The editorial, Loss of a Nation, has generated quite some response from regular visitors of Catholic Tradition, 3 to 1 favorable. The tenor of those opposed appears to be that I am anti-Hispanic and uncharitable. The truth is always considered unkind to those who do not want to hear it. I do not know how one is supposed to be charitable about an invasion that is economically and politically ruining our country. As a believing Catholic I must do good to my enemy, I must pray for him and wish him no personal harm, nor attack him violently out of hate, etc. But this does not mean I have to approve his actions nor assist him in carrying them out. If I am considered uncharitable for telling him he is committing an injustice, then so be it. A Catholic is supposed to defend and obey the just laws of his land, to love his country and be prepared to die for her in a just cause that comports with the natural law. This is charity itself. The charity of patriotism, not just a duty, although a duty for certain. Charity includes more than duty, it is actual love. America, the land of my birth as a first-generation born American has its many faults as all countries do especially now with the diminishing of Christendom. But she is my country and I love her and am prepared to defend her with my very life if need be; I also love her enough to challenge her to do better and to do this I have to tell the truth to the best of my ability to discern it. Truth is apprehended within a context because we human beings see imperfectly and are affected by our experiences. This not only goes for we Americans but all nationalities. If I have an obligation to see things through the eyes of the illegal alien [as opposed to the legal] as is being demanded of me, then those so making the demand have an obligation at the very least to not take comments out of context, especially when that context is in colorful display for all to see, those who want to see. Let us be equal opportunity demanders, geese and ganders.

Only those who are willfully blind could accuse Catholic Tradition of being anti-Hispanic: Spanish artists given full court honors in galleries, Spanish Saints cherished and given many many pages, Our Lady of Guadalupe and Our Lady of Fatima accorded their own directories, although technically Our Lady is supra national borders and lived on earth in a Jewish culture, her people. However Our Lady of both Guadalupe and Fatima are closely identified with the Hispanic, one of Mexico and Iberia and the other with Iberia, that is part of Iberia, Portugal. In fact one of the beautiful images of Our Lady of Guadalupe displayed in her gallery features the Mexican flag. Hardly the effort and dedication of a racist. An actual bigot would not want even that image on line. It is so ironic actually. And all the more so since I have lamented the loss of the glory of Spain and its great culture. America, as I have written owes much of what is good in her to the Spanish [and French] missionaries who Catholicized many of its inhabitants, both Indian and European in origin, fighting against a Masonic spirit, one that ironically had a devastating influence on Mexico as we all know from the Martyrs of that once glorious country. If I had lived in the time of the violent American revolution, as my own father once observed: I would have remained on the side of the British, as anti-Catholic as they were for I would have supported the monarchy as idea and ideal, and hoped and prayed for the reascendancy of Spain to conquer the American colonies. Then the national language, unifying language, would have been Spanish, not English. And easily done because of the small population. That did not happen. Only service in the army of Christ the King can save America now, but I must not only fight as a soldier in His name for the sake of souls, I must be a soldier for my country, which can no longer be Hispanicized without grave injustice, the very same as regards the Muslim culture and its language, etc.

The great wave of the alien invasion is from Mexico simply because it lies to our immediate south and affords a ready opportunity. But if Ukraine or Ireland were our southern neighbors and their people were invading us in the same manner and with the same spirit of rebellion---the latest being the effort to have aliens register to vote now that they see that we are cowards---I would be saying exactly the same thing. The Hispanic aspect in of itself is incidental and not germane. It is the loss of the sense or need to have English mastered first and foremost for citizenship that is lamented, not the fact that the supplementing language is Spanish. I object to the Spanish ascendancy not because it is Spanish, a melodic beautiful, beautiful language, but the attitude about it vis a vis English. It is the attitude, not the nationality. But the nationality must necessarily be discussed because of the overwhelming numbers involved, and because it is a secondary and very real aspect, not the cause itself.

If America had maintained its Hispanic [and French] Catholic roots to the extent that they infused the culture, America would be much more noble today, more moral and more holy. But she did not. But just because she rejected Catholicism as the norm in favor of Puritanism and now paganism, does not mean that we must allow more bad elements to be added, sort of like injecting cancer cells into a cancer patient just because he is not perfect and is already sick, thereby rejecting his right to natural justice. The new wave of Hispanics are not nearly as Catholic as they once were nor as willing to assimilate. If they were truly Catholic in overwhelming numbers the left would be opposed, not for the invasion. Actually this goes for many other groups as well, but they simply are not invading us by the millions illegally. Any casual perusal of a number of Our Lady of Guadaupe sites on the web testify to this sad fact. It is to weep when one sees her sacred image used to exploit the occult. Then, too all these illegal aliens [a million] marching in the streets May 1, enough to shut down some commerce, but not even a thousand to close 1 abortuary. This tells me something loud and clear! We are rotten ourselves, but how do we deport ourselves---we cannot of course, but must we add to our infidelity? When I see how much the left is for the illegal invasion I know that there is more than simple economics at work. Only the blind refuse to see.

Catholicism teaches that a nation has a just and natural right to protect its borders and to have laws whereby citizenship is regulated for the good of all. Now a nation can take in political refuges and the like as necessary. But it is never required under justice and charity [not the domain of government but of individuals with souls to save] to destroy a nation or rob its own citizens of subsistence to do so. I cannot at gunpoint or force of law or the lack of enforcing one take your job to give to another. And so forth. A just war involves just means. To call attention to a war on this country waged by unjust means, which renders it thus unjust period, by definition, is not xenophobic or unCatholic, but simply patriotic and very very Catholic. I make no apologies except to apologize for my being all too silent too long. For this I am indeed guilty, guilty of a special kind of treason itself. Silence is consent.

In Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Ignatius of Loyola, and St. Thomas More,
Pauly Fongemie