Open Persecution through Prosecution
The Grand Deception of the Sacred Right of Conscience
by Pauly Fongemie
March 30-31

There have been numerous news reports that consist of opinion pieces in order to apply pressure on Indiana to back down a la Arizona in the matter of the falsely labeled rights of sincere citizens whose consciences tell them they must uphold the natural law and thereby cannot be forced by any government entity to violate this sacred trust for political reasons loosely disguised as so-called"rights" or anti-discrimination laws.

The purveyors of the sordid claims of the rights of those who practice sodomy, whether "legal" or not are not only the homophilic organizations, but the majority of the crass media in all forms. These hucksters of homofascism have whipped the public into a virtual frenzy in order to force Gov. Pence to follow his quisling sister, Gov. Brewer in Arizona. But this is a farce since the Indiana law has far less protection for religious conscience than the Arizona bill did. In fact it is an inglorious facade, an insulting sham for people with religious convictions of conscience have to apply for permission to dissent from an unjust law - the essence of the meaning of the bill - and there is precious guarantee that anyone so doing will prevail. In states where similar laws exist applicants have not succeeded.

The full brute force of the government against religious conscience is now upon us in the open and with a spirit of triumph. The so-called spirit of toleration does not work both ways. It never did and we ought not fool ourselves. The left is hypocrisy central. Christians are expected to not only tolerate ersatz weddings of sodomites, they are being told they must comply with joining in by assisting these perverted men and women in their revolt against the natural law. A mortal sin. A grievous affront to God!

Now no one can actually force me to do so. If I owned a business that had wedding parties as part of the clientèle, I would have to refrain, thereby incurring an onerous fine or worse.

According to Megyn Kelly and Judge Napolitano of FOX News, that is just too bad, poor Christians! You see, folks the expansion of the definition of public accommodation has been enlarged to cover any unjust action the government wants to perpetuate, just as it has done with "eminent domain."

The homofascists, a peculiarly vindictive, tyrannical mob, are now in control with everyone, including Indiana, backing down through what is euphemistically named "a clarification".
The clarification is further "clarified" until the bill, already useless in practicality as it exists on the books only and is mainly unenforceable, becomes the symbol not only of "lets pretend we are doing something to aid religious conscience rights" to another trophy in the bag of sorcerer's tricks. The signal for other states not to even consider attempting any like feeble bill. Note, ladies and gentlemen, that only Republican states are marked for intimidation by threatened boycott. Several Democrats in the past have signed similar legislation and not so much as a boo hoo you. Democrats rarely back down, but one can almost infallibly count on a GOP-led initiative and its sponsors to do so. And quicker than you can say I told you so.

In other words, we have JIM CROW laws BACK on the books officially now. A two-tiered society, one for those with no religious consciences bearing on the natural law, and another for those who have. Only instead of JIM CROW, we really ought to title these insidious legal mandates as BILLY BUZZARDS. For their aim is to openly prey against traditional Christians and others of like religious conscience in favor of not discriminating against those who claim a right to violate the natural law and the right to demand that the rest of us join in the festivities, thereby losing our souls. Sodomy triumphs over virtue every time. We have not only slouched toward Gomorrah, we have run pell-mell into it while congratulating ourselves that we are on the winning side because we appear to be winning - the "we" - being the elites and their lickspitters. The circle of buzzards is sweeping lower and lower now, the grip on Christians tightening almost to the point of the threat of spiritual death. Christ told us that when He came back there would be few left with any faith at all.

They want us in the closets, from which the sodomite clan sprang with upraised fists and gloating. Too many of us seem willing to do their bidding.

We must pray to fight and fight to pray!

When the natural law is so ingloriously breached and counted a victory, there is only chastisement from Almighty God, despite all the howls of denial from officialdom. Down deep, these supporters of sodomy know it, too, though they dare not admit it even to themselves. Their arguments are less with us, but ultimately with Christ and His Social Reign, the natural law being the most basic foundation. Since we remind them of their treason against the natural and Divine Law, they despise us, tolerating us only to the extent we shut up and pay our taxes to fund their shameful, shameful deeds.

We are witnessing the final day of infamy!

With the natural law debased, no longer upheld in its entirety, there is but tyranny and the most reprehensible, incomprehensible savagery rationalized and legitimized. Citizens will come to make war upon each other as our social institutions decay and become irrelevant. For now the open war is on tiny people awaiting birth in the womb, Christians and others who do not support the claim of rights of sodomy and now open war against white cops who can be executed at will. Then there is the hideous specter of Islam's ascendancy, while we as a nation sit back to enjoy the game of the week and other assorted diversions.

How else does one explain the otherwise inexplicable?

°Secretary of State John Kerry, a nominal Catholic, uttering the blasphemous, "Allah be willing."
°A teacher in a Catholic school instructs his students on Church teaching regarding the Sacrament of Marriage, and is then summarily fired with the backing of the local shepherd, oops, I mean wolf in disguise.
°Hilary Clinton erasing all her e-mails, including sensitive Department of State missives concerning Benghazi, and the media is backing her up by and large, unlike the 18 minutes of tape that Nixon erased to the censure of the press to the extent that two reporters won coveted prizes. If Clinton would be vindicated by those communications, does anyone seriously doubt she could not wait to produce them?
°President Obama is openly in Iran's iron, double-dealing fists, placing the world at risk for nuclear annihilation. His actions clearly reveal that he prefers Iran's nuclear power to protecting the American people. This is madness beyond human understanding unless we factor in human sociopathology. Because we preferred sin on a massive scale, we elected a sociopath, reckless and positively insane. The price we paid to silence our consciences about the endorsement for the grief that inexorably accompanies widespread public mortal sin.

I could go on for pages, but there is no need to by now.

Before I conclude this column, I want to alert you all to the very real possibility lurking around the hideous corners of our national pride in perfidy:

That of Christian, Orthodox Jewish, and Muslim doctors who do not do abortions, who in all likelihood will eventually be stripped of their medical licenses or fined if they do not do abortions when required by law in some circumstances. If you and I no longer have the right of conscience, how long before they are deprived of theirs in the legal sense? By now we all know how evil on the installment plan works, do we not?

We are in the hands of madmen with dead souls, who want us to follow them into moral perdition or to Hell.

WE cannot do this. WE will not do this.

This means unless we want to be prosecuted we have to divest ourselves of all photography, graphic, printing, floral, inn-keeping, banquet-halls, restaurants, and like establishments and trades. This is what I mean by a two-tiered society. In these fields, Christians need not apply with the sanction of the government and the cheering of the crowd. That sound you are hearing, why it is the roar of the hungry lions who smell the blood of the Martyrs once again ...