Filed by Pauly Fongemie, October 23

"Hear the word of the Lord, ye children of Israel, for the Lord shall enter into judgment with the inhabitants of the land: for there is no truth, and there is no mercy, and there is no knowledge of God in the land. Cursing, and lying, and killing, and theft, and adultery have overflowed, and blood hath touched blood. Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth in it shall languish with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of the air: yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be gathered together.  ... It is in vain to strive with them, or reprove them, they are so obstinate in evil. ... My people have been silent, because they had no knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will reject thee ... and thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I also will forget thy children. According to the multitude of them so have they sinned against me: I will change their glory into shame." [Osee: 4:1-3; 6-7, DOUAY-RHEIMS translation of the Holy Bible]

So many of us grasp the extreme peril our country is in, indeed, that we hover just above an icy palisades, a historical precipice, but we fail to come to grips with the why, if not the what.

The response to my last column on Mitt Romney is prima facie case #1. You think I am too hard-nosed, not understanding enough and have impugned his character. Not at all, but I will take the blame for the misunderstanding because it is my responsibility to articulate matters at hand clearly. If I have not done so, let me do so here and now.

Governor Romney is a devoted family man, an honest man, a hardworking man, a patriot who loves our country as we do and he wants to safely nudge America beyond the embankment of the precipice. He is very charitable, very loving. I know thousands of men just like him and may God bless him and them with the true gift of faith one day soon. This is not germane, for the jeopardy that threatens us is so besieging that unless the next government seated in January realizes the root of the problem, above that of the proximate causes, which are merely the means of God's just chastisement and not the actual seed, all will be striven for in vain. Thus the citation from the Prophecy of Hosea [Osee], which refers to the infidelity of the Israelites and their pollution of the temple, etc., and which is applicable to our circumstance in another way. America was once seen as glorious, a land of opportunity and freedom, standing firm against oppression and captivity and all manner of evils of epic scale. She has squandered her legacy, exchanging it for a fable of the socialist state on the installment plan, paid for, signed and sealed with the blood of millions of preborn babies who are sacrificed on the altar of hubris, the arrogant disdain for the absolute necessity of the natural law which must bind all men. Remember that abortion "rights" is one of the staples of the socialist manifesto. We have forgotten the law of God, the Divine Law, the most basic of which, can be known by man through reason, the natural law.

The natural law is as old as the first man and without it man distorts, makes hideous his very existence, the dignity bestowed upon him at his creation. Our crimes against the natural law include the overwhelming consensus that sodomy is but a personal choice, about which we ought to agree to not "be judgmental", among so many enormous grievous sins and errors, that one scarcely knows where to begin. Mitt Romney has one serious flaw, he is ambitious, oh not to the degree that Barack Obama is, but still too much, for he is willing to cast aside those aspects of the natural law he thinks will be a burden for the populace at large. I refer to his apparent support for exceptions to abortion, primarily. This sort of of eager desire tends to corrupt even the best of men  when events predispose them to once more "compromise" on that which cannot be conceded, in order to effect what they falsely judge to be a greater good. No everlasting good can come from this. Romney, for all his well-meant intentions, "hast forgotten the law of God" which is a unified whole and cannot be dismantled here and there without lawlessness becoming at some point the "law of the land". God's patience is at an end. America was given so much by Him, so much promise, yet we have allowed ourselves to be swayed by the passions of the moment and the brazen contempt for the Divine Law concealed in sops of sentimentality, the easy way of the cessation of striving for greatness in ourselves, preferring the comfort that will brook no hard choices or difficult battles here at home. Our own character as citizens is no longer strong and disciplined but weak beyond mere words to convey. God will not provide us with the clear vision to know our iniquitous deeds and the need for atonement and amendment, to beg for His mercy; we want God on our terms, not His. Our churches are filled on Sunday but in vain, because "thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee."

We cannot abhor, renounce our crimes against Almighty God until we are brought low, lower than we can ever imagine, and finally repent and ...

Unless we repent of the crime of mass murder of the innocent ones in unmarked graves throughout the fifty states, until we make an effort to actively repel the unnatural vice of homosexual practice as positively sanctioned by many courts and local governments, restore the Defense of Marriage act, impeaching judges who are a disgrace to the name of law itself, God will leave us to our own devices on the natural level and will not give us His supernatural help except in the case of individual souls scattered among us. And we no longer know, because we no longer want to know. A kind of sin of final impenitence, if you will. He is delivering us up to our own ways, our way. 

Even if Mr. Romney manages to unseat Mr. Obama any apparent gains or success will be but a mirage, short-lived, ultimately in vain until we turn back to God in His insistence on the natural law in its entirety. Abortion is our curse and the social and political, legal acceptance of sodomy its final result, our complete shame. Dislodge the precious womb and its tiny inhabitant from the mother who is permitted to turn aside from her duty as mother, to preserve and nurture life, sex without babies, then sex without marriage, then sex without normal sex. A fated, logical trajectory. Electing Romney which would be the normal, sane and reasonable approach in other circumstances, will only but defer our final fall. Will God, Who sees all, beyond the ups and downs of the folly of believing polls as conducted in the main by men who will to be blinded by their own ambition, grant us this deferment or deliver us up to our chosen iniquity by once more besetting us with our embittered maniacal, plotting President of socialist dreams and schemes? I have no preference, too aware of my own faults and sins that merit chastisement. I await  the will of Almighty God, because it is His will, submitting myself entirely to it. My constant prayer, however the outcome, is "Have mercy on me, a sinner, O God of my heart and soul, God of my very being, have mercy on us all, chastise us if Thou must, for our own good, but be merciful in that Thou wilt grant us at least the grace to endure if we understand and the grace of understanding to those who do not now do so."

Which brings us to Obama, our dangerous Sociopath-in-Chief, the great divider, the habitual prevaricator, outmatched only by Satan himself. Let us assemble the evidence, text in red where examples are required, where these are not forthcoming it is because these are self-explanatory:

In my Sound Off column, Day of Infamy Redux, Nov. 10, 2008, I wrote:

"Barack Obama, artful dodger, illusionist-supreme and chief procurer of wanton slaughter of the innocent and ardent foe of the sanctity of the traditional family, tin drummer of the unnatural and abnormal, just vowed to make liberal use of his executive powers and as quickly as possible. This megalomaniac [I will change the world with your help] with the deficient conscience of a budding sociopath and all the charm inherent in that peculiar pathology captured the imagination of the vainglorious media, which long ago forsook all pretense to reporting the news, instead, inserting itself into being a major part of the news, so as to influence events in the insolent fashion envisioned [their own image as gods of celeb], and with it the masses, who, having abandoned God with lying lip service, have been abandoned by Him in turn, so that the light of reason has burned out flicker by flicker."

Some  considered this assessment going too far, surely we did not elect an actual sociopath. Ah, but I would not have used that word unless I meant it precisely, it is not a term one can use metaphorically or approximately, it is too damning with dire consequences.

Just what is meant by a sociopath? A sociopath is a person who has the serious disorder of "moral insanity" or one who does not have a properly formed conscience after the formative years. Not all sociopaths exhibit all of the known features of personality disorder that make up a sociopath. Some people can exhibit perhaps two or three of the characteristics moderately speaking, without being an actual sociopath. But true sociopaths possess several of these traits and to such an extent that these are pathological:
Obama's snide remarks about Sarah Palin, comparing her to a pig while snickering. Note, characterization alone is never an argument, but is used by those who have no real arguments.

Referring to regular law-abiding, hard-working Americans who want to uphold the limits of the US Constitution as "clinging to their bibles and guns" or words to that effect.

Depiction of the rich as being unfair or enemies of the people, because they have not "paid their fair share", which is defined by him and other elites. I note that those who are quick to point out greed --- one of the seven deadly sins --- in others, neglect to mention another of those deadly sins, envy, a form of greed, actually.

And on and on, the latest being his sarcasm with Romney during the final debate.
Commenting to a Congressman who disagreed with him, "You will ruin my Presidency." Using the adoring media to cover for his blunders because he was great enough to merit special treatment, while pretending that racism abounds like in the days of "Jim Crow" and segregation, that if he were not elected it would be because Americans are racist. And on and on, such as his claim that the "waters of the ocean would recede" upon his behest; in other words, the Messianic.

In December of 2011, while being interviewed on CBS' 60 Minutes, without any sense of modesty or embarrassment, he ranked himself as America's fourth greatest President: "The issue is not gonna be a list of accomplishments ... As you yourself said, Steve, you know, I would put our legislative and foreign policy accomplishments in our first two years against any president --- with the possible except of Johnson, FDR, and Lincoln --- just in terms of what we've gotten done in modern history ... "
The sociopath calls those he detests liars with impunity as if entitled to be unchallenged, a kind of displacement resulting in total hypocrisy.

Obama charged Romney with having accounts in the Cayman Islands and making financial gains by Red Chinese ties. In truth both men have such accounts, which you and I would do to escape the unjust, punitive taxes, if we had the same advantage to begin with, let us be honest; after all it is not against US law. But it is Obama that has gained and continues to profit from Red Chinese connections. A Red Chinese agent is a social hobnobber in the White House; this man is a notorious bundler raising funds and campaigning on behalf of Obama while working for the Chinese against the laws of the US.

Romney is portrayed a liar, repeatedly by Obama himself and in campaign ads, while we all know the outright dissembling and lying about Libya; we know that Romney is not responsible for the death of a person whose husband lost his job at Bain capital after Romney left, and so forth, again, on and on.
See his political manual, Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky who dedicated his work to Satan and who was an avowed Communist-Anarchist. One of the rules --- all of which are ruthless --- was that one's political opposition ought to be demoralized, mercilessly crushed by whatever and any means available, regardless of the moral law. Imagine admiring a book dedicated to the Prince of this world, another name for whom is Lucifer!

One of the best examples is Obama's 2004 run for the US Senate from Illinois. He was behind in the polls; his opponent was Republican Jack Ryan who had gone through a bad divorce; in order to drive sympathy towards himself as the more acceptable candidate, Obama and his thugs dug into the divorce records which were messy to say the least, revealing the scandal so as to imply unsavory things about Ryan. No normal person with a conscience and normal ego in proper check would consider himself so important as to stoop so low in order to win. Romney sure would not even be tempted by this tactic, legal but scurrilous at best.
The four slain men in Benghazi were characterized as "not optimal", just the latest example of so many now recorded in history. As for his promises, Obama has kept only five of his myriad campaign promises, raising taxes, punishing the coal industry, keeping abortion as the sine qua non law of the land, passing mandated government health care, and "redistribution of wealth" by picking winners and losers in the auto bailout, thereby seizing for all practical purposes private property as the domain of the government. Fascism sure, if not pure, and simple. To date I have not detected any noticeable change in the sea level.
See his memoir, Dreams from My Father.
The mother of one of the slain guards in Libya wept on the President's shoulders, reaching out to him, as he merely turned away coldly, while continuing to lie to her and to us, the American public.
Obama left the details on Obamacare to the Democratic Congressional leadership and their bullies, while he and Michelle jetted off here and there, and while he continued to campaign as he began to do right after he was sworn in, rather than govern as a real man would, the Oval Office is apparently for photo ops and related publicity. Laziness is another word that comes readily to mind.

Flying off to Vegas to campaign right after the Benghazi assault and so forth; the evidence mounts almost daily, stunning in its depth of narcissism, utterly a degradation of the Office of Presidency. Remember when those of us who were critical of Notre Dame's invitation and award to Obama, that we were accused of "dishonoring the Office of the President"? Oh, do tell!
First, the Rev. Wright and then his own grandmother, and even Ambassador Stevens who it appears was assassinated after making pleas for extra security in vain --- the military had forces available but they never arrived until it was too late; the "cover-up" is to cover up something more sinister, I expect. Was this operation another like the fatally executed FAST AND FURIOUS in Mexico, such as gun running to the Libyan and Syrian rebels who we know have Al-Quaeda ties? Four men are dead, one of whom may have died, if there is a story behind the ostensible one of incompetence, at the hands of the very men the US was arming or connected to otherwise, whether knowingly or not. Something does not comport with simple incompetence, I smell a giant rat. Believe me, the cover-up is but the proverbial tip of the iceberg. It will only be years after the election that we will begin to learn the enormity of his crimes against the American people and normalcy itself. And to think that so far he is getting away with it all because the media are helping him to cover up. Recall Watergate, where no one died, how the press harped on the scandal and the threat of impeachment impelled Nixon to resign, not that I was a supporter of Nixon, but not because of the stupidity of Watergate, which probably did not originate with him. Remember the mantra, "It is not the crime, but the cover-up"? Of course that time, the media exposed the cover-up, unlike today when the media is complicit.

Query, based on the corrupt, amoral tactics of this administration, the lying venality, could it just be that if Ambassador Stevens had survived the attack on the consulate, that the regime could not be certain he might talk if something was afoot? That it was just too convenient that he be slain by not helping him when it was possible as we now know from the e-mails from the State Department to the White House? At least we ought not be blamed for being suspicious, particularly in light of Obama's outrage in the second debate when confronted with lying? He doth protest too much it seems! And in light of the fact he has not been forthcoming to the American people who have financed this debacle. If it is not gun running and or related affairs, it has to be something big to have so many conflicting stories that strongly suggest desperation. If Obama does not want us speculating, a perfectly normal thing to do under the circumstances, then he ought to come clean. If not, we are entitled. There is only so much deception and cant an American ought to have to endure, after all. FOX News is practically the only one --- apart from Glenn Beck's THE BLAZE and one reporter at CBS, finally --- doing any real investigating, hamstrung as it is by all the roadblocks thrown in its way.

Meanwhile nobody is asking why Ambassador Stevens was stationed in Benghazi, when the embassy is in Tripoli, the capital of Libya, especially since it was a powder keg about to blow.
Candy Crowley of CNN: her obvious help to Obama when he turned to her with a silent plea, when she just so conveniently had the exact transcript needed by Obama, although she misused its contents, then had to correct herself, after the damage to Romney was done, of course. How stupid and unobservant do they think we are?
Obama claims that he can't get anything done because of the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. Yet the first two years of his administration the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress, and the only thing he could accomplish outside of the abuse of executive orders protocol was to ram Obamacare down our throats by deceit, unsavory pressure tactics and outright bribery, for instance. Actually, since his preference is the subordination of law to his own needs, he could accomplish anything he wants to --- all by executive orders, which he has gotten away with thus far. He maintains that Pres. Bush was responsible for the enormous debt we find ourselves in, no argument there, but then turns around and raises it by trillions himself!
See above.
Realizing that he would not succeed in conning Congress to pass his impossible demands, he resorted to executive orders in those matters that clearly assign responsibility to Congress, such as bypassing the Constitution to prevent the just compliance with the law on illegal immigration, for his own agenda to court Hispanics and open wide the borders to jeopardize our sovereignty. Having his administration accuse various states of voter suppression in contradiction to constitutionally passed state laws, while not prosecuting real voter suppression in re Acorn machinations --- invalid voter registration, etc. --- and Black Panthers intimidation of White voters in some precincts. Not to mention not intervening to see that military members receive their absentee ballots in a timely manner, thus disenfranchising them. Of course, this could have nothing to do with the fact that the majority of the rank and file military vote Republican. Nah, of course not. You think, just maybe? I am deliberately using sarcasm here as in political satire as a commentator and an abused citizen, who is fed up with being lied to, not as a candidate for office engaging another candidate one on one, where the rules of civility are different by custom. Ironically Obama accused Romney of wanting to go back to past decades of warfare, yet it is Obama who wants to go back to past centuries when campaigning was rough and rumble in speech. It has been a few generations now since a gentlemen's agreement has been the norm for debate. Seems like he is only pretending to go "FORWARD".

Please note the list is exhaustive, so obviously I cannot include every malfeasance of office here, because they would fill a book, and I am not using hyperbole, but one savors the flavor of the political stew [otherwise called a ruse] we are daily served up by our peripatetic bully-in-chief with a vaunted sense of self, as in the Freudian slip in the final debate when he said "America --- me" then, realizing he revealed more than he wanted, altered his statement to include, "the Government". But he was right the first time, it is all about him.

The purpose of this column is not to tell you how to vote. I would not presume to have the wisdom to do so, nor is this my purview, which is opinion and commentary. A democratic Republic, for better or worse, we are charged with the duty to vote. As I indicated in three other columns, because the election for US President is by electoral college and not direct popular vote, you can consider that if in your state the polls the day of the election show that Obama has a certain double-digit lead, you may not want to hold your nose to vote for Romney. On the other hand if you so choose to, that is none of my business. You have prayed and prayed, I am sure and you must be true to your conscience after doing your best to be sure it is formed in line with Catholic principles --- we have no catechism as a guide here. You can be at peace. However, if it looks as if the race is tightening as it is in northern Maine, you might want to vote for Romney just to stop the mad man in the White House who has put all of us at risk, economically and physically. This is ultimately your decision and yours alone, again be at peace. Here in Maine, which is one of two states that apportion the electors by district and not statewide, the northern district is still considered blue, that is Obama country, but now closer, although not too close to call as yet. In the southern district, where I reside and vote it is still a runaway for Obama. Northern Maine is vastly rural, more Republican and conservative in general, while the southern is metropolitan, criss-crossed with rural communities, some heavily populated by academics and other liberals, conclaves of progressives in all walks of life as are predominately most cities and their surrounds.

There is one more aspect to ponder: VP candidate Ryan has restated the policy of the Romney camp about the big three exceptions to abortion, which is redundant at this point. By voting for the GOP, are we not telling the establishment it can keep giving us this sort of impossible compromise, because we keep on accepting it as our only choice? Pragmatism, a progressive hallmark, not true principle for the sake of true principle. Someone has to take a stand; if enough of us would do so, might not the GOP see the writing on the wall having had their feet held to the fire? Even the establishment is not that stupid, or is it?

As for me I will vote --- no one can make me stay home --- I will be doing a write-in, I want the GOP to know that I do not accept second best. Now, no one is perfect, but there is a limit to imperfection, and my line stops at any compromise with the natural law.

However you choose, I trust you to do what you know to be right, and all of it understandable given the crisis looming over us all, be at peace, and may God bless you one and all, oh faithful Catholics, oh praiseworthy Americans.


There are those of you who think that Mitt Romney ought to be our next President despite of his abortion stance because he will keep us out of war by re-establishing American military strength as a deterrent, that this is a life issue also. Indeed. Recall that in Mitt the Moonshiner, Part 2, I wrote:

" ... the Commander-in-Chief sometimes has to use measured reasoning along with the advice of the military and other experts. Thus far, he has demonstrated that he cannot do so; war and the avoidance of war must take into account the natural law; Romney thinks he is free to disregard any part of the natural law he calculates will help get him elected ..."

Anyone with his faculties intact, listening to the foreign policy debate with Obama must have been disappointed, not to mention appalled, to learn how confused and at sea he appeared to be in this matter, agreeing with Obama on a number of points even. He has already begun to lose his ability to reason here, to think on the spur of the moment to effectively counterattack the false assurances and feigned bravado of our President. Now, I am sure Mr. Romney was doing his best to look Presidential, measured, but all he managed to do was let the President walk all over him with glib palaver signifying nothing that could really be believed, but sounded more Presidential than Romney did at this point. I am also certain that Romney actually believes what he says he does, he is not trying to deceive anyone, only he has already deceived himself without being aware.

Mark these words, war is coming, and soon. The attack on the consulate was a trial balloon. All the weakened American regime could offer in defense was to apologize to the trumped-up Islamic protesters over an obscure video denigrating their beloved Mohammed, or so we are told. The Coptic Christian American was arrested on the pretext of some "parole violation" and locked up, and remains so as you read this column. So much for the first amendment guarantees. Who will be next? And under what implausible excuse? The Jihad is picking up steam because its leaders sense our softness, our cowardice. This stems from abortion not just liberalism run amok. Mother Teresa said that war is the result of abortion --- meaning not an isolated one as we will always have sinners, but officially sanctioned and protected widespread abortion as legal policy. The militant Islamics do not practice this kind of genocide at least. Violate the natural law to this extent, reason, its helpmate and companion, flees in horror at the horror because our very innards know this is a blasphemy against Almighty God, whether we dare voice it in the recesses of our hearts or not. We continue to suppress that still small voice as we propel ourselves onward into folly, thinking we can thumb our noses at God and have things our way, maintaining normalcy, which has already been destroyed if by normalcy we mean anything worthy of the name. The fruit of abortion is most definitely war, inexplicable, horrendous war, and all the military resolve in the world will be for not, thus the application of the term, inexplicable. We have to banish Roe v Wade, working to alter the  unfortunate, deplorable culture of death it has spawned, first. Of course, we ought to outlaw abortion simply because it is the right thing to do, but until we do, war and its confusion, its fearfulness, its crushing burden, especially on the innocent, is even now at hand.

This is the word of God upon me, this 26th day of October,  in the year of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, 2012.