By Pauly Fongemie
April 26, 2015

Running, running, they are all running, running away now - all fall down?

As we watch those valiant souls who are being persecuted with heavy fines for not assisting others to commit mortal sins crying out to Heaven for vengeance from God, we are forced to witness the loathsome, rank cowardice from GOP Presidential candidates who claim to be Constitutionalists and conservatives, as they fall in line one by one with the merest peep from the press, to wit: while not in favor of "gay weddings", they have no problem attending one, if it concerned those they profess to love and or members of their families. Hmmm ...

Let's see, if I have this straight, no pun intended.

Sodomy is against the natural law, but if someone I know and like wants to do it and have it officially sanctioned by government, well, that's okay by me, I will even attend such a "ceremony".

I ask, as any thinking person must and ought, is this like accompanying a relative who is about to insult his neighbor's wife because he has an unresolved beef with the neighbor - say tell her she is big and fat - perfectly legal, but immoral - going with him for support even though one disagrees with such undignified, ugly unChristian behavior? Better still, is this like taking your cousin to get an abortion, although you know it is murder, "legal" or not, but she wants your help with transportation and the solace of your company
, so you take her anyway?

There is only one honest answer, if one is being honest in the first place.

If you are a Catholic you know this is one of the nine accessories to sin, mortal sin; if you assist in the vice of sodomy, when you are not physically dragged there against your will, you are guilty of the sin of Sodom yourself, just as facilitating an abortion is an excommunicating offense, the same for the one getting the abortion.

How easily and swiftly the mighty fall before the foe and the fight has yet begun in earnest! If you think things are nasty now, you are naive; the confirmed homosexualist is filled with hatred and malice and spite and he has the resolve to use it by any and all means at his disposal, all the more readily acquired when men who ought to know better and be better are irresolute. To quote a popular populist, "Folks you ain't seen nothin' yet!"

When I speak of these people I do not mean every person with same-sex attraction. I mean certain powerful activists - brutish thugs who observe no limits to their power.

We haven't heard from all the Republicans yet, but this is anything but an auspices sign of coming attractions.

Two of the candidates went so far to say "Gay marriage" was a state's rights' issue. Wrong, fellas. It belongs to the realm of the natural law, which no man or government, state, local or federal has any authority to overturn. No sin - and sodomy is a sin, not a mere "lifestyle choice" although the inclination to commit it is not in of itself - is a human right, as there is no right to sin. This does not mean that every sin falls under the purview of the government to regulate - in strictly human terms, this all-encompassing power would be worse than the sin it was attempting to ban. Being physically capable of an act that may not be regulated due to other exigencies, does not confer a right; rights exist because of prior existing responsibilities, excepting one case - the right to life, which comes before all other rights; in the case of the moral law or natural law, man is responsible for saving his soul. He is free to choose not to do so, because God compels no man in that He endowed him with free will, but this is not a right in of itself, but a tragedy that need not be, to choose evil and avoid good.

Now man may commit sins, many of them, this is undeniable, a fact of life. This is a habitual state of fallen man without the aid of the grace of God and many trials before the habit of a particular virtue to combat a vice can be instilled. But this is not the same as a state-endorsed " right" to sin and what is more, the hubris and malice to force someone else to approve of the sin and to assist in celebrating its commission and expansion. Never before in the history of man has such a deed been attempted!

What next, forcing doctors to do abortions, priests to witness these so-called "weddings", and so forth? We need to ask, given the trajectory we have embarked upon. If society evolves and approves, well, you know ... and we all know the power lust in those with the lust for power and the enmity to wield it.

Has it occurred to anyone to contemplate that many of these businesses owned by Christians, practicing Christians, not in name only, are being deliberately targeted?

Think about this, the devout Christian is a distinct minority, an oddity even among other self-professed Christians; thus in sheer numbers alone, their businesses related to weddings are but a pittance, yet so often the target, even in populous locales - one would think that if chosen at random, there would be fewer incidences. After all we know about the targeting of a pizza business that does not even cater weddings of any kind - it was strictly a "gotcha moment" to intimidate the rest of us. When those who ought to know better are as weak and feckless as they appear to be, who are in a position to effect true justice - the right not to be forced to commit sin, for instance - but who cave under the slightest pressure, the homofascists among us are emboldened to flex their muscles beyond the usual restraints. Those boundaries are gone now, no physical borders of nationhood, no moral boundaries of common decency and self-discipline.

Let's go back to these targeted businesses, say a bakery. Bakery #1 is owned by Sally who is 68 years old and works alone most days, with one part time employee. She is not feeling too chipper and is thinking of retiring, but she needs the income, at least some of it, as yet. So she is still open for business. Jack and Jill come in to ask about a wedding cake for their marriage celebration at St. Joseph's Catholic Church parish hall. Their original caterer died suddenly. Sally simply does not feel like doing one more cake that week, emergency or not. She does not bother to explain about her troubles as this is her problem and not theirs. She declines to take their patronage and suggests Mr. Smith down the street who specializes in wedding cakes. The couple leaves, unperturbed and understanding, although they do not know exactly why she declined. But they understand it is her business and she does not have to cater cakes until she drops and so forth. No law suit is forthcoming and everything is as it should be.

Bakery #2 is owned by Tom, a devout Catholic. Bill and Bob come in to arrange for a wedding cake for their "ceremony". Tom declines, not saying why, just like Sally did, but instead of common sense prevailing, and common decency - understanding the rights of others, not just their own supposed rights, they insist he make the cake. Even if he were merely exhausted or over-extended with clients, he is now subject to the "treatment". Bill and Bob are a same-sex couple so they are automatically ceded special rights - no one may refuse their patronage, all with the help of the unjust fascist courts. The presumption is always in their favor versus the owner. Now Tom would not bake the cake anyway, but he is actually, as it happens over-booked due to an employee quitting unexpectedly. He will be punished for what he does not do, not for what he does. If I do not stop to help you change a flat tire, and you are robbed later, am I guilty of theft? Under the homofascist view of the law, if consistency prevailed as justice out to be even-handed, yes. We are not only our brother's keeper, he is ours, lock, stock and barrel, whether it is morally licit or not, where sodomy is celebrated. More and more normalcy is being limited and circumvented so that the abnormal be given pride of place.

Common decency and mutual toleration have gone the way of common sense and we all know it now.

I wonder if even Sally would be a target, although she was merely getting old and not feeling too well; the fact that I am propelled to wonder says much does it not? about the perilous, parlous state normal citizens who just want to mind their own business are in - a perpetual state of jeopardy? Guilty until proven innocent - a hallmark of fascism, unlike our former system where we were once innocent until proven guilty. If you do not agree you are a hater, by definition.

Practicing Christians are not preventing any same-sex couple from getting hitched - the courts have seen to this - they just do not want to participate in the festivities. But now society expects us to, anyway. Can it be any clearer that Christians are being excluded as a threat to the power structure? If fines don't work, what next, prison? If that does not work, execution? Don't be quick to dismiss the possibility, a real possibility in the future; every cruelty sanctioned by government is preceded by a campaign of minimalizing the equal value of some citizens as opposed to others. Christians are suspect now; their chaplains cannot be Christian when counseling service members in the military; Muslims can, just not Christian chaplains - it's official. Christianity itself is considered a serious threat, while Islamist causes are not.

In Nazi, fascist Germany, the Jews were humiliated in the press, barred from certain professions, then told what to wear and where to live, then exterminated. The general society became habituated to the gradual diminution of Jews until they willingly closed their eyes to the brutality of genocide in their very midst. A farmer in the countryside smelled the odor of burning flesh, but got used to it, he said. This is the way evil works, on the installment plan, a phrase I coined almost fifty years ago, when I saw the drift towards what we face today. Citizen against citizen, in the fight to be free from coercion in cooperating with sin! If anyone had told us this just a decade ago no one would have believed it possible! And we all know this, too, if we are being honest with ourselves, even if we lie to our neighbor.

The one important reality in all of this is the loss of souls - society is materialistic - the overwhelming majority no longer thinks in terms of eternity or what it takes to save one's soul - the American dream is now a nightmare of hurdles, with the rules of the game changing almost fortnightly, with not much exaggeration. This is society's focus. Everyone is telling same-sex attracted people that they are okay with it. These people have souls also, and they, too, need our love, understanding, and prayers and help when possible.

Society tells the homosexually tempted what they may want to hear, not the truth. They no longer think of them as having equal dignity in the real sense of being a human person with a soul and an intellect. This is insulting for it says to them, you are incapable of accepting or hearing the truth, so we are leaving you to your "lifestyle". Utter abandonment.

As a Catholic I was raised to love others, to care for their total person - the soul being paramount. If I give you a loaf of bread but let you go to Hell without saying anything, of what good is that? Sure you need food for the body - no argument there - but I must also care for your soul, when the possibility occurs, if it does, too many have closed their ears to anything a caring neighbor who truly loves might have to offer, not in subjective condemnation, which is a sin, too, but in offering help to seek another way of living in authentic human dignity. The opportunities for bringing Christ and His Church to others are dwindling down in the stifling, tyrannical PC atmosphere.

People with same-sex attraction have been abandoned by society. I cannot do this, for they are loved by God, so much that if only one such person were in existence Christ would have died to save that person's soul. How much love? That much!

I say to you who find yourselves in this vise - and homosexual attraction is a vise, a deadly grip, not usually of one's choosing, but just as real all the same - Jesus is waiting for you. Immerse yourself within His Sacred Heart. You have only to ask in sincerity and humility. He awaits every tormented soul. He will not forsake you as society has.

Everyone is running, running away now.

I am not. I am still here and here I choose to remain, by the grace of God. I am not running, running, I am here, praying, praying for you, waiting for you, to extend a hand of friendship as a sister, if you will let me.

I am not running, running. I long ago gave Jesus my heart, if society wants my head, it is welcomed to it, but until then, I am not running. I am here for you. Let me lead you to Jesus, the Good Shepherd and His loved-filled Sacred Heart. He will lead you slowly, lovingly, tenderly, but ever the more surely to be embraced by His saving Word. He heals all wounds, binds them with His mercy that is saving Truth, for He is Truth itself, Mercy itself.

He created you out of love and nothing less, He waits in love to show you that He loves you - but He does not force anyone against their will.

Come to His Sacred Heart overflowing with grace for you.

This is the honest Truth and someone has to say it; I think better of you than society does - I know you are capable of the Truth with a capital T. I will not talk down to you as if a spoiled child who pulls tantrums to get his sinful way. I think way too much of you for this nonsense. But this is what society is actually telling you by coddling sin on such a massive scale - easier to let you have your way, then take the time and sacrifice of love to lead you out of the bondage of vice to the dignity and freedom of virtue.

Oh, sure, there are those who claim that is what the churches are for; yet, they, too, are being targeted, for now by the media and not the government, but that is only for a brief surcease, a false peace.

If you are a Catholic, and you are devout and hold to Tradition, which the tradition of the Church commands, you, too, have been abandoned. You know that with few exceptions, a few blessed exceptions, that Churchmen in high and low places are running, running. The wolves are at the sheep gate, but these shepherds, but really mere hirelings by their cowardice, have fled ... and Christ is once more asking, "And will you abandon Me, too?"

Everyone is running, running away, and we little refugees, abandoned sheep, have no where to run. We are not running, running.

Do not look to the Supreme Court "justices" [with at least five supposed Catholics who ought to be familiar with the natural law mandates] to help us, they too, have been running running away for quite some time ... passing the buck to the lower courts that have been infested and infiltrated by committed leftists within whom the ends justify the means.

Running, running away, will all fall down? Who will be left to stand?

I am not running, running, other than toward Christ, from moment of grace extended to moment of grace accepted with gratitude, for I am but a poor sinner, too.

Many many shepherds, like most of the Apostles, have fled out of fear ... and will we also abandon Jesus Christ, our Savior?

If we abandon these poor souls who are in danger of losing their immortal souls, we will be abandoning Christ ...