by Pauly Fongemie
April 18, 2013: Feast of St. Appollonius, Christian Martyr of Rome
PERSECUTION: Turning Point and Destiny Part 2

This is one of those stories, that if you did not know the facts of, you would be tempted to think, surely, this cannot be true? Oh, but it is my brothers and sisters, and when you hear the facts it will tear the very heart out of you!

First some reporting homework:

FOX News relates that the family is a traditional Catholic one. Glenn Beck's THE BLAZE referred to them as evangelical Christians as did one home school web site. I do not know who to believe, but this is really not the issue anyway. This family is being persecuted by our own government because they are home schoolers who fled their home country of Germany because neo-fascist Germany not only does not permit home schooling, but specifically through their high court has decided that the government may "target" Christians in order to avert what they call "a parallel society". Please note that Germany does not target Muslims but chooses to target Christians. If this isn't religious persecution, I do not know what is. When the German government discovered the Romeikes, now a family of seven since the above photo was taken - I believe that Mrs. Romeike is with child number 7 - were home schooling, a court issued a warrant to have the children forcibly removed from their home and sent to a state school. Eventually the authorities came again for the Romeikes who had to pay a 10,000 dollar fine in American terms, this time their friends supported them and the government backed down long enough for the family to flee to America to seek asylum, which was granted by a federal judge in 2008. The family is under threat of deportation:

The Obama administration appealed the decision in 2010, and in 2012, the Board of Immigration Appeals overturned the first ruling. This is the same US Regime that is allowing illegals to be granted virtual amnesty by its do nothing policy, but it has the time and funds to try to deport a Christian family that came here legally and played by all the rules.

Meanwhile Germany has finally passed a more oppressive law: now a court warrant is no longer needed to remove by force crying children from their parents' arms for the horrible crime of home schooling and Eric Holder, the despot in the Department of Injustice has issued his latest fatwa declaring that home schooling is not a right. The government says that they are not being persecuted because it is not a religious issue, but Germany has admitted that it is. More lies and obfuscation in order to propel the Obama agenda forward.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what our country thinks of you and me in general and any parent who simply wants to exercise his natural God-given right to educate his children as he believes is right, which also happens to be a serious obligation as parents have the responsibility to be "the first teachers of their children." You can bet, my dear people, that if Eric Holder & Co. think that parents do not have a right to home school and he and his minions can force this family to go back to Germany where they will be literally persecuted through fines that will bankrupt them, how long before home schooling families in America are no longer safe? As it is, in many states they have to pass through a veritable gauntlet designed to discourage them. This should be an alarm bell in of itself. The mighty state machine against a few parents here and there, this ought to tell us all something, a lot of something! In the supposed name of democracy the powers that control the power are shutting it down, one step at a time. Just as the mantra of tolerance now means less, not more or even the same.

An adjunct of this insidious hubris and almost absolute power is that if "home schooling is not a natural right", then the implication is that parents ought not have any control over the education of their children, which is part and parcel of the home schooling ethic; and if parents do not have this control, then the logical extension on a piecemeal basis - evil on the installment plan or heat the pot slowly to cook the unsuspecting frog - is that they have no say in the government schools also. Believe me, I know with moral certitude that this is the ultimate goal - "Common Core" etc.

I assert this, as strong as it may seem to you, for having studied at length the aims and overbearing machinations of our government I tremble with the knowledge that comes with tried and true honed instincts, the political savvy inherited as a legacy from my being a member of a political family from my earliest years - my parents were "progressive" liberals for a long time: sooner, not later, the fascist state that is evidenced with each passing year here in America, that monstrosity will come for your children, too. You see, the Obama Regime, along with the hard-core left firmly believes with religious zeal that the collective owns our children. Hillary Clinton: it takes a village and so forth. Even then they were signaling their nefarious intent and contempt for normal parents, especially the traditionally conservative Christian family.

You see, they must control the younger generation in order to counter the rest of us who know what is right and what is wrong. We cannot be trusted with the truth; when we are, they lose, period! And they know this.

And if you are asking yourself how can this be, why they can't get away with this! Guess again. It was just a few years ago that Obamacare was passed in the dead of night before our representatives could actually read the bill. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got up and insisted the bill had to be passed before it was read, "so we could later know what was in it."  I mean imagine! Well, it was passed before most of Congress knew what it contained, and now we know, don't we! And wished we didn't!

The seige against the Second amendment - gun control - in Congress has some of the same nasty flavor whereby they wanted us to drink the kool aid and swallow their bilge. There was an attempt to have it pass before the bill could be read, but this time it has been thwarted, thanks largely to Rand Paul, Senator from Kentucky. But there will always be a next time until they succeed. Pressure continually applied tends to pick up strength as the people weary and finally give in.

Then, if you are still not convinced, try considering this latest assault on human reason and our right to know what the government, supposedly in our name, just a fiction actually, is up to:

The foreign student who was briefly thought to "be a person of interest" in the Boston marathon terrorist bombings and then was dropped may still be deported. It appears that he has highly placed connections to important persons in Saudi Arabia. Well, if he is legitimate, why deport him? Is it to protect him or us. With the regime in Washington, one reasonably has to ask these questions given its paltry track record here and abroad, the conniving lies, the brazen disregard for the rightful inquiries of Congress and so on. Now, on the surface, deporting this fellow seems just fine if he may be a danger at some point. But why then, and this is the clinch pin that gives a thinking citizen pause, is his "file" - in legal jargon, "the event" - reportedly going to be sealed so none of us know the why, how and other whos. Just how serious are these connections and how so?

We are being lied to and or otherwise kept in the dark as much as possible because we, the people serve those who are in charge and not the other way around. So fearful of our basic common sense and respect for the Constitution, outraged, threatened that we are not as dumb as they think we are, we have to be controlled by silence and deliberate misinformation. When that does not work they resort to the politics of personal destruction, marginalization through name calling and the like. Obama's purportedly cool exterior crumbled when his anger burst forth when he could not get his way over the gun legislation. People, I propose to you that this is his true self, not the carefully staged Obama we usually see before the cameras. He just had to blame someone else, like the spoiled, pampered, bully he is inside.

I simply do not trust the Obama administration at all any more. The Romeike family came here to be able to practice their natural human rights, one of which is the proper education of their children. Eric Holder is the one and same who cannot seem to muster enough gumption and know-how to prosecute the illegal activities of the Black Panthers a local terrorist group, but he has gone all out to persecute the Romeikes. Irony of ironies. According to the FREEDOMOUTPOST.COM web site:

"On April 23, 2013, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals will be hearing arguments in the Romeike v. Holder case, where the Romeike family will attempt to get a deportation order against them set aside. This German family was originally granted asylum in the United States on the grounds that their home country of Germany prevented them from home schooling their children. However that decision was overturned by a panel of the Board of Immigration Appeals and this is all due to the pursuits of the Obama Department of Justice, who are clearly persecuting a family simply based on their desire to do what Pilgrims did several hundred years ago and that is pursue religious freedom and educate their children accordingly.

"Imagine that! Barack Obama has a drunk uncle we can't seem to get deported, our country is filled with illegal aliens (Yes, I'm going to keep calling them that no matter what AP and the current administration refer to them as), and Mexican drug cartels working inside U.S. borders that we aren't deporting and here a wholesome home schooling family, desiring to educate their children themselves are being pushed to the front of the line for deportation. Something is wrong with this picture." Amen.

The Home School Legal Defense Association is assisting the family; Glenn Beck's MERCURYONE.ORG that offers financial aid to disaster victims and is helping this family. 100 percent goes to relief. The organization is based in Dallas Texas as is Beck's BLAZE TELEVISION NETWORK.

There is a government web site, to sign the petition in support of the Romeikes. When I went there and registered in order to sign, I was unable, either I was rejected or the was some glitch. I tried repeatedly and finally gave up. I do not know what is wrong, but I have decided not to post the link. Perhaps it is no longer online.

Please pray for this courageous family and speak out among your own family and circle of friends and colleagues; if we are silent, we help evil to persist. Just speak out. If you are still fearful or unsure, remember this, who is next?

Who is next?

This is the turning point for all of us. What is to be their and our destiny?


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