by Pauly Fongemie
April 9, PM

The debate on the clash between religious liberty and so-called rights of "gays" rages on with an intensity that is growing and the more it does, the more the heart of the matter is precluded from consideration because it is deliberately rendered confusing so as to not let the people know what is being planned in the full scale all-out war against Christ and His adherents and just how quickly it will come to pass. We are at the crescendo now.

But before I continue, I have two housekeeping items to dispatch: the Catholic definition of freedom of religion and freedom of conscience and the secular state's idea of it, which is essentially the Masonic ideal. Unfortunately some are under the impression that in my previous column I was trumping the state's version. Nothing could be further from the truth, although the fault lies with my use of the current lexicon. Both the traditional Popes and western culture use the same terms, "freedom of conscience" and "religious liberty". Freedom of conscience - that is freedom from coercion - is implied by definition and by necessity of the meaning and context of the words themselves that pertain to religious liberty in our Bill of Rights. This is because as the First Amendment states, the people have the right to be free from being prevented in practicing thereof, their religious beliefs. The state supposedly [really a facade, now] recognizes all religions as equal before the law.

This is not exactly what Catholics believe - that is, Catholics who retain the faith of the Apostles, untainted. The Church does teach that persons are not to be compelled to believe a particular creed. Freedom of conscience is different in the Church. All persons are bound to know God and His law, the requirements for salvation. Thus every person has an absolute moral duty to form his conscience to the best of his ability, given the amount of grace, actual and or sacramental, God gives each one. This duty of a properly formed conscience at the very least must entail the natural law, for those who are non-Catholics and unschooled in religion. The natural law is knowable by reason for those who seek to know it. For those who have knowledge of Christ, especially Catholics, the Divine law must also pertain to that conscience. In this sense, the Church teaches that no one has a right to dissent claiming "freedom of conscience". The perennial, authentic, Traditional Apostolic teaching about religion is that only the Catholic faith saves, all graces to society and individuals comes through the Church, even to those who may be in the state of grace outside of the Church - when and if such a blessed state exists. Therefore, not all religions are on a par, by definition. Everyone is obligated to know that the Catholic Church is the sole Ark of Salvation founded by Christ, provided that he is not invincibly ignorant, that is, through no fault of his own - if and when, such a state of being exists. As Catholics religious indifferentism - the equality of all creeds, in spite of the truth - is not an article of our faith.

Unfortunately, the very air we breathe as Americans is Masonic in spirit and in much practice - religious indifferentism, that focuses on the here and now and the cult of Man, not the supernatural and hereafter, the good of souls. This is why currently the state has no trouble insisting it may interfere with genuine religious practices in accord with the Divine and natural law, of which there is only one, not several according to sects and creeds, no matter how sincere anyone person may be. The state does not care about our souls. And while the purview of the state is the natural law and the governance of society for the good of man, ultimately that good must be to not interfere in the work of salvation. The Church teaches that the state has a duty to acknowledge the Social Kingship of Christ, Who is King of Heaven and Earth, through Whom all authority and power arises. The United States fails in this duty. For now we cannot do anything about this, except work out our salvation "in fear and trembling" [Phil. 2:12].

And this, my dear friends, is what I meant when I proclaimed "freedom of conscience" - the right to not have the state impose on me a cooperation in the violation of the natural and Divine law. Period. My freedom of conscience does not give me the right to dissent from this unified law. It is only for me to claim that I am in accord with the natural and Divine law. The state differs in that it says that man is free to choose, especially if he violates the natural and Divine law in those aspects that the state so chooses - i.e., abortion, deviant sexual acts, and the like. For now the state wants it both ways, for us to use our adherence in good and rightfully formed conscience to the moral or natural and Divine law when it comes to some forms of homicide, theft. etc. For now, the state does not exempt private persons, apart from euthanasia and abortion, and from general theft, while it commits all sorts of these crimes with virtual impunity. The difference - subtle shading by definition which is a farce and a facade of legitimacy.

Now we arrive at the turning point in our history as a nation. For years I have maintained that the inexorable end of all this liberalism would be the outright persecution and eventual Martyrdom of Christians, and only Christians, by definition, because in essence, if the state is indifferent to Christ, as He taught it is against Him by the very nature of such an indifferentism itself, because by Divine intent the state has the duty to recognize the Social Kingship of Christ and His Divine and natural law.

Some of you told me and continue to do so, that I am overstating matters, that I am an alarmist and fear monger.

Oh, no, alas, my dear people, I know that Martyrdom is nigh upon us, first the dry kind and eventually Martyrdom of blood. You see the New York Times, this very week admitted what has always been the underlying, silent aim of the elites who are materialists at heart and already members of the One World Religion formed in the Masonic spirit, whether they are able to recognize it or not, this is the reality. You see that paper of national record came out with the intended goal - that Christians have to be "forced" to accept sodomy as a right. For now what that brutalization process will consist of is not forthcoming, but given the proclivities of the lust of power combined with the hatred of Christ and His law, we have some indications already.

Yes, I say Martyrdom, and I mean it as literally as it is possible to mean it.

Christians, gird yourselves for the fight of your life, it is here, it is breathing down our very necks, it will be savage, if at first seemingly subtle, a mere exhortation to compromise on that which can never be if we are to save our immortal souls. And when I say here, I mean in your lifetime and mine, and I am an old woman.


When it comes we must forgive those who persecute us thinking that they are in the right, only because they have the power and the lack scrupulosity which gives reign to use the means to attain their desired ends and we must rejoice that we are not greater than our Master, but His faithful servants.

If you are given to be dismissing of the coming cruelty, think for a moment. If the almighty state can substitute itself for God, claiming to know who is and is not a human person, can butcher millions upon millions of tiny babies in the womb, celebrate debauchery and claim a right to compel us to do so along with it, what won't it be willing to justify? Any doubts still? We only have to look at that liberal thug par excellence, former Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid who admitted he lied boldly about Mitt Romney on the floor of Congress and that he was morally justified because it suited the ends! This is the operating principle of the state unleashed by Satan and his minions because the state refuses to acknowledge the Social Reign of Jesus Christ the King! Primarily through its rejection of the totality and oneness of the natural law!

In America, it is only one season now, Lent, and every day is Good Friday, one Station of the Cross at a time. ...