by Pauly Fongemie
July 16, 2015


On the 21st FOX News covered in depth the Planned Parenthood scandal: the selling of unborn baby body parts in the most callous manner, which is to be expected of an enterprise that thinks it moral to kill innocent children awaiting birth. This time the analysts and commentators were sharp, incisive and thorough in exposing the truth behind the cover-up and spin by the head of PP. I don not know who is pro-life and who is not among the FOX panelists and hosts, but, to be especially commended are Steve Hayes and Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly and Brit Hume; we also are thankful for Bill O'Reilly's nightly broadcast, although he insists on saying "fetus", not unborn baby, which may be a technical distinction, forensically speaking, but the terms are worlds apart for the average lay person. And this makes a difference with a meaningful distinction! Brit Hume, speaking out on the Kelly File was emphatic that it was an unborn baby being rendered asunder for profit, as well as Mr. Hayes on with Bret Baier, who called the savagery, "infanticide". Bravo!

Megyn Kelly included the fact that the majority of Americans are coming around that the unborn baby is exactly that. Mr. Hume pointed out that the doctor does not tell the woman, you have a healthy "fetus", but a healthy baby - I am paraphrasing slightly.

This is more like FOX's standards. The first reportage was slightly cloudy or confusing. Perhaps the matter was so unbelievable because of the depravity [Carly Fiorino] at first awareness, that the initial reaction was not as it should have been. I do not know, but at least that has been rectified. The truth is too important to get lost in the political and the PC, as it so often does. It is indicative of the politics of the left that the Democratic Presidential hopefuls are loudly silent!

Every now and then we run a column about various matters the discussion of which is not long enough for a single article taken alone. This is another of the "This and That" genre.

First, a correction of fact and omission is in order:

In two past columns, in reference to "transgenderism" we spoke of the fact that chromosomes determine gender. We presumed that when we said "transgender", the reader would understand that we had in mind those who claim to "change" their sex. There are those persons who develop the characteristics of the hermaphrodite, that is, one having both male and female sex organs or other sexual markers.
This is an aberration developed in utero, and is not at all the same thing as "transgenderism". We have the highest respect for the former. Some have parents who have the matter surgically altered after birth, where possible and others may choose to do so later in life on their own. No two cases are alike. But they all have one thing in common, instead of the girl having two x chromosomes only, she may have a y chromosome in addition or some variation. And the boy will have an x and y chromosome as is normal, but with an extra chromosome or some abnormality with one also. The sexual organs are not determinate in a precise manner. If and when surgery is done, it is not to change genders, but to eliminate one so as to favor the other. The one that is chosen, most likely, the predominate one, was always there, so there is no change as in "transgenderism". There is no mutilation of the body as such, and no sin involved. The act is to normalize. In "transgender" operations, the xy or xx chromosomes remain as originally established at conception exclusively, but the person claims to alter his or her sex by surgical mutilation. The act is to denormalize.

Let us use an analogy, however imperfect: person A was born with a club foot. He has surgery to correct the abnormality. We do not call this corrective procedure mutilation, simply because there is none, any more than removing a precancerous mole is. Person B has a psychosis whereby he is convinced he cannot go on living happily with two legs, and rather than treat his mental condition, he insists that some disreputable doctor remove one of his legs. The amputation is mutilation, no ifs ands or buts.

We apologize for any confusion we may have caused by our lack of clarification.

From Mutilation to the Collection of Organs of Aborted Babies for Sale by "Planned" Parenthood:
The Fruit of Evil On the Installment Plan

Banned Parenthood has always been about depravity and wickedness beyond usual description, but most people have bought into the fantasy that they are about normal health care, with perhaps, some abortion thrown in out of "necessity", which does not actually exist. Nothing like a big lie succeeding beyond anyone's nightmares. Well, thanks to an enterprising research group,
The Center for Medical Progress, the myth about the largest abortion business has been finally debunked. Life News has the complete story here. [] Caution, the video is graphic.

Our purpose is not to duplicate Life News but cover the coverage elsewhere, specifically FOX News and The Rush Limbaugh Radio Show. I was taken aback a bit by the FOX analysis, but then, in order to appear "Fair and "Balanced" they always bend far to the left to provide balance for pure evil, which merits no such consideration, by definition. Rush Limbaugh's show, July 15, was excellent, clear, to the point and a scathing indictment of Murder Incorporated and Its Subsidiary, Mutilated Baby Trafficking!
I will take up FOX News first. All of the panelists, to their credit agreed that this was, to use the words of one, "an abomination!" Unfortunately one was not sure if this analyst really comprehended why because he referred to the baby being butchered as "potential life," if you can imagine this one! Totally irrational, for a baby that does not exist, but only might some day, cannot have organs.  Furthermore, if the baby is real, but dead, then his organs die with him. This is why doctors have fabricated "brain" death" - keeping the person alive until his organs can be viably extracted for implantation in another. Thus, if any organs from murdered babies are used, and the same were taken after death, they can only be used for experimentation for medical purposes, supposedly to advance the defeat of some diseases. If not, then they have to remove the organs prior to death. The doctor - and I use this term advisedly - in the video who did not know she was being taped, was facetious almost, drinking wine and describing how she crushed the baby here and there and so forth. Joseph Mengele, if you are still alive, call your agent, someone has stolen your copyright in evil and is trading on it with a new and more diabolical method, an advanced directive, if you will!

 Rush told his audience, the bold truth, there is no known benefit against disease and other ailments through the use of baby parts. If there were, Banned Parenthood would be trumpeting this to the world!

That FOX guy is truly confused at best. His name is not important. The truth is. No matter what Banned Parenthood or Murder Incorporated and its unsavory, depraved subsidiarity is up to, it is against the law! BPS, or Bloody Purveyor of Savagery, claims to get around it by having a middle man take "the donations" for the good of health issues and patients. Words fail! But the video belies the crafted deception.

Contrast FOX's pre-eminent analyst and commentator and his "potential life" nonsense, with Rush Limbaugh:

No nod to political correctness for this mighty foe of the disease known as liberalism and the tyranny of the left. He comes right out with it, it is a baby, from the moment of conception! I know Catholics who have lost sight of this precious truth!

Rush is quick to point out that, if it is not a baby, a real baby, dead or not, he cannot have human organs that are usable. Period, per common sense and actual biological necessity. Go Rush Go! May God bless you!
Where are our bishops, where is the Pope?

Today is the glorious Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. She gave the Brown woolen Scapular to St. Simon Stock to pass on as a special chosen devotion whereby, those of the faithful who are enrolled in her Brown Scapular and wear it reverently, will not die without her aid - will receive the graces necessary to die in the state of grace and thus, not perish in the fires of Hell. Our Lady is the cure for all our ills in the culture of death we are submerged in. We cannot hope to make any sense of all of this evil, for we ought not try. Abortion has brought us to this horror! It was bound to, for if the baby has no rights in of himself, then what does it matter what happens to his tiny body according to these debauched criminals? Do abortionists bury with reverence the dead they accumulate?

Men have lost the true light of Christ in America. It is She who constantly intercedes on behalf of us men. To Christ through Mary. See how she tenderly holds out Her Son, the Crowned Little King, to us along with her Scapular which her devoted children wear as a sign of their membership in her cohort of love, obedience, sacrifice and prayer for souls.
The world is growing heavy and dark with its crimes against the Divine and Natural law, its contempt of the Lawgiver, Almighty God! Our Lady revealed that this devotion of the Brown Scapular was preserved for latter days, although Mount Carmel existed before the birth of Christ. Let us not countenance despair, but place ourselves firmly under her holy protection and the Reign of Christ. It is She who will crush the head of Satan, our old enemy and Hers; it is he that directs this abomination, this monstrous organization of "Planned Parenthood."

Let us lead men to Her by our prayers for their conversion, for the opening of their hooded eyes, for the splendor and beauty of true femininity and womanhood, the sacred counterpoint to all the perversity generated by false feminine "rights" and the ugliness it spawns, creating little martyrs who had no chance to be Baptized, a greater evil than murder!

Our Lady has many sublime titles, all of them salutary for our salvation. Today we honor her title as Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Under this title She told St. Bridget:

"No one, unless the irrevocable sentence has been pronounced against him, is so cast off by God that he will not return, and enjoy His mercy, if he invokes my aid ... and therefore miserable will he be for all eternity, who, in this life, having it in his power to invoke me, who am so compassionate to all, and so desirous to assist sinners, is miserable enough not to invoke me and is damned."

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, ora pro nobis!


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