by Pauly Fongemie
April 10, 2013:

Feast of the Prophet St. Ezekiel

"And thou, O son of man, behold in the day wherein I will take away from them their strength, and the joy of their glory,
and the desire of their eyes, upon which their souls rest, their sons and their daughters."

[Ezek. 24:25]


A far left television host has finally come out in the open at last and revealed the true agenda of most of the left, statist, collectivist to their very core. Those of us who have made it an avocation, a virtual life's work to study the habits, the writings, the rhetoric and the ultimate aims of the tribe of tyranny under the pretense of freedom, have always discerned their actual intentions versus the carefully worded media output. Most of the collective intelligentsia are too savvy to come right out with their goals, so they resort to declamatory camouflage. And, because too many of the public prefer the comfort of mindless naiveté and are thus, gullible, the leftists have by and large succeeded in persuading the majority to acquiesce. This is why, despite the claims of political commentators that America is "a center right country", we have been inexorably moving leftward, as much under Republicans as Democrats, only the speed and style varying, a distinction without a difference. With each passing decade the government accrues more power and control over our lives, and especially that which interferes with our educating and raising our children as is our God-given right, indeed, responsibility. Whenever those of us with a public forum have objected and attempted to turn the public's attention toward the actual dangers hidden within much of the imperious legislation on all levels of government, particularly that involving the public schools, we have been howled at, sneered at, resented as busy-bodies who are "conspiracy theorists": that is, because they cannot adequately address the message they must destroy the messengers as a substitute defense and it is has mostly worked for the same reasons, supra. Much of the harm comes from the anti-traditional morality indoctrination that is a policy in almost every school and college that flies below the radar screen because the government does nothing to countermand it. In all truth, the government exists not to foster traditional family life, but serves to transform the very bedrock of normalcy --- the traditional family --- into a freak show.

Do not dismiss the implied threat behind Eric Holder's department that home schooling is  a "not a right" per se. We are all too aware of the notion of rule of law that he and his minions have thrown into the trash heap of history. He decides what laws to enforce and how, by giving an order to disregard duly enacted laws established on the books for ages and by habit of their reason for stability of society. One system of laws for those he personally prefers and another for the rest. Malfeasance for sure, and in all likelihood malice aforethought and far worse.

 We all know now about the pressure on Christian students to denigrate the Holy Name of Jesus Christ and so forth. Every week brings a new outrage. A flap ensues and the left temporarily back tracks, only to resurface later, knowing that eventually the incessant skirmishes will wear down the body politic as they did in the assault on marriage and family in re so-called "gay marriage". FOX News, supposedly in the fore front of exposing all of this is a Trojan Horse because almost every purported "Conservative" commentator or contributor is openly pushing "for more gays" and for "gay marriage". How much longer will the network prevail in upholding the rights of Christian students when the going gets rougher, and it will most certainly get rougher and cruel beyond the normal person's ability to imagine today? The skirmishes are the prelude to out and out war on Christians who uphold traditional family life, period. The locus of attack has always cynically and diabolically been the young who are impressionable and so subject to peer pressure because of their developing formation.

The bias against traditional family values has been there for a generation or more now, but it is only within the past decade or so that most Americans have begun to wake up. For instance, at the University of Maine, Farmington campus, when our 43-year-old son was a student there, condom machines and boy-girl room situations were flagrant violations of normal parental rights regarding their still minor children who were matriculating. When I complained to a Republican pol who was also involved with policy at the college, she was indignant that I would dare to challenge their hegemony. Her brazen, defiant response was: "You had him for the first 18 years of his life, now it is our turn!" Her precise words, which I can never forget. And she meant it. She saw nothing wrong with overhead banners of a deviant nature designed for indoctrination into the new order of human sexuality, nor of open displays of perverts kissing on campus and of lesbian faculty bringing their "partners" to events, etc. The tone of her voice was harsh, shrill, overbearing when she uttered that damning gauntlet of intent. I remember this lesson well. Fortunately, our son was raised with backbone, and personal virtue, so he was not harmed and was the one who brought matters to our attention. But how many, predisposed out of personal weakness due to another kind of temperament and perhaps a broken family life, felt reluctant to fight back, and how many eventually became demoralized and even "converted"? It is certain that this college official felt free to take charge over every aspect of our son's life --- his very dignity as created by God --- whether he and we agreed or not. She was very much a part of the Republican establishment, highly regarded. In Maine, as is too often the situation elsewhere, establishment Republicans are the weakest flank in the culture war and can be counted on to turn tail and run, or go over completely to the other side in a moment of "evolving" as the expression goes. Former Senator Olympia Snowe, wife of Ex-Governor McKernan, who, thankfully was against "gay marriage" at the time of his tenure, is the most recent example of defection from normalcy. The Democrats, with the rare exception, do not have this  "problem" because they are part of the ruling elite overseers who favor collectivism versus the rights of the traditional family. They may salt their remarks with code, but for anyone who is really awake and reading their material and background speeches when they were among themselves, well, there is no question what they are up to. Glenn Beck's BLAZE TV has been covering the latest insurgency against normalcy in the public schools. While I disassociate myself from his libertarianism, he is spot on in this regard. In addition, the web site has a link about Washington State persecuting a florist who would not supply flowers for a "gay wedding". The right of conscience? What is that anymore??!!!! Meanwhile public school administrators have veto power over traditional family values speakers which they say is a matter of conscience for them. The same old double standard that does not seem to outrage much of the public anymore, except for brief moments. Our governments, local, state and federal are criminal enterprises now with the full force of the Gestapo police state mentality and the will and means to enforce it, piece meal for now, but only now. I repeat, the carefully splayed skirmishes are about to erupt into a full, no-holds barred war.

Now comes along one, Melissa Harris-Perry who proclaims, without apology, that children do not belong to their parents but to "the community". What she really means, is us --- the elite --- who will be in control. I am indebted to this woman for her brash honesty, if not for her contempt and barely disguised insolence. Of course, no apologies from her when the firestorm she lit burst hot and wide, and certainly no apologies from the left to those of us it has been demeaning all along, while it professes shock, I think just a bit too facile and hypocritical. After all, is not the state-run tax supported "public" schools nothing but a power grab to gain complete control over the children sent there by their parents?

In Maine we have the hideous spectacle of "the morning-after pill" available to children as young as six, without parental permission! This is how far down into the sewer and slime of scurrilous disdain for morality and common sense decency we have hurled ourselves in order to soil our very being! Words fail, actually; the English lexicon is incapable of the task of description here.

What is the overall, overarching policy of perverse sex "education" but the smug, presumptuous notion that they, the educators of the left know better than we parents do. The Harris-Perry imperative has been there from the beginning. Convinced of their superiority and the moral necessity, that is, the redefinition of all that is moral, of their ideas, and with the power to do so and or at least the bully pulpit, the cat is finally out of the bag. Now, pray tell, who did not know what she was talking about?

There are none so blind as those who refuse to see. Sadly your willingness to be foolishly credulous impacts those of us who are unwilling to deny right reason and the evidence of our sharply honed political sense. Why? Because this wretched, perilous situation we labor under is still called "a democracy" and our very lives may depend on your willingness to be truly responsible citizens and neighbors. In an entitlement society where merit and virtue are now seen as suspect --- as "discriminatory" --- when not racist, the probability increases that as time passes, and the time is almost passed now, that tradition and all that American ideals have been about family life and the basis of the natural law as the hallmark of justice are in mortal jeopardy.

Those of us who have been sounding the alarm throughout town and countryside for all of our adult lives are now vindicated, although this brings us no solace or comfort, just as it will never elicit any mea culpas from those, while claiming to be on the side of the traditional family roundly denied that our research conclusions were valid. Yet, what excuse will those who refuse to fight for normalcy itself, have further to hide behind? Their only recourse, if they are to persist in such recalcitrant blindness is to continue to punish the messenger rather than address the message forthrightly as mature adults. The ultimate persecution of us Catholics and Evangelicals will be emboldened by the cowardice of our weaker neighbors who betray not only Truth and Goodness, but themselves as well.
Pity them so dismal in courage, and let us pray for them and ourselves, that we, too, may not be found wanting when our duty to God and country bids us forth anew. God's interdict is upon us for our willful abandonment through neglect as much as anything, of His righteous Kingship over all nations.

"And thou, O son of man, behold in the day wherein I will take away from them their strength, and the joy of their glory,
and the desire of their eyes, upon which their souls rest, their sons and their daughters."


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