Legal Smeagle
by Pauly Fongemie
March 31, PM

The ongoing buzz about the Indiana law being rewritten to satisfy the power lust of the rabid left is now at its zenith, sensing victory, a foregone conclusion for those of us who have made it a lifetime avocation to study the machinations of men intent on destroying any lasting effects of Christendom. We are now at the point where even some supposedly "Conservative" commentators are browbeating Catholic guests, in so many words demanding submission because - and this is the warmed-over phrase of the week - "But it's legal." As if this ought to end the debate once and for all. This afternoon a very fine Catholic gentleman who appeared on a disreputable "Conservative" news show was given the treatment. To his lasting credit and I am sure his heavenly crown in eternity, he did not budge, refused to be marginalized by such a boorish elite. He maintained the injustice of the law forcing someone to ignore their Catholic conscience in re sodomy, to the chagrin of the perplexed host who clearly thought the "legal" argument was the closer. I have watched this host on many an occasion and I assure you he is not only a boor, but a bore as well. He is that Trojan Horse in the Conservative camp who is tolerated so as to provide a diverse opinion, which is really superfluous these days. This does not provide balance, but merely serves to increase the imbalance widespread throughout the media. Be that as it may, his efforts fell flat. God bless the Catholic with courage, in such short supply in these latter days when the Faith waxes colder and colder as America pays scant lip service to Christ.

Legal Smeagle!

All sorts of sordid undertakings are legal. Let us take the most common-occurring one for Americans in every strata, divorce and remarriage. Everyone of us knows at least once such couple, openly living in an objective state of adultery, legal or not. Legality cannot confer morality upon that which is intrinsically immoral. Too many people buy into the "It's legal" argument. I cannot help this; subjectively, the judgment belongs to God alone and their confessor if they have one, this is none of my business. If they are subjectively innocent in some manner, then their culpability is reduced or entirely absent and I am glad if that is the case, known only by God.

But there can be no possibility of reduced culpability for me because I am not ignorant. I have an intellect and a conscience and I am bound to use them to the best of my ability.

Couples who have divorced and "remarried" do not expect me to come to their wedding, to send gifts or congratulations, to honor their anniversaries with cards and flowers. They know better and do not send me wedding invitations - all legal. None of them thinks I hate them, none of them would ever accuse me of anything but kindness in the general sense. Because that is who I am. They know that I love them still, pray for them and love any children that may come as a result of their "union". But they know where I stand.

I used to have my own catering business and I did a number of weddings. No one ever asked me to cater a "second marriage", and I would have refused to do so. I would cater a birthday party for a member of the couple's family, something far different, just as if I were a bakery operator I would sell a cake to someone who was living in any form of sin, including the same sex attraction. People are entitled to celebrate that which is legitimate, such as a birthday. There is no sin involved, period!  We are all sinners and require certain goods and services for daily life, none of which are sins in of themselves. I cannot imagine anyone I know refusing anyone such services, period!

I was qualified to be a public notary. After careful consideration I declined because as a Catholic I might be called on to witness a civil marriage which I do not uphold, legal or not, especially if a "second" marriage of divorced persons. I could not in all conscience do so.

I almost became an attorney, but whether I did so or not, I knew with certainty that I could never practice divorce law with a clean conscience, just as if I were a pharmacist my establishment could never and would never carry contraceptives, legal or not, just as no smut magazines would be sold there. No ifs ands or buts. My business, my right, period!
This is how it should be.

Why should an Orthodox Jew be forced to violate his conscience just because he is a minority? Why should anyone?

In fact these purveyors of the BIG LIE are exerting their own conscience rights as they see it, anyhow, to try to intimidate the rest of us to give up ours. What audacity, what arrogance and presumption!

Legal Smeagle, it's a ruse counting on cowardice and a lack of reason, and it is certainly cynical.

With that gallant Catholic Gentleman, I lovingly, gratefully, accept another thorn in the Crown that our loving Savior wore and is now sharing with us as we, too, carry our cross all the way to Calvary. In America, in every season,  for every devout Catholic, it is always Good Friday ...