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The background scene is that of a tranquil lake at sunset somewhere in Maine, her breathtaking beauty perhaps only matched by that of but a few spots in Alaska to the far north, a beauty so sublime that Maine has always been the crown jewel of her mother, Lady America. And Maine is a careful, uncompromising stewardess, guarding her riches from intruders. Her state parks charge admission like all state parks across the land, but many of her lakes are not open to the general public. And a number of Maine residents are unaware to what extent: to prevent pollution of their pristine waters and the surrounding environment, Maine towns with idyllic lakes have strict laws forbidding non-residents of their towns entry even to the beach fronts merely for looking around. Such panoramas have to be enjoyed from afar atop a hill or at the edge of a nearby road. Some locales provide special usage permits but others won't even allow these.

At first glance these measures seem draconian, as they did to me when I first learned of them. But then I realized with a startling clarity their necessity and their wisdom. Mile after mile, Maine has become a garbage dump: scattered boxes, bottles, food wrappers and containers and the myriad flotsam or artifacts of modern anti-culture that repel the well mannered tourist and resident alike, thanks to mass transportation and a society given to fulfilling every whim and desire at breakneck speed, mindless of the consequences to soul and country. Our magnificent lakes would soon join their brother highways and fields in the dreary enterprise of man-made ugliness. Scarcely a generation ago Refuse Byway 101 was scarcely found, but then we were not just states in a nation, we were first and foremost a nation herself, and we knew it and gladly took our rightful place, but no more than that. For indeed, we had a sense of place, which included the necessary, just, rightful order of persons to places, that is, not only a reverence for the sacred in the religious sense, but a reverence for the land that gave us our birth or a new home if we had been born elsewhere. To maintain our God-given freedom in dignity we drew boundaries, in our conduct with one another, in our political speech, precisely because we understood what rights were, where they come from and our responsibilities because of these precious rights. Our sense of place was secured by a common goal of citizenship to foster the general good of our neighbor and our country, and which commonality was passed on from generation to generation through a commonly spoken language, English. Second and third languages abounded, but English was the currency of a common culture, just as our money system consisted of an integrated whole, not several types of currencies with various exchange rates all competing within the same pocket and commercial transaction. In other words, common expectations that could be counted on for everyday life, without which there would be only the certainty of chaos and the injustice and contrariness that always follow its ruthless trajectory. Those of us born to immigrant parents knew very well our first duty to our new land as they did, to study her history, to learn the language and provide to the best of our ability for our own needs using the talents with which God has endowed each and every one of us. Because American citizenship cost us something dear, a little of our egos and eccentricities, and a challenge to our alien spirit, we valued the prize. There were no actual such laws on the books, but we internalized this ideal and achieved it more than not, because our forebears had taught us by showing us how. Usurped or stolen awards have little value even in the eye of the thief. To bring it closer to home in the year of Our Lord, 2006, a few years ago one young student told me that he knew the grading system had been "dumbed down" at his school. The high grade he received had no value for him because he knew it was a lie. He believed he deserved a lower grade although he had studied and worked hard without cease. He was a young man with learning disabilities. He just wanted to do his best and be judged accordingly, no less, and no more. He was a victim of the "self-esteem movement" and political correctness, which made him feel even worse than any bully on the school ground could have. He said to me: "They use names for the different reading groups so we do not know which ones are not as good readers as the others. They must really think we are stupid. Don't they know we can figure things out? I know I can't read as good as some others. Giving my group a name that says otherwise is a lie." Talk about a tragedy that need not have happened. When he attempted to set the record aright he was of course "punished" for not being socially correct. There is no tyrant worse than the liberal convinced of his superior compassion for "humanity", forgetting the thinking, spiritual human being that is actually there instead. He may have been a B-level reader at the time, rather than an A, but in the smarts that count most, he passed with honors and the teachers and the establishment flunked! The mother of another student in another school district boasted to me of how proud she was of her daughter getting all As. She was innocent and did not realize what was going on. And I did not tell her because it would break her heart, she would soon find out anyway. Now some students would get the high marks, whether the system is dumbed down or not, this is a given, but many more would not, also a given. That young lady [it was discovered] could not even read a single sentence in a first grade book and she was in the fourth grade. Her mother had to send her to summer school and other parents had to get tutors, just so their children could learn to read. Imagine all the property taxes that were extorted to pay for this fraud, and more money had to be taken out of the budget to pay for private education all to keep government [public] education, a total fraud, afloat! If you can't read how do you manage the rest of the subjects? You don't of course in reality. Contrariness and a loss of common sense and a hatred of truth and the tried and true.

Today's young American internalizes ideas and goals, too; but often these are not those of the older generation. It is "my good" not the common good. Cheating is at an all-time high because it is results that matter, not how they are achieved. A common tradition and morality and the responsibility of safeguarding them and handing them down as sacred things are considered anachronisms, whose time has come and gone. The once United States of America has vanished . . . now it is a loose federation of competing cultural and racial groups more interested in diversity than unity. Names are foreignized from American [English versions] faster and more often then the other way around. English is now a handicap. The Disunited States of Mexamerica. Open borders the new national anthem! In fact the jargon of the day is replete with "diversity is strength" doublespeak, good is bad, bad is good and so forth. Learning English, and properly so, is no longer the expectation [it is too White not Black enough, too gringo, very very evil], but rather we have to kill millions of trees so that we can have multiple language ballots, multiple language directions on everything from toothpaste to a microwave oven. Swahili should soon be joining the multi-lingual lineup wherein English is buried if you can find it. In some locales if you are not conversant in Spanish you can be turned away from a job interview, even if the majority of the clientele is English-speaking, but if you speak little or no English the same employer will go out of his way to accommodate you. Common sense is uncommon; contrariness and the absurd rule. Little by little the despised gringo [I do not know about you, but I have had it up to here with this epithet] is being marginalized even by his own, liberals everyone, along with many cowards from the supposedly not so liberal.  Imagine an illegal alien demanding his "rights" in America, while calling those of us who are not Hispanic, gringos, a name meant to cast disparagement on the person being so despised! And we are supposed to pretend we do not notice or that it does not matter. Just as we are supposed to pretend we do not know that the media, in cahoots with the alien hordes----a veritable invasion---- is deliberately distorting the truth by slipping in the word, immigrant instead of alien, illegal and legal. Even those who ought to know better use this incorrect appellation, conservatives aplenty, in fact. With conservatives in power like these, who needs a redundant liberal? But then they must have attended government schools where they learned politically correct attitudes and little else.

An immigrant is a person who leaves his homeland to settle permanently in another, entering his new home through legal, orderly means. Sometimes he has to apply for asylum first, but that, too, is a legal procedure. He may be new to the second country but he is not an alien because he has a recognized status leading to citizenship, which is earned, not granted by demand or psychological-economical blackmail.

An alien is one who is temporarily in another country, even if for an extended time. There are three kinds: the dispossessed by war and other tragedies who are either forcibly placed in another country or one who flees in desperation, but the circumstances are such that he is recognized as being there with the permission of the government in the latter case or its actual force in the former. It is at the very least a quasi legitimacy recognized by all the countries involved. Another kind of alien is one who is in another country visiting relatives, on vacation, or engaging in some legally recognized transaction, such as study, business, etc., having a passport and a visa where required. He is there legally and if need be can be located and is known to the rightful authorities, just as you and I as citizens are known to be so and so residing wherever. The last kind of alien is that of one who enters a country illegally, surreptitiously, whether for a good reason or not, for instance a Chinese woman who sneaks aboard a ship to come to America because she is carrying her second or third child in the womb and does not want her child to be butchered in her homeland. To maintain her residence here, once discovered, it takes an act of Congress with many prior hearings broadcast on C-Span, and even then she is likely to be deported. A lone mother just wanting to protect her little baby. Social not economic. Social, bad, economic, good! Big diverse America is more given to rejecting her plea. In any case she goes through a veritable gauntlet because she speaks Chinese, not Spanish. So much for diversity. So much for open borders. No greedy businessman to vouch for her, of course, and no Cardinal Mahonys either. Marching in the streets to end abortion, not a big deal enough for our phony Mahonys. But to force the de-gringonization of America, you betcha! Oh ya, just let in a few million Hispanics who abuse our social services to the point of destroying them for those who pay for them with our crushing taxes, and well, that's different. We can't deport them, no way Jose as the saying goes. We could find the way, merely by enforcing the sovereign laws of the land, but we no longer have the will and now disregard sovereignty and the meaning of nationhood like we have done with the natural law. Our animus is reserved for pro-life Chinese women and a few Slavs who were duped by a greedy lawyer and did not know they were in trouble. No, these poor unwanted Slavs can be deported in the middle of the night in the middle of winter with not even coats to wear and deported to another country of convenience where they do not know the language, if they survive the below-zero weather long enough to learn the language. No reams of paper instructions in their own language for them, not even the English they had dutifully been learning. Nope. No due process for them, not even on C-Span. Just the tactics of thugs in the middle of the night, just like those in the old country they had escaped from! O how good America is! Of course this doing its best to be law-abiding Slav family was paying its way by working like other Americans with other Americans instead of devaluing the "currency" of the job market by working for wages that supposedly match another country's lower standard because we lazy Americans just won't work like that. And they did not have a homeland that encouraged them to break our laws while scrupulously enforcing its own to prevent the very behavior it foists on us. These poor Slavs should have been smarter, more hip, more cool. They were so uncool, no drug running for them, no violent gangs, no one-day boycotts. They should have known it is dangerous to try to be an American, a gringo. The first thing they ought to have done is changed their name to Morales. I am willing to bet they would still be here, especially if they were also on welfare. That was their second mistake after trusting the crooked immigration lawyer who did not lose his license. If they had not so miscalculated and been so trusting of the American way [which no longer exists except on paper for now], all sorts of activists would be coming out of the sleazy political wood work to raise a ruckus on their behalf. No they goofed, they tried to become good Americans and made no demands in the street or elsewhere. Maybe they just weren't insulting and pushy enough! Good manners, heck what a loser! And of course their pay checks were not politically, commercially correct. Some worked for skilled wages because they had the skills. Others were students and worked the going rate. But none of them worked in a deli for 9.00 an hour like the non-gringo from across the border who demonstrated May 1 and lost her so needed by the employer job. You read correctly. She was fired from her illegal alien job, so necessary to keep the economy humming, a job that paid her 9.00 per hour for unskilled labor. Wouldn't you like a job like hers? Around here legal bona fide Americans work for much less and at more-skilled jobs. In fact they go to college to get jobs that pay less than 7.00 an hour all too often. What other lies about the economy etc. are we being fed? They must be beauts!

A country that is willing to discard its God-given sovereignty and its moral and political duty to safeguard its borders, to protect the property rights of its own citizens and enforce its laws in an equitable and just manner across the board for all which apply in each category, is a country that is no longer a nation and is a country that is already conquered without a single shot being fired. In our case a few shots were actually fired on the border but our border police were ordered not to defend themselves! The media keeps saying we are at war with terrorism, which is a movement but not a country, while they are silent about a more relevant war, a real war with a real country, that pretends to be our friend while behind the scenes it is using our own political system and its built-in weaknesses to its advantage, keeping a corrupt unjust policy of their own in order to encourage the invasion in order to punish the despised gringo to the north. Vincente Fox is a declared enemy of America, no matter the palaver George Bush, who has been outfoxed, pushes on us. Mexico hates our culture, but it loves our money and hungers to plunder our land until there is no more America itself. I mean, they cannot really want to preserve America for future Americans, Hispanic and non-Hispanic alike, can they, if they are deliberately destroying it? May 1st the first unofficial official volley by the enemy was heard throughout the land. What will our yellow-bellied, turncoats and treasonous leaders in Congress do? We are at war, with a very real country, in earnest; who needs 9-11 when we have 5-1 over and over again in so many diverse ways? The lack of restraint and discipline at our borders is more than metaphor for the total rejection of moral restraint that defines the modern spirit. O say, who can still yet see? Si? Nada.

America . . . there was once a land known as America and like the fabled Camelot she is no more . . .


You are right, and there is, unfortunately, more to it than that. You might have heard of Kitty Werthmann, who helped criminalize abortion in South Dakota recently after years of tireless effort.
She is a native of Austria and infiltrated a Communist front group in Switzerland 20 years ago. She spoke with one of the Reds and asked them for their plans for the USA. The Red said what is happening now: that the Mexicans would overrrun us, that the Communists would come up through Central America and retake the Southwestern USA.
Mrs. W. asked how they could do that since it takes a lot of soldiers to start a Revolution? The Red said that they are already here --- they came in pretending to be Central American refugees. The churches helped them through the Sanctuary movement.
The late father of a friend of mine was a CIA agent stationed in America. He predicted the fall of the USA to the Reds 40 years ago, and said the start of the Revolution would be signaled by the mass migration of Mexicans over the border. He also said they would start a racial civil war.
The Mexican radicals have already started to admit that they are Communist, want a Communist government, and plan on "ethnic cleansing" of whites and blacks after they take over.
The only thing that can stop them is the rosary --- as you know, it drove the Reds out of Austria and has averted revolutions in Brazil [There was a Brazilian lady who got on the phone during the attempted Communist takeover in the 1960s and told everyone to get out on the streets and pray their rosary - it worked!] and the Phillipines.
If you know of any Catholics who would have a radio show and would be willing to have Mrs. W. on as a guest, please let me know. Everyone likes to think it can't happen here. Until it actually does.
Mrs. W. also survived the Nazi takeover of Austria --- she said everyone thought Hitler was great until they got to know him. 
WorldNetDaily and the PrisonPlanet sites have been reporting on the Communist aspect of the illegal immigrants. [The two links in bold take you directly to pertinent articles.]