by Pauly Fongemie, August 14, 2015
Vigil of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The public debate on Planned Parenthood, to defund or not defund rages on with more heat and less light with each passing phase. It has now reached fever pitch to the point of what I call primal fanaticism, or irrationality in operation. What do I mean?

Yesterday a well known pundit, who should know better actually, exhibited prima facie case # 1. She insisted [rightly] that the grisly collection of baby parts after or during an abortion was a violation of the baby's dignity; however, in the same sentence she declared that "a woman's 'right to choose' under Roe v Wade ought to be protected ..."

My goodness! How is that again??!

Let's see, the dead or dying baby has a right to dignity, which is being unjustly violated, but she sees no contradiction at the very least, that the baby's right to life is being taken from him in another grisly, depraved act, even more heinous than the first.

In other words, how can a baby or "fetus" to use the Latin, have rights to not be mutilated for profit if it is for the sake of utilizing his parts in research, illegally, unless the same baby is a human being in the first place? Things do not have dignity as they have no soul. People do, however small.

How can it be said, sanely, that the child in utero has no right to life, but the right to be spared such disgraceful assaults on his body? Certainly his slaughter for profit or not is the ultimate assault, is it not?

What this woman demonstrated was primal fanaticism: she is committed to the cause of abortion as moral, the willed destruction of an innocent human being, but she reserves the right unto herself to draw the line at the harvesting of his remains as if it deserves moral outrage as an act more unworthy of endorsement than his cruel execution!!!!

Blind fanaticism! She cannot see that she no longer sees, yet she proffers herself as a proper commentator for the public good!

Yet, we the people are partly to blame for we have allowed ourselves to be become comfortable with this kind of repulsive, scandalous contradiction as part and parcel of every day discourse, or what passes for discourse, that is.

For shame, for shame!

We have lost the ability to reason rightly, without which our judgments tend to be unreliable as they rest on emotion in lieu of sound reasoning.

This commentator fails LOGIC 101, resoundingly! And if we let her get away with it, so do we!

A corollary of this unmitigated insanity is the Connecticut judge who put a unilateral end to the death penalty in that state as it was unjust and cruel.

Where is the judge to unilaterally put surcease to the unjust death penalty imposed on tiny babies who are innocent of any crime whatsoever????

Probably when Hell freezes over!

As I have said before, everything is upside down now and then some!


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