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November 7, 2012
Feast of St. Gertrude the Great

Once when St. Gertrude was troubled by temptations, she beseeched God's assistance. In His great and boundless mercy Our Lord replied: "Anyone suffering from human temptations, who flees to My protection with firm confidence, belongs to those of whom I can say" 'One is My dove, My chosen one out of thousands, who has pierced My Heart with one glance of her eyes.' And this confidence wounds My Heart so deeply that were I unable to relieve such a soul, it would cause My Heart a sadness which all the joys of Heaven could not assuage... The confidence that I truly have the power to, the wisdom and the goodness to aid a soul faithfully in all her miseries, is the arrow which pierces My Heart, and does such violence to My love, that I can never abandon her."

And because Our Lord has revealed that He desired that devotion to His Sacred Heart be conjoined with devotion to His Mother's Immaculate Heart [the essence of devotion to Our Lady of Fatima], it is most appropriate we invoke the name of Our Lady with great confidence and childlike trust.

These are the Dies Irae, the Days of Wrath, the hymn intoned at Requiem Masses in the Traditional Roman Rite, signifying the Last Judgment.

The dissolution of the "United" States of America, which has already begun some generations ago is now beginning its second phase, before the third and final one, hence the title of this piece, in anticipation of the approaching doom.

A number of you were expecting an analysis of the election. I have already said all that needs to be said before the election and I have said it abundantly and in only one way that matters, that the problem of the USA is ultimately supernatural and until the American people accept this reality and reform their lives nothing that has occurred should be gut-wrenching or inexplicable. God has spoken, He has abandoned us as we have recklessly and heedlessly abandoned Him and His ways, the chastisement is full upon us now and it is what we deserve. What more is there to say?

I repeat, with emphasis, the just chastisement of God continues ever all-encompassing, with no relief in sight upon these cold, sterile shores which reflect our land barren of millions of children who were not permitted to be born and Baptized. Thus, because the people have been granted the power of self-rule, it is to the people that the responsibility [and here, certainly, the blame] adheres. We have refused to eject the miscreants in office who have given us the courts that rule sway and insist on infanticide of such scale. There are but two questions that pertain, and there is no middle ground, for it is of Truth itself that something cannot both be and not be at the same time. Hence Shakespeare's tragic Dane, Hamlet, could ask, "To be or not to be? that is the question." He at least recognized the fallacy of pretending one can have things both ways and that to do so is not only absurd, but impossible on its face.

Is the baby in the womb, a child, a human being or not? All human beings are persons, by definition, although not all Persons, as in the Holy Trinity are human beings. Now, either the child in the womb is human, that is, a human being with a soul or he is not. The soul, which in Latin is animus, from which we derive the word, animated, meaning full of life, is that part of the human being that renders that being alive in the fullest sense of the word, apart from the existence of a human cell. Once the souls is there the body has movement and change. Medical science proves that the baby is ensouled from the moment of conception because it is animated, fully alive and developing. The Church's teaching from a theological perspective is thus backed up, although it is not required for faith that this be so.

The justice of the Lord is upon us, Barack Obama in all his vainglory nefarious ways and all his many minions, still the majority of Catholics it seems, are but His mighty instrument. Not even the prayers of the just could sway the hand of Our God so greatly displeased with us, once the most just and most powerful nation on the earth.

"All thy lovers have forgotten thee, and will not seek after thee: for I have wounded thee with the wound of an enemy, with a cruel chastisement: by reason of the multitude of thy iniquities, thy sins are hardened." Jer. 30:14

"Now all chastisement for the present indeed seemeth not to bring with it joy, but sorrow: but afterwards it will yield, to them that are exercised by it, the most peaceable fruit of justice." Heb. 12:11

"And though the Lord our God is angry with us a little while for our chastisement and correction: yet he will be reconciled again to his servants." 2 Machabees 7:33

So many of you are bereft, in mourning actually, and this is understandable in human terms, for those who are true patriots. I remain resolute, of good cheer and more indebted to God than ever, ever rejoicing; not at the dissolution of the country, its swift downfall, and the loss of so many souls who are benighted, led astray by all the lords of this world, the pundits and experts, pied pipers, everyone, dancing to the wrong tune and the right time without any real insight; these lords of the world include all too many in the Church, the princes of the Church, the prelates who are as blinded as the rest and who strive to lead the blind into permanent darkness. This is our greater peril. They, too, have abandoned Christ, essentially because they have abandoned Our Lady of Fatima's peace plan, paying no attention to the urgency of Her message. Until the Consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart is accomplished as willed by Her by the Pope and all the Bishops in unison with him, the world is going to continue to hurl itself into hell on earth and there can be no peace, no vision, no real hope for it. And until that is done will the American people and its counterpart in Europe and and other parts of the globe will to repel abortion and the legalization of sodomy from their midst. And until this is done, until the natural law is once more upheld as binding upon every nation, every man, woman and child, can the nations right themselves at all. It is even more true for America because she was given so much grace by God, grace that she squandered, despised, in fact. It is just this simple, like it or not, accept it or not.

To realize the depth of our peril we have only to look at the latest disgrace from the American Bishops, who, with but a few exceptions have refused to preach and teach on the evil of contraception, their so-called latest support for the "Campaign for Human Development". See the next column, click the forward button below.


Meanwhile, let us turn always to Our Lady's weapon, her Rosary, the joys of the Blessed Eucharist, and trust in the Divine Heart that wrought us. Let us pray to endure what awaits us, the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy being but a small microcosm of that, let us work out our salvation in fear and trembling asking for a great love of God, and the fervent renewal of the gifts of faith, hope, and yes, above all, love, much abiding love.

And let us fear not those who can destroy the body, but those who plot to destroy our very souls by robbing us of our faith, by punishing it in ways more wicked and diabolical than the wicked themselves can ever calculate ...



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