The Myths About the Immemorial Roman Mass - Why It Is Still Resisted and the Modernist Mess

by Pauly Fongemie
 April 27, 2014
Low Sunday
Feast of St. Peter Canisius,
A Leading Counter-Reformationist

He said, "I remember the old Latin Mass and it was boring." The man who is woefully ignorant and contemptuous, went on to add that "We have come a long way." The latter statement was in reference to his vaunted approval of altar girls, women on the altar and the laity touching the sacred species and vessels with their hands. He also displayed an animus against the annual cycle of Scriptural texts in the Traditional Mass, adversely contrasting it with the Novus Ordo three-year cycle, saying that method was repetitive, etc. Well, if repetition is what he loathes, the three-year cycle is also repetitive; this man has an entirely Protestant view of the Mass and the use of Scripture. The purpose of the Mass is Sacrifice for sin, not an exercise in Biblical texts. Protestants do not have the Holy Sacrifice, so they substitute "fellowship" and Scripture study, good things in of themselves, but not the essence of the Holy Mass. Scripture is an aid. Much of the Mass consists of orations, not Scripture; the "new Mass" has greatly reduced the number of orations, a thoroughly Catholic aspect of worship and increased the "Protestant" use of Scripture.

As I point out below, the irony is overwhelming. St. Paul commands us to maintain all the Traditions taught by Christ and the Apostles - most of which were orally taught. In all the vast expanse of Scripture at Mass in the NO, no one seems to recall what St. Paul taught about the role of women in church, including the covering of their heads. What a waste of Biblical texts! It appears that the Bible is used by Catholics today like Protestants, they pick and choose.

 Some minutes afterward this man expressed "hatred" for the older hymns combined with the new. He is partly correct - Tradition cannot be "updated" or else it is no longer Tradition. But I do not think he wanted to maintain Tradition pure and undiluted based on his prior comments. All in all his little diatribe embedded within a greater discourse covering several topics, one of which included carry and conceal gun laws being enacted, was most revealing about the devastating effects of the Novus Ordo versus the Traditional Roman Mass or the Immemorial Mass of the ages. The irony was stunning!

Just as some Protestants are given to mocking the Holy Mass and Catholic piety and devotions, so, too are the modernists among us. They have become so Protestantized they even mimic them, going so far as to utter bogus facts, such as "The priest used to have his back to us." In order to justify the new Protestant orientation, the somewhat uneasy still slightly Catholic mind subsconsciously requires such scathing indictments all out proportion to the truth. In their appalling ignorance they do not realize that the priest never had his back to the people, as if this would matter if he had, but that he and we were together facing Christ. If backsides were the problem, then all churches would have to be "in the round" so as to avoid backs to one another. In those days when the Roman Mass of the ages was the only Mass, thanks be to God, no one I knew went around saying "The Mass is boring" or "The priest has his back to the people." These pejorative slogans were learned by world-imbued men from modernist masters, then internalized. Slowly the Novus Ordo Catholic came to believe these were his own ideas from the beginning.

The first time I attended the "New Mass" I was shocked, so overcome with a sense of the alien I was unable to utter a word. The second time I was struck by its tediousness, utter boring, banality, speak of irony! I am a Catholic, I want to remain a Catholic and die thoroughly a Catholic, keeping the Faith whole and entire, without blemish or diminution. The "New Mass" cannot do this - it can only make me a Protestant, while keeping a Catholic facade of sorts, if attended long enough. Indeed, "We have come a long way". In the wrong direction: by their fruits you shall know them." The "new Mass" is so unboring today that instead of the Rosary beads we have devices in array, so much so that every pre-Mass announcement instructs us to turn them off. Teenagers and young people and some older are seen using these devices during parts of the Mass. What was this about the past being boring as if to say the present is stimulating??? Hmm! Seems like the Mass of today is very insipid if people have no chagrin about using devices for entertainment! If the Mass were truly viewed as an august Sacrifice for sin, the people would not come dressed as they do today. They know down deep in the gut the Mass has been gutted so they dress accordingly, to match the event. This is so elementary anyone with half a brain in operation could not miss this! Where are the priests here???

Where to begin I thought, but I did not have long to contemplate for I had already been given my assignment when I was moved earlier in the day to reach for the book, PRAY THE HOLY MASS, by Fr. Paul Trinchard. This priest is a theologian and for many years said the Mass of Paul VI until the grace of God penetrated and he woke up!

That morning I had no idea about the pottage about to be spewed in the afternoon in my presence. I only knew that I had an urge I could not resist to read that book, previously scanned when purchased, as quickly but as completely as possible within the few hours it took me. After hearing the scurrilous attack on Tradition, I knew with certainty why I was meant to read the work then and there. I have a number of books in my extensive library that I have as yet to read; I let God guide me in my heart, always content to do His will in my own little way.

Now Fr. Trinchard's work is not only very instructive, the cover portrays an actual miracle, which occurred shortly after the Novus Ordo was issued, or as the author puts it "imposed on us", in the state of Nevada.

Two traditional, devoted laymen along with others betook themselves into the desert some 60 miles from Reno where they erected a small church specifically for the celebration of the Traditional Mass. When the bishop came to consecrate the church, an arch-shaped rainbow appeared, forming an arc from the steeple to the desert. But this was only half of the heavenly splendor. The rainbow became transformed into a golden arch that totally illuminated the church in a yellow glow. The event in its entirety was caught on video. The book is copyrighted and I was not able to find an image on the web to use. There have been rainbows sighted over churches in the past but not one such as this and at such a moment! This could not be coincidence and I believe the golden rays are God's benediction on the Traditional Mass and all that it signifies. Pope John Paul II himself ordered the bishop of the diocese there to provide for the Traditional Mass for those faithful Catholics! In all the praise for the Polish Pope, no mention of this by all these Catholics swept up in the hectic fever of his Papacy! They do not seem to know that this Pontiff kept repeating to maintain Tradition. although he did little to enforce this, an obligation he had under plenary power and his duty as Pope. They forget or overlook that John Paul II told the American bishops that they had to adhere to Church norms on Communion and lay ministers, none of which were obeyed. They are unmindful that Vatican II expressly taught that Latin was to be given pride of place in the liturgy, also disregarded. Now Latin itself is not an answer to our travails because the NO Mass was issued in Latin, and as Cardinal Ottaviani, formerly of the Holy Office wrote, it was a "departure", etc. But the Latin Mass as said in the Traditional Roman rite is. We know this because Our Lady of Fatima told Sister Lucy that the Third Secret was to be made public by 1960 since "then things would be made clearer". Meaning, we would better understand the message. This was the Second Vatican Council and all its double-speak, which not only brought the"disorientation" that Our Lady foretold, but the "New Mass" the most disorienting event of all. Everything was inverted, rendered unnatural to true worship and reparational sacrifice. And since the Holy Mass is a catechism in microcosm - LEX ORANDI, LEX CREDENDI - the Faith has been essentially emasculated, distorted. When he promulgated the "New Mass", Pope Paul said that it was "a novelty". The Church teaches throughout Tradition that novelty in faith and practice is to be avoided at all lengths. St. Pius X taught that Tradition is the friend of the people, not the innovators. St. Vincent of Lerins said to flee the contagion of novelty!

Today's Novus Ordo Catholic, espouses the following "doctrines":

Anyone can be saved in any religion whatsoever as along as he is well-intended. Conversion is nice but no longer necessary. Past teaching by the Popes was wrong - they were not infallible. Truth can change anyway as modern man needs new solutions to modern problems. Catholics who are divorced and remarried ought to have "the right" to receive Communion. "Gay marriage" ought to be a "right". Pro-abortion pols ought not be excommunicated, this is judgmental, and so on. Communion on the tongue is an option but old school. All of this from the NO Mass, which teaches these errors by example and implication if not always outright. The NO is an indoctrination process beginning with the reassignment of the priest, ordained for sacrifice as a "presider" a Protestant notion. With so many laity touching the sacred vessels and the Body and Blood of Christ, it is little wonder that over time belief in the Real Presence was diminished. This is why the definitive Council on the Eucharist, the Council of Trent restated Catholic doctrine on the necessity of only the ordained distributing Communion in all but the most exceptional circumstances, that almost never occur in modern societies - hence John Paul II's letter to the bishops. Because he chose not to enforce it, the letter became a dead letter. But those of us who read it are bound by it in all conscience as we are by Trent. We do as the letter says and Trent says, not as the bishops and others do, in keeping with the command of Christ and Catholic tradition of keeping Tradition.

Trent addressed the Protestants who used Communion the Hand. They wanted to dissuade the laity from the idea of Holy Sacrifice. It worked with the new Anglicans and it has been working with the new "Catholics." None of this is coincidence or a mere accident due to other conditions. Even if said in Latin the Mass of Paul VI is unholy in its breadth and depth - it barely mentions Sacrifice at all and the orations have been watered down so as to reduce the notion of sin as the greatest evil and on and on. The list is extensive, but these alone are horrifying enough to suffice! These alone explain why modern Catholics are resistant to the Traditional Mass and all the Sacraments of the true Roman rite. It is nothing less than mass resistance to Catholic truth in all its splendor and majesty and commitment to a thoroughly formed Catholic conscience.

Fr. Trinchard quotes St. Padre Pio on the priest and the Mass. I find it more than merely interesting that those who uphold modern updating to the point of evisceration of the true Faith and who are fond of quoting modern saints fail to realize or if they do, do not mention that Padre Pio never ever said the "New Mass". He found it difficult enough to say the holiest of Holy Masses as it was, in that he recognized his unworthiness. All the Saints saw themselves as wretched sinners, a concept modern man is uneasy with. This is why we use the image of St. Pio as the banner. Here is one of the citations:

"I should like to shed torrents of tears when faced with the Mystery of God-Victim. We priests are the butchers of Jesus during the Holy Mass while all of Paradise descends on the altar." Today the Faith is also being butchered wholesale and with abandon by those who are too ignorant to know and they do not know that they do not know. Pity them, pray for them.

The man who uttered such scandalous ideas? He is a local pastor who is leading his flock to perdition, whether he knows it or not. Pity him, pity them, pray very much ...

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