by Pauly Fongemie
September 8, 2015

One term corrected, September 10

The above title is in reference to the homofacist symbol of the rainbow flag, formerly the inverted pink triangle. I refuse to display either on these pages as it is a colorful lie to say the least. Not only have these perverted despots seized control of our language, forever tainting it by destroying our use of the once perfectly lovely adjective, gay - who dares now to speak of a gay time in 'Paree' or even down on the family farm at harvest time? One dreads being misunderstood and always having to explain oneself. No, that was not enough to sate their lust for control and power. The latest abomination is their discordant and inimical takeover of the once beautiful rainbow, a creation of God, a symbol of the covenant with Noah and a glorious sight to behold after the rain, which used to belong to everyone. No more. Who can forget the hideous picture in full color of boy scouts marching and made to carry the sodomites' rainbow flag! What a spectacle! Now every time I want to behold God's gift in the sky, I am saddened to think that these poor souls think it is theirs to do with as they will. Who in his right mind would ever want to use the rainbow in a work of art or as an adornment in an ad, one would fear the meaning attributed to it, and who could blame anyone?

When innocent boy scouts can be corrupted to carry the pennant of perversity, one scarcely wants to think what is coming next as the Saint Patrick Day's Parade becomes an everlasting march or tyranny on the move.

But the incarceration of Kim Davis, who is free for now, thanks be to God, is a good clue. How do I know? Oh, let me count the ways.

City and county clerks in San Francisco, even though California did not permit same-sex "marriage", in some precincts went ahead and issued such licenses anyway, long before the Court decision this June. I remember all the pics in the papers.They clearly violated the state law, no arrests, no jail without bail, no nothing but lauds in the media.

While not always, but more often than not, accommodation is made for Muslims. A local department store that I patronize allows Muslim employees privileges so that they can practice their religion and no one seems to mind, business is conducted peacefully. I have heard of other similar cases in other locales.

No, the war is against Christ and only against Christ and His ardent, faithful followers.

A case in point, for a few years now Allah has been permitted respect in a number of government schools, while Christ has been forbidden and even mocked and Christian students penalized. Nary a sighting of the ACLU [Anti-Christ Ligitation Union] and the Freedom from Religion crowd. Nope. Allah is just fine with them; even if the kids are compelled to write that there is but one God and Allah is his name, over and over, nah, this isn't establishment of religion, but just say the name of Christ on His holy day, a full court press to drive the forbidden name underground! And just a few of us in the hinterlands making a ruckus about this shameful disparity and hypocrisy. Parents complain to no avail. They get what they deserve, they should be taking their children out of those indoctrination camps, training for the new world order.

We especially know from an article in THE NATION this summer in which the homo-promo crowd crowed about their intentions, one of which is to remove all religious liberty from the land and they mean business like nobody's business. They will achieve this within the decade.

How do I know? Oh let me tell you.

I often hear political and social pundits say that people have a right to practice their religion at home and in church. It is a refrain day in, day out. Sounds pretty good, huh? Wait a minute folks, think for just a minute. They are telling us, for now, that is, that priests and pastors have rights that their flocks do not possess as individuals at work, for instance. Which is really saying that some have more rights than others and those who do not have souls of less value. Of course they do not realize the full implication of their pet phrases as yet, that people are assigned rights based on who they are, which is the disparate application of the law and is unjust under the constitution, that is, the equal protection clause. Why should my bishop be permitted to practice his faith when he is at work, but not me? I have a conscience, too.

 Sooner, rather, than later, this, too, will occur to the anti-Christ crowd - they will find a way to allow Allah with some so-called plausible excuse - but not the churches. Instead of treating all Christians as equals in conscience, they will proceed to make them equal in misery and the priests and ministers will be public enemy #1!

If you think this is far-fetched, look at the sordid sallies they have made to intimidate Christian chaplains in the Armed Services! For now they have been merely test runs, but soon the monsters in power will not settle for this and a full-scale bombing run will blast away any religious freedoms we may still think we have. I can barely hold my breath waiting for the rationalizations coming from the media sycophants afraid to lose their jobs!

You can still, in most cases be pro-life and keep your position. Just mention you are not in favor of "gay marriage", even if you have a job that does not involve anything related to this, and out you go with no redress. We all know about the Mozilla executive, who was never accused of mistreating anyone, all he did was favor a California proposition on Traditional Marriage - what an affront to modern sensibilities! Locally I know two people, both men, who also lost their jobs  because they did not favor "gay marriage". Both of them were in fields that had nothing to do with even being able to discriminate even if they wanted to, and believe me, they both would never consider such a thing; When their bosses heard about their beliefs - beliefs and not actions - they were fired without warning. This is why most people just shut up they are terrified and this works for the rainbow tyranny. The first man was able to find similar work the same week and one that he liked better, fortunately, but I do not know what happened to the second man.

Locally government workers were ordered to attend sensibility training workshops on "gay and trans-gendered issues", as if they were guilty of something and had to be retrained in the new world order manners. No workshops for sensibility about disparaged Christians, of course. No.

Soon not only the priests and pastors but all of us who profess Christianity will be considered enemies of the state unless we are willing to renounce our faith. You think not? Just ten years ago I know that most of you did not think we would be where we are today, am I not correct? And how did we get here? By fear, intimidation, raw power without mercy or restraint and on the installment plan, with a rationale for each step and the people have bought it ... Stay tuned for coming attractions at a locale nearby ...

The rainbow tyranny expects us to march in lock step like the boy scouts, who will soon be facing law suits like the Catholic Church before them, or else. I believe them, so should you also and prepare for martyrdom if you expect to save your souls.

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