Modernist Errors and the "Updated" Catholic
by Pauly Fongemie
January 25, 2014


One of the original schemas for the Second Vatican Council was on Our Lady and her role as Mediatrix of All Graces. The liberal Council Fathers who had an influential role in rejecting many of the more traditional schemas reduced the Council's contribution on Our Lady to a brief section, titled, "Mother of the Church." Now, she certainly is Mother of the Church, but she is the Mediatrix of All Graces by the express or ordained will of her Son. As Michael Davies, author of the eminent work, POPE JOHN'S COUNCIL, documented, Protestants had a heavy hand in persuading the Council periti to deflect from The Blessed Virgin's exalted role as Mediatrix to that of the general Mother of the Church, which few Protestants would not concur with, since she is the Mother of Christ Who founded His Church and she assisted Him, such as at Cana. [Protestants usually say Church, meaning the Christian Church - they ignore the Apostolic Tradition that there is but one true Church outside of which there is no salvation. This is one of the fundamental errors of confusion - the pick and choose syndrome.]

What had been a full chapter on Our Lady, was eventually pared down to a paltry six pages, unlike the documents on Ecumenism and the Liturgy, for instance.

I remain convinced after all this time, that in bowing to the not so subtle pressure of Protestant clergy who were allowed to be overseers of a sort, that the Church lost many graces because God was not pleased that His Mother should be so reduced and shunned in a manner of speaking. And that because of this loss of grace the pastoral Council took on a disjointed importance that dwarfed doctrinal Councils that ought to have been the last word. As a result many well-meaning, but blinded Catholics, including members of the clergy, have fallen sway to the many modernist errors embedded in the pastoral approach, although the Second Vatican Council did not issue any doctrine as such, but the typical Catholic of today has adopted the errors of the pastoral schemas which are taught as if dogma, while existing in reality only as a flawed pastoral approach in which dogma is now framed and taught.

The documents of the Vatican Council are replete with phrases that call for traditional practice, then within the same paragraph the first statement is contradicted by the phrase, "on the other hand ... if the good .... etc. Now either traditional practice which expresses orthodox belief is to be maintained or if not, what the Council Fathers were really telling us was that it does not matter, we will provide both and pretend to have things either way as if Truth and the praxis that proceeds necessarily, inexorably from it are decided by individuals who choose for themselves. The definition of the "good" is always left up to the so-called self-appointed experts who impose modernism in practice on the people, a practice by default of inculcation leads to modernism in belief. This is human nature, actually.

As the first rule of law is that the natural law is the foundation of all man-made law, and if any law violates the natural law, that law is null and void, so is the first rule of Tradition: that which contravenes the Apostolic mandate and all that flows from it is illicit and rendered null and void. Like the suicide of the West caused by its desertion of the natural law, so it is with the modern Church - the non-Traditionals - has made a pact with the devil, a suicide pact because it has chosen to forsake Tradition, as if merely an outmoded expression of the Faith. This is abject confusion for Tradition is the Faith and the Faith is Tradition.

Traditional Catholics are constantly reminded of this fatal deformation every time we listen to most Catholics commenting in the news and reporting on the Roman Pontiff and his reckless statements to the press, a virtual runaway train to hear the media go on and all so hypocritically, of course. For instance, laud upon laud for Pope Francis for his supposed change of doctrine concerning homosexual practice - a misperception; nary a word when he condemned abortion without reserve! This was one of those times he was clear, without nuance and the media deliberately ignored his declaration because they, too, have adopted the pick and choose mentality, "truth" shaped to personal preference.

Pope Francis is not a Father of the Council but he is its devoted son, taught in the seminary in confusion, ordained for the disordered New Mass and all its systemic and illicit step children - that is, the loss of the dogma of the Faith and so many souls who have fled the morass rather than struggle to persevere. In the words of Pope Francis, who can judge them? For, verily, one can reasonably ask, how many souls remained and are ultimately lost because of the mass confusion, confusion of the Mass, and the imprecision of Catholic apologetics today, if indeed, one can accurately refer to it as apologetics, but instead as abject apologies, two distinct and vastly different realities. Our Pope is the first modern Pontiff who has no background in Tradition, for he was trained entirely in the disorientation of the new theology as espoused through the supposed "mandates" of Vatican II. As one with the Council as the other modern Pontiffs were, they were familiar with Tradition, however, which cannot err, which cannot change and is in fact the very compass of the Church, just as Mary is the heart of the Church as the mother is the heart of the home; thus there was some restraint on them even when surrounded in the sea of profligacy of their own making. This is why Pope Paul VI could say practically in the same breath, the New Mass "is a novelty", then state that Traditional devotions of long standing ought not be disrupted as it is harmful to the people. And why Pope John Paul II would endorse one novelty after another, then firmly issue a declaration that all Vatican II precepts must be interpreted according to Tradition. He was confused as Tradition itself condemns novelty in worship, doctrine and other holy matters pertaining to the supernatural. Many Saints, in accord with Tradition, have said to avoid all novelty, among them Pope St. Pius X who taught that the friend of the people is Tradition, and nothing less.

The clergy, who are the teachers of the people, have all too often fallen away from the necessity of filial devotion to Mary, the Mother of God; that all priests are to be imitators of Her Son as other Christs - Christ was entirely devoted to His Mother, is still upheld; unfortunately our chastisement for the Popes' failure to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart is that many many bishops and priests no longer say the Rosary daily, and have forgotten, if they ever knew at all, that the Church has always taught TO JESUS THROUGH MARY, as Jesus came to us through Her. And the people on the whole have followed their priests into imminent peril.

Because Mary is the heart of the Church, the Queen of the Clergy and Hope of Sinners to ignore her central role as Co-Redemptrix along with her Son as His helper and dispenser of graces, and because she is so often ignored or given pro forma recognition without true devotion Christ is leaving us to ourselves and our love of ourselves:

1. As yet no Consecration of Russia to Mary's Immaculate Heart as specifically requested by Christ.
2. Our Lady of Fatima warned about a coming disorientation and we know that the not completely revealed Third Secret alludes to apostasy at the top - we know for certain from those few honest Vatican officials who read it.
3. The cessation of the Low Mass prayers after Mass - which included the Hail Holy Queen and Three Hail Marys, along with the Prayer to St. Michael who defends in battle.
4. The curtailing of enrollment of First Communicants in the Brown Scapular.
5. The almost complete disappearance of May Crownings.
6. Perfunctory homilies on the role of Our Lady, on the Holy Days of Obligation relating to the Mother of God and occasionally on the Sunday that is Mothers' Day. There is neither depth nor deference to Mary, the penetrating thematic kind that is vital to the vitality of the Church. And the insult to Our Lady of Fatima is the hallmark of this horrific decline.

These are but a few indicators of the lack of desire for graces from Our Lady. While they are not the most obvious signs of spiritual decay to those who have grown up since Vatican II and like Pope Francis have no direct experience of Tradition, they are powerful witness to the auto demolition of the Church, that demolition that Pope Paul VI referred to in one of his more lucid moments, though still captive of the Vatican II chaos, an incoherent rambling of preferences which are paralleled in society, which draws its graces from the Church and therefore follows the trajectory of Churchmen who have lost their bearings.

All around us are signs in general, in particular the lack of concern about purity, chastity, modesty, both in church and in the culture at large. Those who were raised Catholic and or have fallen away or come from once Catholic families follow blindly the standards of hedonism, without much concern at all. This is why one hears from the media the incessant cry that "Pornography is not harmful", that "Sexuality is a good thing", meaning that pornography is now considered not a heinous vice but a normal part of human sexuality and that the procreative act outside of marriage between adults is fine; and that "pornography is not a impure habit or curiosity because so many people engage in it". And sometimes practicing Catholics, too, alas. When was the last time a priest ascended the pulpit to deliver a rousing sermon on the dangers of pornography and as one of the gateways to Hell? To ask is to answer!

Let us resolve to continually say the Rosary, especially for priests and bishops and the Holy Father in Rome, for our neighbors who may be caught in the vise of pornographic addiction that leads to many other grievous sins against purity and the dignity of the human body which was created to be the house - the Temple of the Holy Ghost. Let us resolve to speak out when we can, when our pastors fail their flocks. Let us resolve to salvage at least one soul through the intercession of the Most Pure Heart of Our Lady. We might just be the only ones who really care about the eternal welfare of such miserable ones as those who view pornographic images. The image is more powerful than the word, but the Word and His Mother are more powerful than anything man can devise for his own destruction, it is the power of Love, supernatural love, the love of sinners. Let us love without surcease through our daily prayers and sacrifices for the conversion of sinners and let us rejoice we have the true, unwatered-down Catholic Faith, the Sacraments, and yes, the wondrous gift of the Holy Rosary. The Holy Rosary is such a pure prayer, without disorder and randomness, it cannot fail if we but trust in Jesus and Mary and Their promises; by meditating on its Fifteen Holy Mysteries, the School of Mary, we shall learn how to avoid the pitfalls of the mayhem that has ensued in the aftermath of Vatican II, the glaring, impossible contradictions that are the school of Satan.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now
and at the hour of our death. ...