly a hardship, since he is worth substantial millions. Because he is an accredited liberal, there is much hand wringing by some of his confrères, how much he is respected and admired and will be missed. If the lie he told was from the mouth of anyone but a liberal, CURTAINS immediately! No examination, no cringing, nada!

Of course this is typical of the major media, hypocrisy on steroids, again, nothing new, and sadly what we have come to expect as the media's M.O.

Usually this sort of stuff would be swept away in a cover blitz knowing the public has a short memory span when it comes to important matters.  If it is a trifle, the public seems to have long term memory retention, for some reason that escapes me. It is a corollary of the inversion theorem and the disappearing context. If a conservative has stumbled, the context is removed; if a liberal has, not only is the context the headline, it is manufactured if necessary, as well as the malingering someone else's fault, if at all possible to effect; the greater the threat to the natural law and the Republic, the greater the downsizing of the reportage and vice versa. It is less a matter of what is being said, but who is saying it that tells the real story - this a pretty reliable axiom to keep in mind. It is all political now and with a vengeance, Truth be damned!

But because of the nature and obvious context of the lie, NBC had to do something or lose what little credibility it still maintains. Hence the suspension without pay. The cries from his fellow "journalists" can be summed as follows: severe punishment, but deserving, while making sure to interject that they hoped he would be back.

Look, I don't like NBC News, but I have no personal animus against Williams as an individual, and I don't like to see anyone be humiliated in public, period. Unfortunately sometimes it cannot be avoided, such is reality. As Christ taught us when judging in the external forum, "By their fruits thou shalt know them."

But this only part of the story. The bigger picture is that in the mass media, telling lies is actually no big deal unless it is the smallest fib from a conservative or anyone who refuses to trash the natural law, whether an accredited conservative or not, The Williams case is one of the exceptions notable enough to prove the rule. Because he was held accountable, this was the shocker, not the magnitude of the lie, all claims aside.

In fact it is more often the case that telling the truth is a detriment to one's career and reputation, such is the downward ethic spiral the USA is in.


At the present time the criterion that must be met by anyone who wants to keep his position is that he must endorse "homosexual coupling". He can tell a whopper - and it is a damnable lie, indeed, that sodomy is a right to be glorified and honored. He can be the biggest montebank in the country, but he is tolerated at least; but if a good man dares to breach this "social contract", once tacit, now established more or less officially, and tell the truth, that he upholds the natural law, while not engaging in busybody tactics, he is asked to leave his job immediately or feels so uncomfortable in the milieu he finds himself that he voluntarily withdraws. There is no understanding, no forgiveness, no sympathy, just revulsion and resentment that a co-worker would have the audacity to remain steadfast and loyal to the Divine and natural law on principle. Case after case the person who is not for officially-sanctioned sodomy is dispossessed and disowned, a non-person. If he endorses the same, his fall from grace is seldom forthcoming; he can refuse to pay his taxes and still maintain a position at the IRS, for instance; as long as one goes along with the Zeitgeist, one gets along per usual, a noted exception here and there that proves the rule once again.

The groundswell for sodomy's rally call is now certainly a runaway train. Anyone who aspires to be someone must hop aboard. Anyone who does not do so is guilty of hate speech if he has the courage to speak the Truth, without hate in his heart, just love of the Truth for the glory of God and love of his fellow men whose dignity is violated when the Truth is vitiated to assuage badly deformed consciences - while those who truly hate those who tell the truth about man and the natural law, are hailed as heroes. Another aspect of the inversion theorem. George Orwell was prescient! These are remarkble Orwellian times. We cannot escape the total all pervasive hypocrisy, and by now surely the irony ought not elude us either!

BADGE OF HONOR: POLITICALLY INCORRECTFree speech? There is no such thing anymore, it comes at a high price and only the valiant need apply
. For the deceivers and destroyers of decency the cost is not only free, it is dirt cheap for the exchange and only the habitual charlatan thinks he is accomplishing something worthwhile, deeds he can be proud of!

I repeat: We cannot escape the total all pervasive hypocrisy, and by now surely the irony ought not elude us either!


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