Lions v Preborn Babies

by Pauly Fongemie
July 29, 2015

The gruesome gleaning of aborted babies' various body parts has captured the attention of those Americans who are alert and interested in moral, political, and social matters. But so much of the angst directed against the underhanded tactics of Planned Parenthood is fraught with misdirection. Almost everyone decries the barbarity, one prominent media person suggesting strongly that America is becoming barbaric!

Hold on, folks, what does he mean "becoming barbaric"?!!!

Is not the very same abject, wanton disregard for human life and its sanctity as created by God occurring in each and every abortion? And for a long, long time, millions and millions of tiny babies slaughtered in cold blood for profit by Planned Parenthood and other sordid entities. The only difference seems to be that one is "legal" and the other is not. Yet, they are essentially the same crime against humanity and the natural and Divine law. Is not killing little helpless babies in the womb barbaric? If we as a society think it is not as barbaric as selling their body parts, then surely we have become so desensitized, we are not very far from approving the latter, the unthinkable becoming thinkable and acceptable by habituation of evil!

The fact that someone with a forum raises the question in regards to the one but not the other tells us much. Especially since the matter of defunding PP is a matter of debate! Imagine, there are those who cannot bring themselves to this little censure of Murder Inc.!

The legality argument seems to carry too much weight versus the moral. After all, ought not PP be defunded, period, because it does abortions, money being fungible? Imagine our heard-earned money being confiscated from us by the corrupt IRS and then doled out gratis, Congress, to baby killers? And yet, until the undercover videos revealing the Mengelean practices surfaced, most of us did not have any objections!!! What kind of people are we, anyhow?

We have become the kind of people who have grown comfortable with hypocrisy, contradiction and irrationality, the more of the latter two the better it seems!

Nothing brings this home in living color than what happened the other day. A dentist who likes to take safari trips, shot and killed a lion. Thanks to the instant gratification of social media, he is now under interdict - due to the backlash against him, he has had to close his practice, for the ubiquitous upside down "moralists" among us declare "he must be punished!" You see, if he had assisted in an abortion, no matter how heinous it is in reality, no one of that motley ilk would have objected. Even though a baby, no matter how small, if he is alive, has a human soul which is immortal and sacred. Thereby his life is sacred. No lion has such a soul and has no right to life as such, although hunters ought not do so capriciously without restraint for any reason.

But it is all upside down now!

Outrage over a single lion's death, and the closure of the practice of the dentist responsible, because of public disapproval, but no demands that PP be run off the face of the earth, closed down because of all the babies who died less humanely than that lion did!

Becoming barbaric? did the man ask!!!

We have much to ponder deep within our souls, if they are not already dead ....


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